The Most Fail Wall Of Flesh Attempt(s) Of All Time

Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by Ihavenofriends, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. Ihavenofriends

    Ihavenofriends Green Slime

    Hey everyone! I never really post on forums ever but decided to post to share what may be the most fail and hilarious wall of flesh attempt(s) ever.

    Well I started off not really knowing what to expect. I read on the forums that using the Phoenix blaster is the best way to do it. So I equipped my trusty necro set and made all the buff potions possible. I thought to myself, oh man this is going to be easy, he probably wont even touch me!

    First thing I did was rearranged my quickbar to have all my potions and my weapons of choice (Phoenix blaster and a few other ranged weapons). I was all ready to go! Time to ace this easy boss like all the others! No biggie. I chugged down 6 of the buff potions I made earlier and threw the voodoo doll into the lava below me.

    Well, he spawned on the wrong side that I was planning on him to spawn. But I didn't think much of it, surely he cant be too difficult. I began rapidly taking his life bar down with ease, but then the fail started to happen. I accidently ran into a house and got stuck... My life bar dropped down to 50, but I made it out safetly. Whew, close one. I started healing back up my life, wall of flesh was already down to 6000 health! But then something horrible happened... I tried to jump over a nearby hill and fell short, falling down beside a small wall, with 3 blocks above me blocking the way. No problem! I'll just use my pickaxe and... I had forgot to equip my pickaxe to the quickbar. I started to panic, the wall of flesh was right behind me. I thought to myself oh i'll just pause it when I open my inventory! But the option wasn't on... I died a horrible and embarassing death.

    I wasn't ready to giveup just yet. I still had 1 more voodoo doll in one of my chests. I quickly made my way back down the hellivator to get my revenge! I found a more suitable starting location this time. Now that I know what he does I should kill him easily this time! I chugged my 4 buff potions and threw the voodoo doll in the lava again. But... nothing happened, WTF??? I thought to myself there must be some kind of summon timer. Well I just wasted my last buff potions and that was my last voodoo doll!

    But I wasn't ready to giveup yet. I will just find some demons and get another one! Luckily I already had a watercandle in my inventory. Now all I need to do is kill a demon quickly before my buff potions wear off... 20 minutes later... Standing around with my watercandle and still hardly any mobs are spawning! I started to get very hungry so I decided to surround myself in stone and grab some food really quick. Once I came back I mined myself out and began eating with one hand and slaying monsters with the other. I must kill Wall of Flesh tonight! I thought to myself. Yes atlast! a demon with a voodoo doll came flying towards me and I ran towards it as fast as my little feet would take me... The demon shot 4 demonscythes at me and the unthinkable had happened. I had died... I was low hp and wasn't paying attention to my lifebar while eating. I had lost all hope and logged off in shame and utter disapointment.
  2. Rethril

    Rethril Squirrel

    Hahahahaha, I feel soooo sorry for you. x)
  3. Ihavenofriends

    Ihavenofriends Green Slime

    Aww dont worry about it man! I'm really popular at school.
  4. Ihavenofriends

    Ihavenofriends Green Slime

    Bump for epic failures. Post your fails!
  5. mrmcmo

    mrmcmo Blazing Wheel

    I just rushed into battle with a melee weapon and fell in lava.
  6. TechGamer

    TechGamer Gamer of Tech

    That's why I'm going to level the whole underworld.

    and use a star cannon. :p
  7. Deltalon

    Deltalon Eskimo Zombie

    ^I'm going to flood the place, then drain every last bit of water out into some huge underground tank that I'll build.

    Then, with minimal use of Obsidian Skin and Water Walking potions, I'll make the place if not perfectly flat, then very, very close. Here comes a mad guy with a phoenix blaster and a grudge.
  8. Ihavenofriends

    Ihavenofriends Green Slime

    I don't think I have the patience to do any of that stuff. So I'll just keep failing until I eventually kill him!
  9. Rethril

    Rethril Squirrel

    Jeeez, I just died from WoF, 500 hp from killing him!!!
  10. Aneubis

    Aneubis Green Slime

    Thats nothing. First time I tried the WoF I died horribly not knowing what to expect. I wasn't expecting the man-eater like things and I wasn't ready for them. Second time I went down there with grenades and made short work of em', but still came out short, only 83 hp left on the WoF and he killed me. Third time same story, brought him down to 51 then he killed me.
  11. Shadow of Midna

    Shadow of Midna Green Slime

    Can you re-fight him after you kill him the first time?
  12. Rethril

    Rethril Squirrel

    hahaha poor you. X)

    I nowe saw in a vid that you dont have 2 kill all heads, I've been shootin all balanced ffs.. xD
  13. Swamp

    Swamp Green Slime

    That is pretty bad, unfortunately I had worse... I went to one end of my bridge to summon it for the first time. Threw the voodoo doll into a pool of lava.. and there it was, between me and 90% of my created bridge. No biggie, I thought; I'll run through it like every other monster in this game to get to the other side. it'll hurt, but I'll be able to fight it!

    No. Apparently that part of my brain forgot the WALL part of its name. I died with my face planted into its horrible, disgusting flesh.
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