Pre 1.2 The Silt Trap AKA the pit of death

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Voyager, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Voyager Face Monster

    This trap was made to demonstrate the usefulness of silt, a great addition in 1.1.
    What you will need:
    A) 2 active stone blocks
    B) 1-2 stacks of silt
    C) torches you don't mind losing
    D) 1 pressure plate (grey)
    optional - bucket
    The picture above shows the trap when set. You should probably have the torches lower down to hide them from sight and create a deeper pit that is harder (impossible?) to get out of.
    [IMG]Here is the wiring diagram.
    [IMG]And finally the trap when set off :)
    Some tips-
    You might want to have the pressure plate in a one-block deep pit in a dark passage for less visibility. Also, I could have put active stone blocks above the pit to hold back more lava above.
    Thanks to Limeth for the idea of using torches to hold up sand (see post 'traps that kill people') in this section.
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  2. Symphoniac Demon Eye

    If one were willing to put enough money into the trap, you could have all the torches hidden by turning them off via switch. This is a very cool idea though!
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  3. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Neat although a little ineffective for cost...
    You could use torches turned off, and it's even easier to make dart traps shoot cobweb, as it falls faster.
    Nice job, but it's no explosives.
  4. EpicXeno Green Slime

    I would hook this up to a delayer that would activate three mechanisms that would activate in order.
    1)A bunch of boulders would fall into the pit with the player who fell into the trap.
    2)After they are likely dead from that, lava would pour in from the sides.
    3)Now that they are dead, a huge amount of explosives will go off where the remains were.
  5. waffleconecake Green Slime

    this isn't too new the only real diffidence is you made the spot the lava is in look natural and use silt instead of sand.....
  6. Voyager Face Monster

    The lava used was in a natural spot. I recommend that because it makes the trap harder to notice.
  7. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    1.Does mabye 100 damage as only 1 boulder is likely to hit you unless you used a freakisly large stack of them. Boulders hit too fast for their own good, most of 'em just break because the first one already hit you...
    2. Lava is slow, so you could wall yourself in mighty quickly and just dig out...Or fly/grapple out...Or have ob skin pots...
    3.This is the only one that is foolproof once activated. You only need one explosive, put it 5 blocks under the pressure plate, and presto! You have now exceeded this trap in cost/effectivness ratio.

    I'd have entered this in Creation Compendium (this weeks traps) rather than made a guide, Limeth already covered this back when silt didnt exist...
  8. Horyuu Demon Eye

    I do believe this would fall under the categories of "adding insult to injury" and "overkill".
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  9. MagicPowerPotion Green Slime

    Looks good. Will put this in front of CASTLE FROM POTIONSTEIN. All caps because lowercase cannot express the sheer awesomeness of CASTLE FROM POTIONSTEIN.
  10. EpicXeno Green Slime

    Actually, That would make it even funnier, imagine the falling, surviving a barrage of boulders, walling off lava, and while your trying to catch your breath, the entire area explodes. All your work for nothing. Only. Also if the lava falls from the ceiling and the boulders from the walls of the pit, than you can't really fly or grapple out now can you?
  11. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Yes you can. Lava doesaprox 50-60 damage to a hallowed.
    You can fly out, heal once and be fine.
  12. EpicXeno Green Slime

    I'm talking a HUGE amount of lava, that you would need Neptune's Shell to swim through fast enough.
  13. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    You can still go out the sides of the pit by grappling/flying and be mosly fine, the pit isnt very wide...
  14. EpicXeno Green Slime

    Who says I'd use the exact same pit? ;)
  15. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Well thats all hypothetical.
    Im discussing the weak points in what youve entered.
  16. EpicXeno Green Slime

    GAAAH, Stop trying to point out my flaws! Well, actually, think of the chances of someone making it out of the trap?
  17. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    If they have a grappling hook, 100%.
  18. EpicXeno Green Slime

    Do you ever sleep? You do seem to be everywhere.
  19. Space Sphere Fire Imp

    Im not everywhere.
    Im just a lot of places.
    Plus its holidays for two weeks in the country im currently above.
  20. Horyuu Demon Eye

    This trap would do well against lower geared characters, but explosives will do better against higher geared toons. It might have some nice applications for adventure maps like making one way pathways and such. Once nice trick would be to have a way back up if you hit a switch on the wall opposite the lava. Make active stone stairs show up and viola, a way back up for those clumsy adventurers.

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