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    Good day, Terrarians!
    I am Mr. Mystery, project manager of Terraria Online’ newsletter, The Terrarian Times (TTT). Our plan is to feature fan-made creations, tell you what’s happening with game development and community news and share interviews with members so they can get involved. This project was started by community member TheEimas early 2011. TheEimas could not continue the project for personal reasons, but me and other TO members picked up the project on the 30th of May, 2012. After Redigit left development, the paper took a short break. But now that he’s back and working hard on the 1.2 update, the Terrarian Times will be up and running again with a brand new team:

    Garneac, thelastflame50 - Editors - Grammar Nazis Extraordinaires.
    D3athSt3nch - Game News Coverage - Tells us what’s going on with the game.
    Charmander27 - Community News - Tells us what’s happening in the community!
    Bullseye55 - Mod Specialist - Features modifications and fan-made game add ons.
    Daleksax - Columnist - Offers commentary and opinion on Terraria happenings.
    Dark Fire Wolf - Purple Spikey Thing - He does...Well, we’re not really sure what he does.
    Stackerzgame, ibowser123 - Comic Artists - Provide comics for each issue.
    Mr. Mystery- Project Manager - Manages the project.

    I’d like to warmly welcome all the new members of the Terrarian Times and thank you all for helping.

    Here are some comments from the new team on the 1.2 update and being a part of The Terrarian Times:
    Charmander27 (open)
    I love being part of the team. It gives me more things to do on the forums and actually encourages me to look at everyone’s topics, ideas, opinions and profiles which integrates myself further into the community.

    As for the 1.2 update. I'm stoked! I'll hate to see tConfig and most of the modding programs get washed out of date, but I can't wait to join some new servers and experience the entire new game. I'm loving the dyes and can't wait for new references and items like the Hammush.

    D3athSt3nch (open)
    I find being part of TTT a great experience and cannot wait for this issue to be released so that people can enjoy the work we’ve put in for them. Also, I consider being part of the team a great chance for me to do something useful for the forums; instead of just going around viewing things, it will enable me to return something, to offer what I see to others.

    My thoughts so far: keep up the good work!

    I am just as excited as can be about 1.2, since I know just how much it will have in store for both old and new players.

    I hope that people can enjoy the waiting period before the release just as much as I am so that people can appreciate the game itself more when it is updated.

    Garneac (open)
    Started off not caring one way or another about 1.2. Now, with some of the spoilers that've been coming out, it's nice to know there's stuff to look forward to. Hell, it's almost enough to make me want to reinstall Terraria! (Although I'm not quite there yet.)”

    “Regarding TTT: great in theory, but more work than I expected. (I’m a procrastinator of the highest degree.) Then there's the constant worry of trying not to step on anyone's toes when I edit/comment.

    I love how enthusiastic everyone has been, though! Reading the articles and interviews you lot have worked on has been informative and energizing. Good work, all around.

    ibowser123 (open)
    Being part of TTT...

    Hmm. Well, I find it quite nice in that it helps me actually get some stuff done, because I am horrible at finishing things on my own. Giving me a deadline definitely helps.

    As for the forums, I tend to post and help out wherever I can, so I don't really have this "give back to the community" some of the others share. But I enjoy being in projects to help out with the general spectrum of Terraria related things.”

    As for the update—well, it has penguins, so I think you all know how I feel about it.

    And if you somehow don't, then, well, here you go:

    If anything, the community owes ME.

    Dark Fire Wolf (open)

    “Well, to be part of TTT Team feels great knowing that you're part of a team that shows support of the forums and what’s happening in Terraria such as the 1.2 update. I think it's gonna be a whole new game when it comes out, just like when 1.1 hit. :)


    [​IMG]Table of Contents

    The 1.2 update, return of Redigit, and Console News (game news overview)
    Builder Feature: Rudoboy
    Featured Suggestion: Gesser’s Healing Gear
    Featured Art: EpicCriddle
    Community News: Titles Update
    Featured mods and interview: PoroCYon
    Thoughts on 1.2 and the console port (commentary)
    Comics strips
    Random User Interview: Pickred

    Community Quotes:
    This section is empty for now. If you find any quotes from community members you feel deserve to be featured, PM me. Thanks!
    Want to suggest a community quote? PM me!


    [​IMG]Game Update News: 1.2 Update and the Console Port

    First off, for all you newcomers: what is Terraria?

    Terraria is a 2D side-scrolling video game created by Redigit (RE–LOGIC). It started development in January 2011 and was available for $9.99 on both Steam and Re-Logic’s website on Monday, May 16, 2011.

    Of course, that still doesn’t answer the question. Terraria is a game where you “dig, fight, explore and build!”; so much is possible, and the world itself becomes your canvas. So grab your tools and go! Build wonders; forge weapons; slay foes; dig underground; discover treasure; earn money and gather resources. Do whatever it is you want to do. But beware, there are challenges around every corner. Are you up to the task?

    Redigit’s return following time off for personal reasons has been met with approval, for the most part, thanks to his decision to update the game. Terraria 1.2 will be the biggest addition yet, and the news has caused a surge in activity forum wide. While 1.2 might leave older projects outdated—hopefully only a temporary setback!—it will do more good than bad, promising entertainment for experienced players and beginners alike.

