The Shattering (Temp-name)

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Should I release this now?

  1. Yes, I want to try it out now.

    34 vote(s)
  2. No, you should wait till you have more content.

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  1. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    Due to stressful circumstances and loss of interest, I will no longer continue this map. It will, however, be open-sourced under the name "Broken Equilibrium". (Though you are free to rename it if you continue the project.) I recommend going with Tim Hjersted's Wave Bank (And giving him a like), since it greatly enhances the mood:
    If you are continuing the project and want to hear my plans, you can PM me.

    If you want to take up the project, you need to credit the following people:
    Me, for mapping and modding,
    Omnir, for awesome sprites,
    Jojiro, for ideas,
    W1K, for making Yian Kut-Ku,
    and finally Yoraiz0r for the wings-code

    Download will be in the attachments.
    Old Post (open)
    "Hi fellow terrarians, yesterday I started making a modded map in TEdit. I haven't released it yet, since it's in a very early state of development. Anyways, here's a screenshot:
    The Shattering.jpg

    What you see here is the starting zone in the map. In case you are wondering, the meteors deal damage to players. There are also dragons, in fact there's a dragon on the right hand of the screen, inside the tower. They drop Marks of Dragonflight which are used for a few weapons and tools.

    More Pics (open)

    The Shattering Rocks.jpg
    This is a rock rolling down a hill. Guess what, they come repeatedly. There are gonna come more when I've buffed them a little...

    earth temple 1.jpg
    This is the entrance of the Earth Temple

    earth temple 2.jpg
    earth temple 3.jpg
    These ghosts spawn nowhere but in this temple. They are not flying, they are ground units.
    The location; however, is not hardcoded this time, but is because of the blue dungeon bricks.

    They will drop wood (used to craft staves) and coin pouches (A potion that creates coins, or atleast it has the potion sound effect, lol.)
    Coin Pouch.png
    The Grand (Actually, it's not very grand) Entrance of the Summoner's Castle!
    Everyone either hates or loves mimics, both of which are great reasons to put them in the map.
    Items (open)

    Mark of Dragonflight.png
    Mark of Dragonflight:
    An item commonly dropped from dragons,
    used for crafting items.

    Mark of Cthulhu.png
    Mark of Cthulhu:
    An item commonly dropped from nature-related and Cthulhu-related monsters.
    (Yes, this means that Cthulhu will be added as an endgame-boss)

    Mark of Corruption.png
    Mark of Corruption:
    An item commonly dropped from orcs and corruption related monsters.

    Mark of Common Evil.png
    Mark of Common Evil:
    An item commonly dropped from miscallenious monsters,
    used for crafting items.

    Minor Dragonbane.png
    Minor Dragonbane:
    An autoswing-broadsword that deals extra damage to dragons.

    Minor Dragon Bow.png
    Minor Dragon Bow:
    A bow that deals extra damage to dragons.

    Dragonscale Hammer.png
    Dragonscale Hammer:
    Do craft this, as you will need it to pick up life crystals.

    Dragonscale Pick.png
    Dragonscale Pick:
    Plays a special role in the map, but you will see.

    Amulet of Flames.png
    Amulet of Flames:
    Provides fiery particles that will light up the place.

    Leeching Shiv.png
    Leeching Shiv:
    An auto-stab shortsword that heals 1-2 life every other hit.

    Blacksteel Hammer.png
    Blacksteel Hammer:
    An autoswing "broadsword" that gets more and more crit chance on use.
    Once it reaches 80% crit, the chance resets, granting you Hack 'n' Slash buff.
    Hack 'n' Slash makes you attack 85% faster. (aps)

    Bone Flail.png
    Bone Flail:
    A flail made from Mark of Common Evil

    Black Crossbow.png
    Black Crossbow:
    A bow made from Mark of Common Evil

    Ghostly Gem.png
    Ghostly Gem:
    A material dropped by ghosts

    Staff of Ghosts.png
    Staff of Ghosts:
    A spell made from Mark of Common Evil and a Ghostly Gem (item dropped by ghosts)

