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    Hey all! Ever think to yourself that you should be able to do more with stone and dirt you get when you spend all day mining? That question is what lead me to create this mod.

    Notes: 4/9/13-Hey all! I'm back from work after around 2 months, I plan on getting back to the mod. I've proposed some new ideas for the mod.
    This mod already features items made from stone, but what about gem related things? (Thanks Fennekin!)
    So first I have the new armor set.
    There is currently the stone set, which is decent starter armor, providing 3 defence and +5% damage total.
    Now this is the tricky part. I was thinking about adding an armor set for each gem and adding special bonuses for each gem set, but thats going to be a while. But heres what I've added so far, the Gemstone Armor set! The helmet is 4 of each gem (24 total) the boots are 3 of each gem(18 total) and the chest piece is 5 of each(30 total) the set all together will give 50 mana, 10% action and movement speed,36 Defence, 25% extra damage,Increased health and mana regen, and finally NO KNOCKBACK!

    Weapons! I have added a new hardmode weapon(not really hardmode but its strong) called Jalekiv! This is probably the most interesting sword in existence, Its name comes from the Finnish rendition of Gemstone Sword, and it has the ability to reforge itself in lava and can be upgraded! Its recipe starts off at the new crafting station, the M.N.M.B (ill explain later)
    with 1 diamond,ruby,emerald,sapphire,topaz,and amethyst and 10 copper, silver, and gold bars! This creates a Jalekiv Grade I(1)which does 10 damage, costs 1 mana per swing, has a chance to poison and set on fire, and can emit light. Simple recipe right? Well now you can reforge Jalekiv! but you need to be standing awfully close to lava. This allows you to reforge Jalekiv to legendary every time. Now upgrading the sword from grade I(1) to grade II(2) costs 2 gems of each type, grade II(2) to grade III(3) costs 3 gems of each type, and so on. but for grade IX(9) to grade X(10) requires 10 gems of each type PLUS 5 souls of night and light. Below is a small chart for the sword, ENJOY!

    The M.N.M.B- Mason's Numerical Masonry Bench: Used to craft special items in the mod. Crafted at a work bench with 200 stone blocks, 2 anvils, 1 bucket of lava(yes it consumes the bucket too), a hellforge, and 10 hellstone ore(I'm being nice, you don't need to get the obsidian now :p) The reason for the bucket of lava is to melt down the gems/stone crafted with it, so you therefore use up the bucket. And yes its a reference to Black Ops. Because no one knows what the numbers on the workbench mean....

    JALEKIV-A magical bejeweled sword that can reforge it self. It emits light.
    Grade 1-1 Gem of each type PLUS 10 copper, silver, and gold bars. (Crafted at M.N.M.B)
    Stats-Damage 10-Mana Cost 1-5% Poison or Burn
    Grade 2-2 Gem of each type-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 20-Mana Cost 2-10% Poison or Burn
    Grade 3-3 Gem of each type-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 3o-Mana Cost 3-15% Poison or Burn
    Grade 4-4 Gem of each type-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 4o-Mana Cost 4-20% Poison or Burn
    Grade 5-5 Gem of each type-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 5o-Mana Cost 5-25% Poison or Burn
    Grade 6-6 Gem of each type-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 6o-Mana Cost 6-30% Poison or Burn
    Grade 7-7 Gem of each type-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 7o-Mana Cost 7-35% Poison or Burn
    Grade 8-8 Gem of each type-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 8o-Mana Cost 8-40% Poison or Burn
    Grade 9-9 Gem of each type-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 9o-Mana Cost 9-45% Poison or Burn
    Grade 10-10 Gem of each type, AND 3 Souls of Night and Light-Upgrade at M.N.M.B
    Stats-Damage 100-Mana Cost 10-50% Poison or Burn and 10 Health restored.

    This is my first mod I've made, I plan on releasing it when I get the primary contents working, It currently features:

    1 New Boss!
    3 New armor sets
    ALOT of New Weapons
    1 New tool
    1 New crafting station
    and more etc items :)

    I'm looking for suggestions and ideas. I'll be happy to credit those who deserve it! :)

    Here are some sprites--------------------------------------------------------------
    Ancient Stone Blade.png Bec de Corbin.png IdolOfTerra.png Stone Scimitar.png Stone Spear.png Tobo the Roarer.png

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  2. Fennekin

    Fennekin Green Slime

    Hey this mod looks kinda little could you add monsters and maybe some other cool bosses and stuff to do with gems?(diamonds topaz emralds etc,)
  3. Rednee

    Rednee Green Slime

    yeah sure :p i just started the mod a month ago. I haven't been able to get to it lately, but sure I'm adding a lot more stuff like armor and accessories.
  4. Fennekin

    Fennekin Green Slime

    ok but when and if ya want i can test your mod out for funs when it adds more then just stone stuff xp
  5. zm123bro

    zm123bro Cursed Man

    When they become available, can i use your stone armor sprites for a mod im working on?
  6. Rednee

    Rednee Green Slime

    Honestly im fine with that but be sure to give me credit for the sprites :)

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