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    Hello all, welcome to the official Terraria Online newspaper! If you're new to The Terrarian Times, we do interviews, reviews, various features on fan made content, and much more! The TT (Terrarian Times) was a project originally started by TheEimas who is, sadly, inactive on TO. We, the Terraria Online Alliance and the community continued this project. The Terrarian Times is a community based project which means that we need YOU to help, from interviews to just having a good eye for art, you can help! Please PM me if you want be involved. So, without further ado, here you go! Please enjoy. ~Mr. Mystery


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    [​IMG] Videos [​IMG]
    Check out MacManLtd's Youtube Channel! He does play-throughs of various, maps, mods and more!​


    [​IMG] Mods [​IMG]
    Today we are doing a interview/review on W1k's amazing modpacks.​
    Click the link in the image above to visit it!​
    Check out this amazing interview by me:​
    Interview (open)

    Me: So, where did you get the inspiration to make you mod packs? Tell us the story of how "W1K's mods" came to be.

    W1K: Everything started one day while playing Terraria with my italian gaming community. I went on TO one day (I wasn't a member at that time) I saw tConfig. After some time, I started a project on my my community's forum about a simple modpack including items from the community's ideas.
    W1K: We had also a pretty nice playthrough after like a month of development. The modpack was called PGOW Mod at that time (the community's name) and didn't included much.
    W1K: I had some bosses requests after some time, and joined TO to get some help from the main thread. I worked a lot on my first AI at that time after a lot of tConfig releases (custom npcs were broken on MP at that time). With some help by surfpup himself, I made my first boss (Rathalos, probably the first boss ever made for tConfig) and after some work, I released the modpack again, on TO, under the name of W1K's modpack.
    W1K: When I started getting a decent ammount of contents, the modpack was split into the small packs you can see today. I left the modding scene for like a month, but when I came back, I started working on the Mini Mods section of my Modpacks too.
    W1K guy.: And this is pretty much the story of my modpack.

    Me: Where did you learn to code?

    W1K: It was long time ago. I started with small Game Maker projects then went on with pwn, for San Andreas Multiplayer's Game Modes codes. That's pretty much where I learned. I have pretty much like 5 years experience with pwn (never studied anything, everything learned from trial and error) and so, learning C# didn't took much time.

    Me: Do you do any spriting as well as coding?

    W1K: Nope, I hardly sprite. The only things I'm capable of are small edits or recolors. I'm the coder in my great project. It's easy to notice how many contents are taken from different spriters.

    Me: Exactly how many people did you have working on this project?

    W1K: That's a good question, my credits list on the modpack's thread pretty much credits them all. Most of the help surely came out by my main spriters, Zeno (the one who helped me at the time where my mod wasn't on TO yet) and Zoodletec. They did most of the sprites for my modpack. I also took some help with codes from Yoraiz0r, who helped me a lot with global codes knowledge. He was essential in the creation of my major MiniMods, the Position Saver and the Hunger System.

    Me: What advice/comments to you have to give to aspiring coders/modders?

    W1K: Experience comes by practicing, don't go too fast or you'll just fall from the ledge. Basically never do too much, or you'll just get bored faster. A lot of people take modding as an hobby and if you have fun in your job, it comes out pretty simpler.

    Me: Thank you!

    This amazing review was made by W1K's good friend, Alkemy who is amazing and started the Italian Terraria Community.
    Review (open)


    Everything started in a small community, fans of one of the most creative and entertaining indie: Terraria!
    After ending all together this awesome game we asked ourselves: "why limit ourselves to play with these items and equipment while we have a huge world full of materials?" and so Wik showed up with his great idea of slowly building up a MOD with our help.
    With the passage of time, between disagreements and missing collectivism in our group, Wik didn't gave up and decided to continue the MOD's project searching for help on a forum. (TerrariaOnline)
    After some time, the mod started to "get a form" and ideas continued to come up, so we decided to finally release it officially and try it on a private server managed directly by Wik. At first, like normally happens with Beta versions, there was a lot to fix up but slowly with great will, Wik, with the help of his brother, finally realized his project, gifting way more fun inside Terraria!


    I would like to start with describing the graphics part of the mod, which presents a lot of really well done sprites that fits perfectly with the game's original graphics.
    I was personally really impressed by sprites referring to Warhammer 40k, precisely the Terminator armor and the heavy weapons like the famous Requiem or Bolter (from with I have never been separated).
    About bosses, I can't help but mention the one, graphically talking, that mostly impressed me: Ridley, a flying monster really well done reference to Metroid's world that everyone knows.


    The music part of the game wasn't edited by the MOD. Most of the weapon's sounds are taken from other equipment already in Terraria.
    Like the StarStorm that makes the same sound as used Stars. Another example is the famous Chainsword, made really realistic using the same sound as the Chainsaw.
    Only a boss in the MOD have modified sounds and I hope that there will be more in the future.

    Game play

    It can be said that the MOD perfectly fits into the game's original levels, as it has changes pretty well balanced with the rest of the equipment created by Terraria's developers.
    By this we mean that every damage, armor, bonuses and more values are expressly studied to not unbalance anything, neither on PvP mode.

    Regarding bugs, I can say there's still some work to do regarding some bosses, which can become really annoying in some cases! I particularly refer to the final boss, Okiku. A boss really nice and original for its 3 forms, different during the fight, each with different form and powers... that on multiplayer mode, however, once reached the last evolution, it becomes really annoying and confusing because of numerous errors in its script.

    The MOD's additions are easy enough to understand and manage. Though, we need to say it, the creation of a Wiki would certainly not hurt!

