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  1. imperishable

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    DOWNLOAD 3.0:
    Mediafire Direct Download

    1. Download and install TCCL here!
    2. Download the texture pack from the link at the top of this post.​
    3. Extract the file anywhere using Winrar or 7zip​
    4. Place files into the custom content folder located where you have Terraria installed. (Usually c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\terraria\Custom Content)​
    5.Launch Terraria via the TCCL loader.​
    6. Look in Terraria\Custom Content\The Zelda Pack\Extras to browse alternate content/item sprites.​

    If you're having problems installing, M33N3 made a video to show how to install it.​

    Item Teaser.png

    Here's a video Pedguin made showcasing the texturepack:

    This texture pack attempts to change every graphic into something reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda. As well the graphics are twice the resolution of normal Terraria, which gives the game a much smoother feel. The original pack was started by Levaunt but became discontinued and free to use. After waiting awhile I decided to take it over. The original images are Free to Use, so if anyone wants to use them or start their own version that's more than fine. If anyone has their own continuation and has any problems regarding their version or the thread I made, feel free to PM me. Alot of these sprites belong to Levaunt and are free to use. They can be found here. All the new sprites and updated graphics belong to me and are not free to use.

    Latest Update:
    Version 3.0:
    Tons of New Items added
    New Armors added
    New NPCs added
    New Boss added
    New Enemy added
    New Misc added
    Sound Effects added
    Minor fixes

    Previous Updates:
    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.8:
    New Items added
    New Projectile effects added
    New Tiles added
    Some minor fixes
    (Background wood walls shouldn't mess up now.)

    Version 2.5:
    Added 3 new armor sets, and new hat.
    Added all new buff icons and numerous UI changes.
    Added/Fixed furniture pieces.
    Added/Fixed new tiles/background tiles.
    Added/Changed items.
    Navi item sprite is now for the Fairy Bell instead of Ball of Light.
    Numerous other changes.

    Version 2.6:
    Music added/fixed. Music compiled and procured by Magician Xy.
    New armor.
    Swords finished.
    Finished Switches and Traps.
    Added/Fixed new background tiles.
    Added items.
    Other minor fixes.

    Version 2.6.5:
    Tile/Item Fixes
    Temporary Female Player Sprite.
    Changed head to make more androgynous.
    Added Tingle as guide
    Added Giant ChuChu as King Slime

    Version 2.7:
    New Items added
    New Weapons added
    4 Female armor's added
    Minor fixes
    Temporary Wings Sprite added
    Other things I can't remember right now

    72% Complete
    (Please note that this is just a quick estimate based on the number of total sprites.)

    Levaunt for creating the original pack and alot of the sprites used in this.
    Magician Xy for fixing and adding new music and sound effects.
    Everyone who supports this pack, encouraging me and making it fun to work on.

    If you would like to spread the word of this texture pack, just put this BB code into your signature.
  2. Xelite

    Xelite Cursed Man

    That's great! Good work.
  3. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    Is this the same as the other Zelda pack? It has the same logo. If it's not the same pack, you shouldn't use the same logo without asking (don't know if you did, of course)
    If not, please put some screenshots in the OP.
  4. Tyler The Builder

    Tyler The Builder Demon Eye

    If you wanna know if it's the same, hit dl button :D I use Doom/Heretic/Hexen theme pack so i'm not gonna download it but im just saying :cool:
  5. imperishable

    imperishable Piranha

    It is yes. Since the original pack became discontinued Levaunt made all the graphics free to use. Sorry there were no screenshots, tired last night.
  6. Tyler The Builder

    Tyler The Builder Demon Eye

    That's good, I really wanted to use that pack.. if you get all the sprites done I'll be downloading :p
  7. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    In that case, i think you should put that information in the OP
    Good luck with it too :)
  8. imperishable

    imperishable Piranha

    I have actually. It's in the description.
  9. xXGunZXx

    xXGunZXx Cursed Man

    i love u for this man,when i heard the original pack was discontinued i was sad but now a brave fellow takes it up and starts up a new zelda pack and that fellow is u thank u man :D
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  10. Levaunt

    Levaunt Green Slime

    It looks great, I fully support this. I've added a link to this thread in the old topic, good luck!
  11. pophop260

    pophop260 Green Slime

    i am not good at terraria
  12. RPSangcap

    RPSangcap Green Slime

    The new version looks really really nice :D
    I esp. like the Adamantite Armor. I like like Protoman from the Megaman series with it :)
    Die-Mango likes this.
  13. imperishable

    imperishable Piranha

    Awesome, thanks alot!
  14. SugarRush

    SugarRush Snatcher

    well yeah,you should go to terraria guide.
  15. SugarRush

    SugarRush Snatcher

    and is the weapons change?
  16. imperishable

    imperishable Piranha

    Some, they're not all finished yet.
  17. SugarRush

    SugarRush Snatcher

    well just keep up the good work :D
  18. Dark Wall Of Flesh

    Dark Wall Of Flesh The Groom

    Fantastic a thread! I love you, i love this Texture Pack, i love you work! :D
  19. SpacePotato

    SpacePotato Green Slime

    i insatlled this but it doesnt have a new texture for adamantite or any others! its same like the old one! someone help D:
  20. Dark Wall Of Flesh

    Dark Wall Of Flesh The Groom

    The texture is in 55% Development so is not complete xD Did you installed it correctly with TCCL? It doesn't work if you renominate it in Images2 using the TexturePack.EXE

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