    Fiery Spineleaf.png
    Fiery Spineleaf:
    A material dropped by Minor Red Dragons

    Fiery Healing Potion.png
    Fiery Healing Potion:
    A potion that will heal you, but also set you on fire. Crafted from Fiery Spineleaf

    Clipped Bat Wing.png
    Clipped Bat Wing:
    A material dropped by winged eyes

    Potion of Flight.png
    Potion of Flight:
    A potion that gives you wings on use, crafted from Clipped Bat Wings

    Mark of Glory.png
    Mark of Glory:
    Material dropped from bosses and crafted from heart crystals
    It can be used to craft various items that increase stats

    Handheld Teleportation Device.png
    Handheld Teleportation Device:
    An item dropped by Eye of Cthulhu, allowing you to teleport across the fiery hole of lava in the middle of the map. NOTE: Eye of Cthulhu and the last boss are the only obligatory boss fight. All the others will be optional.

    Cthulian Sword.png
    Cthulian Sword:
    A powerful sword crafted from 150 Marks of Cthulhu (Note: Meant to be crafted after killing EoC)

    Cthulian Recurve.png
    Cthulian Recurve:
    A powerful bow crafted from 150 Marks of Cthulhu (Note: Meant to be crafted after killing EoC)

    Cthulian Battleaxe.png
    Cthulian Battleaxe:
    A powerful axe crafted from 150 Marks of Cthulhu (Note: Meant to be crafted after killing EoC)

    Enemies (open)

    Pictures under this category will contain all the animation frames of the enemies, as I'm too lazy to make versions of the sprites with only one. (Actually, it's not that I'm too lazy, I just have other priorities :p)
    Minor Red Dragon.png This is the minor red dragon, it is a flying npc that will harass you in the beginning and keep killing you over and over. Added challenge comes from the fact that meteors are falling down everywhere, dealing heavy damage if you get hit.
    Winged Eye.png This is the Winged Eye, it will come in swarms in the Earth Temple. It's not that hard (Unless on Hard difficulty, though) And it will go quickly down due to it's rather large size, which makes it easy to hit.
    Earthbat.png This is the Earth Bat, it will spawn rapidly in the Earth Temple, and it will move swiftly around and deal heavy damage. Its small size makes it hard to hit, which just makes it even more dangerous.
    Ghost.png This is the Ghost, it can be found everywhere in the Earth Temple as a basic ground mob. It's quite easy to defeat, unless they come in swarms, which they tend to do.
    Mud Slime.png This is the Mud Slime, it roams the Earth Temple, jumping around like any other slime in the game.
    Blaze Wheel.png Hot Spike Ball.png Corrupted Winged Eye.png These are all enemies that can be found in the Summoner's Castle. You need to kill 20 of them to reach a certain place.
    Orc Axeman.png Orc Rogue.png Orc Spearman.png Orc Warrior.png These are the orcs of The Corruption, they can be found anywhere on the right-hand side of the map, but are found most frequently in the caverns below the Summoner's Castle, as there are no mobs specific to that place.
    Status (open)

    Total Gameplay: ~2 - 5 hours

    Riverdale Village: 100% done
    Earth Shrine: 100% done
    Earth Temple: 100% done
    Hill with Rolling Boulders: 100% done
    Eye of Cthulhu Battle: 100% done Using default EoC
    Post-EoC Earth Temple: 10%
    The Summoner's Castle: 100% done
    Jungle of Moonglow: 100% done
    Underground Jungle: 70% done
    Jungle Pyramid and Temple: 30% done
    Corrupted Caverns: 30% done
    ~More to Come~
    Features (open)

    ~ Added ~
    Difficulty Modifier System

    ~ In Progress
    Open Map
    Custom Item Modifier System cancelled

    ~ To Come ~
    Glyph System

    Please tell me if you'd like me to release this already;)

    Also, all ideas are welcome, but here's a list of all stuff that needs concepts.
    Help Needed (open)

    Some ideas for the name of the map. Currently, I'm thinking "The Division", but I'm not too satisfied with that name.

