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  1. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    Hello welcome to The Mythical Heroes!!! We are a clan of literally everything, we love Exploring, Mining, Offence, Defense and much more.... We will be come the best of the best of the terraria, I choose to create this clan to make everyone have fun and hang around and feel like a close bunch of people so for all the terraria lover this is the right clan for you!!!
    Join Now!!!

    -Do not spam this thread or any other threads
    - No griefing on the server or any other servers/No Trolling either
    - Have fun
    - You must be active on the forums/Terraria
    - Wear required armor
    - Be repectful

    Hero Of The Week


    Dririon- Hero of the week!
    Gaining many members!




    Why you want to be in the clan:
    What do you do best in terraria:
    Whats your favorite armor:
    How active are you:

    The Mythical Heroes Ranks
    (Heroes, you must wear the armor that you are ranks)
    (you have to pick 1 of the 3 sets for the armors)

    Hollowed Heros: Are the leader of the clan, is active on the forums everyday, Can have the power to make changes, can kick out members if griefing or spamming. (Can pretty much do anything they like.) Keep in mind this is a very hard ranks to earn!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Adamantite Heroes: Are the co-leaders of the clan is in charge of keeping a look out on the forums for any of the members of The Mythical Heroes that are Griefing, Spamming, Trolling, Makes the servers buildings look nice and neat, can have the ability to build on other peoples property only!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mythril Heroes: Are the Generals of the clan is active on the forums, can request any thing to the leader's, signature makers (if they want), Hosts servers (have to know how), in charge of requesting allies and enemy's (need to ask the Hollowed Heros first and clan leader.)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Cobalt Heroes: Are Sergeant of the clan, have to help out the Mythril Heroes with signatures, have to make sure peoples chest don't get robbed, has to be trustworthy! Has to help members of the clan/server (if there on the server) fight,build,and mine!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Molten Heroes: Are the Veterans of the clan, have to be active everyday, has to look at the forum everyday, must be o the server a lot, can build, mine, and fight.
    Jungle Heroes: Are the Honored members of the clan, visit the server, visit this thread and other threads often, is the messager of the clan (goes out and get materials for fellow clan members, are very good a building in the sky!!!
    Shadow Heroes: Are the holy members of the clan that create a thread in the general talk section and any other section stating what we are talking about in the clan, must be 17 and up, has to use strongly chosen of words.
    Meteorite Heroes: Are the holy members of the clan also but slightly weaker then the Shadow Heroes that give explore cave,kill enemy's all the time,love to fight,more friendly then suppose to be.
    Gold Heroes: Are the members of the clan that build and always helps out the Meteorite heroes before they help and one else,have to be active,request more servers for the clan.
    Silver Heroes: Are good members of the clan have the ability to have more freedom and build freely, have to be able to build godly.
    Necro Heroes: Are the members of the clan that give tours to the Iron heroes and the copper heroes around the server and the forums, explore caves.
    Iron Heroes: Are the new members of the clan but more like a member, have to be 5 months or more playing Terraria and being on the forums. Have the ability to build cool structures and skyscrapers.
    Copper Heroes: Are the news members of the clan and when they hit 1 months of being in the clan automatically get promoted to Iron Heroes have to learn how to build amazing crate things amazing, and fight amazing to improve to the next rank.

    Hollowed Heros:

    Mythril Heroes:
    Sneak is pure WIN-(Rank: Mythril Hero)
    Adamantite Heroes:
    Biggybrew-(Rank:Adamantite Hero)

    Cobalt Heroes:

    Molten Heroes:
    Kmanxx-(Rank:Molten Hero)

    Jungle Heroes:

    Shadow Heroes:

    Meteorite Heroes:
    Furiousj-(Ranks:Meteorite Hero)

    Gold Heroes:
    Dririon-(Rank: Gold Hero)
    Silver Heroes:

    Necro Heroes:

    Iron Heroes:
    Hugsim(Rank: Iron Hero)

    Copper Heroes:
    Victinicool-(Ranks: Copper Hero)
    Blackopstroops-(Ranks: Copper Hero)
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  2. Thiel

    Thiel Green Slime

    Wow, nice clan man its amazing!!!
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  3. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    Thank you thiel i also check your clan you are having quit a burst of people, anyways good luck with it.:)
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  4. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    Happy New years Everyone!!! And also I never got a Christmas gift I would love people to join my clan and 40 likes. :)
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  5. Thiel

    Thiel Green Slime

    There is one like. :)
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  6. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    First, the best? No, you'll never beat the Chameleons. Second, adamantite is better than mythril armour. More defence, more bonuses. Last, you are supposed to put a space after an apostrophe, and work on your spelling.
  7. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    What the heck are you doing popping out of no where!
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  8. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    I didn't pop out of nowhere, I popped out of the jungle.
  9. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    Just kidding man good luck with your clan man. :) And thanks for your advice on the ranks I will change that. :)
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  10. Puppetmaster

    Puppetmaster Green Slime

    You too. No problem.
  11. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    Oh and puppet master you want to be allies?
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  12. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    We will be having weekly reports everyone.:)
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  13. L3G4CY

    L3G4CY Green Slime

    would you like to be allies with the DarkDefenders. i know its a random offer and all but i would like to. please consider it and check out my thread for further details about my clan thank you.
  14. Dririon

    Dririon Cursed Man

    Hey! Here is my application!
    Why you want to be in the clan: Because I want to be in a clan to play with other people that likes Terraria too.
    What do you do best in terraria: Firing my guns
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Whats your favorite armor: Gold or Mythril
    Just a Question, we have to make new chars?
  15. bradendragon

    bradendragon Green Slime

    hunk do you wanna be allies with my clan i just created it last night and goodluck with you,re clan btw my clan is the mythril assassins (based off of assassins creed :D)
  16. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    Yes i accepted the allie request from both of you guys.
    Accepted!!! as gold hero
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  17. Loki13

    Loki13 Slimer

    Hello hunk good luck with your clan!!!:)
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  18. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    Thanks loki.:)
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  19. Hunk

    Hunk Vulture

    Our server is going to be up soon.
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  20. Thiel

    Thiel Green Slime

    Hello hunk you must have put alot of effort into the clan.
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