    Concluding I can say that the MOD itself really satisfied my expectations and, yeah, it has also exceeded them! I would suggest to try it to everyone who wants to have fun in Terraria without going too much from the game's mechanics themselves.


    [​IMG] Stories [​IMG]
    Here we have AyeAye12 reviewing a a fan-made story called Terrarian and an interview with it's author, StoryPasta2.​
    Read it here!​
    Interview (open)

    ME: Hello, StoryPasta2. Let's start with your first story, Terrarian. Other than the video Minecrafitan ( ), what other inspirations did you have for your story?

    SP2: I was also sparked by a thought of a crazy worst case scenario of a meteor crash.

    ME: Haha, well something like that would spark off something in anybody's mind!

    So, what other authors do you use as an inspiration? (from the forums and the real world)

    SP2: Basically, the whole post-apocalyptic part was inspired by Suzanne Collins, Author of the Hunger Games Trilogy. I forgot who wrote the idea of "Life After People" that showed on the history channel, but that was also an inspiration.

    ME: Do you have any other Terrarian novel ideas?

    SP2: Novels related to Terraria? Oh, I have lots of them...and I might start one totally unrelated to the Terrarian Trilogy. Yes, Terrarian, Skyrarria, and one other story about Kevin arriving home to find the island chain is in imbalance...again.

    ME: I can't wait to read them! One last question; what hints would you give to new Terraria writers?

    SP2: I would say to keep writing, even if nobody is reading. You will eventually get a huge audience if you keep writing!

    ME: Thank you for the interview!

    SP2: Your welcome ^_^

    Now read this review by AyeAye12!
    Review (open)

    The Terrarian Story Section is a vast labyrinth of threads.
    Each story, a corner, leads to a world. Some are dangerously terrible, enough to irritate you to death. Others are priceless gems, and are known throughout the land.
    One such corner is Terrarian. This story isn’t popular, yet it doesn't hurt to read and the story is one that is quite intriguing.
    The story is inspired by the Minecraft short film Minecraftian, which can be seen here:

    The story starts with the main character, Kevin, and his adventures through a world which has been ruined a corrupt meteor. The premise is a lot more original than other “Wake-Up” stories, although I should note that if it is to be set a few thousand years after the prologue there really shouldn’t be corpses left…

    Chapters are snappy, which is a very refreshing new thing. Sorry, Garneac, but however wonderful The Dreamer and The God is it’s always nice to have a break.
    The plot also goes at quite a fast pace, which is a bit of a double edged sword. Although this means it is quite tense and makes you eagerly await the next chapter, it means it can leave you a bit blind if you’re not paying attention.

    If I was a cynical twit, I could say grammar could be brushed up a little, and titles could be made more important by adding capitals. But I’m just pernickety.
    So, in conclusion: this is a little, fun gem which won’t take long to read, but is great fun. If you don’t have much time, or are eagerly awaiting the next update of A Reluctant Terrarian, then this is for you.
    There is also a sequel, Skyrarria, which you should read as well. I haven’t, which is why you should!

    I give Terrarian 3.5/5 AyeAye heads!

    [​IMG] Art [​IMG]
    These may be a little old, and since Red isn't here, they'll never be officially integrated, but they are still awesome and deserve recognition!​
    [​IMG] Advertisements[​IMG]
    Participate in some meme making!
    Check these nice art threads!
    Avatar of the Week!
    [​IMG] Building [​IMG]
    Here we have a nice interview by me to an awesome builder named Eldoro! Check his buildings in the link on the image above!​
    Interview (open)

    Me - So, Eldo, do you use any tools (3rd party apps, mods, textures, etc) when building?
    Eldo - I usually use Buildaria for small buildings ( I'm a bit lazy about digging all the materials and those things), but for big buildings I use TEdit so I can make big advances with less time.

    Me - Awesome! So, what other games do you enjoy building in?
    Eldo - Well it isn't really the same as a game, but my first game with building or spriting was RPGMaker. I made some games with my friends and others with a fantasy theme. Also I played LittleBigPlanet on PSP, made some crazy machines in zeppelins, hovercrafts, airships and a lot of maps.

    Me - Nice! Now, if Terraria would get it's final bug fix, what would you want to see in it?
    Eldo - -Hmmm, I would like to see a lot of things...hmm..but I'll choose more wires and more devices, I mean who doesn't want to build a working elevator for their big base/house for example?

    Me - What advice/comments would you give to aspiring builders?
    Eldo - I always say the same about this subject : "Practice, practice and more practice!" Build thousands of things, houses, bases, ships, cars, monsters etc... maybe your first one'll not be good or amazing but the next ones will be better. If someone saw my thread some months ago there were screenshots about my first buildings and...well...they were very simple but I continued building a lot of different things and now I'm having an interview and feature on the TTT!.

    Me - Am I a good interviewer/papermaker?
    Eldo - Hehehehe :p Yeah, there were good and direct questions and I like to check out the Terrarian Times to know about different members of this great community :D! I really like your work so keep it going ! ^__^

    Eldo would like everyone to know that even though he's inactive now (with IRL stuff) he'll be back soon! He'd also like to thank the Crater Team, because he keeps playing this game because of them, and everyone else who likes his work!

    Be sure to visit his thread in the link above!

    Thanks for reading. This will probably be the last Terrarian Times made by me. You're welcome.​
    Previous Issues:​
    Issue #2: N/A​
    Original Intro. Thread:​

    Interview with W1K and Eldo - Me​
    Advertisements - Me​
    Art Feature - Me​
    Video Feature - Me​
    Icons on video feature thing - Me​
    Review and Interview with StoryPasta2 - AyeAye12​
    Review with W1k - Alkemy​
    Those little icons on the art feature thing - Eikester​
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