    Credited list:
    - An animated Minor Dragon Armor, one that roughly matches the dragon weapons in color and looks somewhat unique.
    - An animated Black Steel Armor that is colored roughly the same as the black Earth Temple weapons.

    Uncredited list:
    - A recolor for the ninja outfit, so that it's colors matches muramasa's.
    - Ideas for map name.

    By credited and uncredited lists, I mean categorize by what I will give credits for and what I won't (I don't want a list of bazillions of people in my credit list, that would make it too long for anyone to bother reading...)

    I've added a credit list even though the map/mod isn't released, just to make sure I don't forget anything
    Credits (open)

    Thanks to Omnir for his awesome mindflayer sprite.
    Thanks to Jojiro for repeatedly coming up with awesome ideas :)
    Thanks to W1K for Yian Kut Ku

    Also; about the poll, I will release the map when at least 70% wants it released (Note: This number may change)

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  2. Classikly

    Classikly Frankenstein

    You don't know how happy I am now that people are starting to make more and more modded maps.
    Modded maps revolution!
  3. Sephu

    Sephu Piranha

    I would love to see it now, But.. I'd end up waiting for it's completion so I don't spoil anything. It looks VERY good though. I can't wait for this, Definitely gonna keep both eyes on this one.
  4. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    Actually, if you release it, I'd create a play through of it ASAP. It looks like it will be very successful.
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  5. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    Then I'd rather have you create a playthrough of the finished version, than of a ~40 min. version

    Status Update: I've now created a hill with boulders continuously rolling down it.
    EDIT: These boulders deal reduced damage, btw.
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  6. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    This looks cool. Release it here for sure once it's done.
  7. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    I mean, when the full version is finished, I'll then do it.
  8. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    Oh, okay.

    BTW: Status update, there's now enough content for 60-150 min., as I've added half a dungeon.
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  9. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Bone Lee

    You should add some more pictures of it. I'm interested in seeing what you've made.
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  10. Cpreo

    Cpreo Piranha

    I am incredibly impressed i give you my full support i hope you finish this and dont give up. (THough if anyone was going to test the map i would give it to tim hjestered for advice
    Tim Hjersted likes this.
  11. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    Release the mod so people can give feedback and maybe be inspired by it.

    Withhold the map though so that people can be in proper awe of the completed project.

    ;P My 2 cents.
  12. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    Thank you :)

    There's a problem about releasing the mod; that is, both the dragons', the meteors' and the rolling boulders' locations are hardcoded (Due to T-Edit limiting me to not place any custom blocks).
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  13. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    Sorry, missed your post. I will add the pictures in the OP (original post).
  14. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    Yes! More pics. Looks beast like. Definitely going to play it!
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  15. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    Thanks, I'm working on it every day now. (Actually, almost all of my freetime too.)
  16. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    Okay, I'm almost done with the first part of the dungeon. There are a few teleporters: One leading to the second part of the dungeon (Where the boss fight will be), while the other leads back to the surface. Also; after the boss fight, you can still go on in the same dungeon, if you want. The boss fight against the Eye of Cthulhu, however, will be altered. I will create a custom AI for the boss, to make it more interesting. (At least, I think I will.)
  17. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    You should go through the already existent boss AIs to pick and choose a few to include.
    -Phantoon is a particularly functional one, if a bit overpowered for early game.
    -Blight is also a cool one to include at the very end if you rebalance it.
    -Using one of the three phoenixes as base code from the Reborn mod might be fun
    -I highly recommend creating an early-game, dumb boss with zombie AI. Or just a gag boss later in the game. Clarissa from the Choco Mod is basically this.
    -Death and the Ice Queen are interesting as well.
  18. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    Thanks, but I think I'm more likely to write the AI's myself. ;)
  19. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    The first part of the first dungeon is finally done! Now I only need the EoC focused part and the post-EoC part.
  20. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    I'm going to England in two days, and will probably not be able to do much with the map in that while. Furthermore; I want to get into playing WoW again, so I'm lv. 90 by the time you can kill Garrosh. I will not give up, however, and I will still be doing lots with the maps. (I'm almost to the EoC battle, afterall. (Which you can expect to be unique.))

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