The Society of Educated Gentlemen

Discussion in 'Clans' started by GoldenPhoenix 97, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Fishbertus Herpling

    I do beleive I am still awaiting a steam invite, mentlegen.
  2. Voffie Bone Serpent

    I don't know of any steam invite thing. if there is one i'm being ignored. oh and i got around to changing my steam name to the same as my forum name. i think.
  3. MuddyTM Slimer

    Name: Muddy
    Steam Name: Muddy
    IGN: Muddy
    Re-word the rules: Filling your posts with ghastly material is rather inappropriate and may result in long-term punishment. Also worthy of this punishment is the act of spewing vulgar words and phrases that should be reserved to those of lower stature. Highly recommended is the utilization of art displaying yourself or an object reflecting your personality, dressed with proper attire that is suited to that of gentlemen. However, this attire is optional and you may choose to wear your..."normal" clothes in this art, if you wish.
    I, Muddy, swear to be as gentlemanly as possible and abide by all rules.

    Now, would anyone fancy a sport of this new device called "Terraria"? Perhaps we may visit its community and shed our gentlemenly ways abroad.
  4. Voffie Bone Serpent

    *pulls out tape recorder* note to self make second hamachi network for society of well versed gentlemen in the morning before leaving home.
  5. Pot Skillgrim Green Slime

    Name: Eric
    Steam Name: Pot_Skillgrim
    IGN: Pot Skillgrim
    Re-word the rules: no griefs, trolls or flamers
    I swear on my pocket watch to be gentlemanly!
    my fancy hat and eye piece clearly speak for themselves!
  6. GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    both pot and muddy are in.
  7. zoomo Frankenstein

    well chaps we could maybe do the new adventure map.
  8. Voffie Bone Serpent

    Well before we do anything *sits in chair with tea* you all need to join the hamachi and all that fancy jazz *turns on jazz music* i'm bored.
  9. GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    right we must become men for this to work. quickly, everyone listen to free-form jazz.
  10. Voffie Bone Serpent

    I saw that coming. I completely saw that coming. but the jazz i listentoistouhouremixes. what?
  11. zoomo Frankenstein

    so chaps could someone pm me the hammachi stuff?
  12. Voffie Bone Serpent

    I could of sworn golden did as such. I'll have him get around to it.
  13. zoomo Frankenstein

    oh he did but its gone, I really should have wrighten it down.:rolleyes:
  14. Voffie Bone Serpent

    Alright then my fellow gentleman society member person. i will send it to you myself.
  15. zoomo Frankenstein

    why thank you good sir.
  16. GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    BY JOVE THIS THREAD IS CLOSE TO DIEING. well cant let that happen. also im have a few events in mind but we cant do any until Victim gets things straight with the server. Also many of you may know Tiy is making a new game called Starbound. Wired as made a forum for the unreleased game and as such there will soon be a branch there.
  17. Voffie Bone Serpent

    Well i can't do that with the server until more people have joined the hamachi and i still need to make a second one for those extra people who are past #8 to join. :confused:
  18. Dragonborn Undead Viking

    If you guys are going to run a proper clan you'll need a dedicated server which is up 24/7 because Hamachi just isn't good especially if the computer isn't good enough or that your internet isn't good/fast enough. :D

    If you guys are attempting to get a 24/7 dedicated server then good luck as I didn't read through this thread and I am not aware what is going on. :p

    Just some friendly advice as I run a clan myself. ;)
  19. Voffie Bone Serpent

    well my computer and internet have stabilized in hosting since *insert update here* i'm not to sure. I'll probably start to leave the server when i'm not home and have no need for the computer that will distract it from hosting. As for a 24/7 server. I hope someone joins who can do that so i don't have to put up with hosting.
  20. Dragonborn Undead Viking

    You could pay each month for the hosting but I don't know any trustworthy or good hosting services.

    Anyway, since you look as if you're running this clan just for some fun I don't think you'll spend any money on it.

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