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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Untouch, May 29, 2011.

  1. Untouch

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    The only "special" area right now in Terraria that doesn't have a themed boss right now is the Underground Jungle.
    The Corruption has EOW and Chtulu, the dungeon has Skeletron.

    Well, I say the underground jungle should also have a boss.
    Since it is technically the highest level area at the moment, it should also be the hardest boss.

    The Queen Bee's max health is 6500, 15 defense.
    The Queen Bee can fly, obviously, and like the other bosses, move through walls.

    The Queen Bee's first attack is spike attack, similar to King Zing in DKC2.
    For those unaware here's a video.

    Each spike does 35 damage.
    The Queen Bee's second attack summons small bees similar to Chtulu, these bees do 25 damage.
    When the Queen Bee is alive, the spawn rate for the hornets in the underground jungle is tripled.

    The Queen Bee drops 2 specific items, the Stingshot and the VileVine.

    The Stingshot is a slingshot that uses stingers as ammo, it fires 3 stingers at a time, each do 20 damage and fly in an arc. Very slow.

    The VileVine is similar to the VileThorn, does 12 damage per hit, on hit an enemy is ensnared for 2 seconds, uses 18 mana per use. Snail's pace slow.

    In order to summon the Queen Bee, one must get a honeycomb drop from a hornet, about as rare as a colbalt. The Queen Bee can only be summoned inside an Underground Jungle and will not take damage outside of an Underground Jungle.
  2. Monta

    Monta Herpling

    there is not enough space in the underground jungle ... for this boss to summon u first need to dig a great hole or something in the jungle what isnt that easy ... i'd prefer to summon it every time and everywhere because its strong enough there could be a hornet swarm that protects the queen bee... there are already enough hornets so u mustn't triple the spawn rate o.o also i think hell world is harder and needs a boss too ;P but the idea is good
  3. Kane Slavuta

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    is there not copy right law suits if you use music from others in a game that you sell?
    edit, nvm thought you where suggesting a theme song lmao, but i read the post, and i think this is a good idea, would be cool if there where a boss in the UJ and floating islands :)
  4. jazzwolf

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    this is a cool idea but tripled hornet spawn? there is already like five of the on screen at a time :D:D:D
  5. Kane Slavuta

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    it supposed to be hard :p bring all the wasps!
  6. Sickler

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