The Society of Educated Gentlemen

Discussion in 'Clans' started by GoldenPhoenix 97, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Voffie Bone Serpent

    I would spend and host more seriously if i had the money to do so. But I'm a high schooler so spending the money i do get on hosting is not very high up on my list.
  2. Dragonborn Undead Viking

    I understand.

    Good luck I suppose on keeping this clan alive as clans without dedicated servers normally die out, though it feels as if this specific clan is an exception due to the Gentlemen Theme. :D
  3. zoomo Frankenstein

    well my good friends
    I am sorry for not joining the server "at all" because well... I can't connect.
  4. Voffie Bone Serpent

    Ah i don't have it up right now. In between pages loading and such i come here and reply to things real fast in a separate tab. I'm currently researching things for classes and need the computer working faster then normal so i have limited my self to two tab instead of the normal 8 or 9.
    edit: I've also wanted to wait until more people joined the hamachi so that way i know when people are on and such.
  5. zoomo Frankenstein

    oh don't worry old chap. just say... maybe post when its open?
  6. Vesechu Bunny

    Name: Vesechu/Vode/DarkCard
    Steam Name: [2DFTS] Vesechu (Vode)
    IGN: DarkCard (ill be using this one)
    Re-word the rules: No flaming, trolling, or spamming at all costs. Also, I lost my monocle, so a top hat will do.
    I Vesechu swear to be gentlemanly as possible and abide by all rules.

    Now, may i say that i forgot my Suit? I prefer my armor. I am the fancy warrior.
  7. Dragonborn Undead Viking

    Look at the last post, I think this clan is dying.

    I'm not asking you to join mine since mine is also dying but good luck seeing anyone active in this clan anymore.
  8. Voffie Bone Serpent

    Oh Phoenix relocated the clan to the starbound forums. So this part of it has died out.
  9. Leinhart Hell Bat

    Name: Brayden
    Steam Name: I registered with XionVAEF, but the name that I show is Ace
    IGN: Leinhart (Alter Ego known as Gentlemanly Gentleman will be created)
    Re-word the rules:
    No spamming, trolling, or flaming
    No excess swearing [a little is fine but every sentence cant have f**k or s**t]
    Have a fancy/top hat avatar [optional but highly recommended]
    I Leinhart swear to be gentlemanly as possible and abide by all rules.
    I believe a small saying is in order!
    Excellent, I am fancy.
  10. Dragonborn Undead Viking

    Why don't you all go to the Starbound forums then? :confused:
  11. Leinhart Hell Bat

    I see that the Starbound version has died out too, I see that Team Rocket can be joined, but I haven't watched Pokemon o:
    Shall I get to watching?
  12. Voffie Bone Serpent

    Oh that one died too? Meh. I never go there anyway.
  13. Leinhart Hell Bat

    Thread was locked by request of the OP, he went on to make the "Team Rocket" clan
  14. Dragonborn Undead Viking

    Me neither, high five!
  15. Vesechu Bunny

    lol i AM in yours.
    I thought it was allied :O
  16. GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    Yes the starbound version was replaced with Team Rocket because i was feeling rather Pokemon fanboy that day. Its the same thing but with more Rattata. also i need a sig for that clan so yeah.
  17. Fishbertus Herpling

    Yeah well... I got banned from SBF so too bad.
  18. Voffie Bone Serpent

    How did you manage that? Meh never mind so applications = revival of terraria forum gentlemen club?
  19. zoomo Frankenstein

    YES revival of the gentlemen!
  20. mastercrfater99 Yellow Slime

    Name: mastercrafter99
    Steam Name: mastercrafter1999
    IGN: mastercrafter99
    Re-word the rules: no repeatedly posting messages like an ignorant child
    No excessive vulgar language
    recommended that you have a rather dashing top hat
    I -mastercrafter99- swear to be gentlemanly as possible and abide by all rules.
    excellent, i already feel much more fancy.

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