    Terrarians will encounter many new items, enemies, mechanics and challenges, to speak nothing of bosses and biomes. A lot’s been confirmed so far. For builders, there’s furniture, materials (rainbow bricks and shadewood), design tiles and banners (and campfires). Combat enthusiasts can look forward to beam swords, cannons, Hammush (Legend of Maxx reference!), snowballs, shields and traps. All tinkerers can rejoice at accessories, active and inactive versions of every block and wire fixes and enhancements. Apparel has also changed: vanity-wise, expect Egyptian, Eskimo, fairy and steampunk outfits; whereas armor can now be dyed and has grown to include snow and cactus sets. There’ll be different mobs and variations on old ones (non-mechanical bosses with unique AI; clown bombs won’t destroy tiles anymore) as well as appearing with health bars (with the suggestion that the on-screen reminders be toggled). Regarding mechanics: players will be able to automatically walk up half blocks and one block high tiles; PvP will be tweaked; and Hardmode will undergo changes, not just limited to the spread of corruption and hallow.

    Aesthetic additions include a revamped character menu as well as rain clouds and normal clouds. Rain won’t be a major factor in lag creation since it will be a background effect; torches, then, being in the foreground, won’t be affected. World generation will also see the possibility of a giant tree, along with more flora and even stalactites. In the screenshot below, one of the first spoilers released to the community, we can see some of the new content, which I’ll speculate more on in a future article.

    Oh, and something about pets and mounts. (A unicorn mount, at least; to be exact, a unicorn’s head on a riding pole. It’s unknown if this is more of a vanity item than for practical use, but let’s not lose sight of what’s most important: we can now decapitate unicorns and collect their heads.)
    Among all these additions is Terraria’s 1000th item! This is quite the achievement for all of those part of the game’s development: sole coder Redigit; the spriters AaronC, Jimmarn, Phlebas and Waffles; and creative consultant Cenx (Redigit’s girlfriend). Just the extent that Terraria has managed to not only reach 1000 items inside of the game, but no doubt also pass that number, is just incredible. This massive feat calls for players to celebrate in anticipation for this update—which is possible, thanks to the 1000th item itself being a confetti gun. Couple that with fireworks, and players can party all night long.

    Everything reported above is just the tiny bit we know so far being added. It’s my opinion that this update will increase the wonders Terraria already holds; the variability of spelunking or fighting, building or designing is one of the best things about the game. Just a few of these great inclusions have caused me to become very excited about this update, and the fact that more spoilers are coming out quite regularly helps maintain the excitement. All I wish is for the community to remember that while they may wish to have 1.2 released as soon as possible, that is not the best course of action. What would be is to support Redigit, to encourage him to continue his work until he is happy with the update.


    Aside from all this talk of 1.2, there’s also been other important news: 505Games’ port of Terraria to consoles, purchasable through Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network for a small cost.

    Now, the console ports consist of many wonderful additions, not least of which are “reworked controls optimized for consoles.” A world map and split-screen multiplayer are also in place along with new bosses, enemies, gear, pets, music and much more! This initiative to bring Terraria to console makes the game more accessible to gamers everywhere.

    Not surprisingly, there have been some bugs reported for the ports—but don’t fear! 505Games has worked hard and made live the first bug fix patch.

    This patch covers a great deal, ranging from simple save differences to improved network stability which should resolve several multiplayer issues.

    For a full list, open the spoiler below:
    Show Spoiler

    The bug fix patch has been approved by SCEA and will be pushed out as soon as they can get it out.

    Huge thanks to everyone for sending in feedback, suggestions and reporting the issues and bugs you've been experiencing.

    The list is pretty huge, but the key fixes are:
    • Improved network stability that should resolve several multiplayer issues where players would not be able to connect or would encounter other issues such as crashes and the game not functioning properly during multiplayer
    • Time of day is now saved when exiting a game.
    • Fixed Magic Missile crash/kick issue.
    • Fixed that a local world could sometimes be overwritten by another player’s online world.
    • Fix for clay pot placement issue.
    • Fix for Vilethorn thorn glitch.
    • Improved controls when in a shop user interface.
    • Improved Hellforge positioning.
    • Tweaked analog stick dead zones.
    • Fixed crash when quitting the game with inventory on screen.
    If you do not see a particular bug that you are experiencing and have reported to us, do not panic. This is the first patch to fix the critical issues along with whatever we could quickly fit in to get you all digging.
    There are other issues on our list that we continue to actively correct and will let you know their status in the near future.

    On top of all of this, 505Games has announced that the port will be available on European Playstation Network stores on May 15th for €14.99 / £11.99.

    And that’s all from me. Hope to see you all for the next issue!


    [​IMG]Community News/Features:

    [​IMG]News in the community: Titles update
    For those of you who are new or maybe haven’t noticed, there have been recent changes to the trophy and titles system. The system was created and is being updated by our very own moderator kirabook with the help of Loki ISP and various members of the community. The new advancement program offers points for more than just simple likes and posts. The more you are involved with the community the more things you can get points for. You can get points for making guides, maps, mods, stories, fan art, videos and more. You can also earn trophies for voting and participating in community events.
    The new trophy system also will be having a nominating and voting poll for each category once per month. The nominating categories are for Best Mod, Best Sprites, Best Story, Best Tool, Best Map and Best Guide. The winners will be voted upon by the community and the winners will receive a trophy. A nomination can only win once per category, so this encourages members to make even more art, mods, etc. and expand our great community here on TO!
    The title system has been updated to a terraria theme, each with different tiers. Titles now derive from the various mobs you battle on your adventures. The titles should be getting updated soon with new pictures designed by W1K for an even more Terrarian experience. Some examples of what’s to come:


    [​IMG] Featured Builder: Rudoboy
    I chose Rudoboy this week because he is relatively new to the forums yet has made a crazy amount of amazing buildings and structures in such a short time. He is a very kind builder and often helps out others with designs. Multiple creations of Rudoboy's have been used as additions to the previously featured builder PuLSe’s “The CraTeR vs. The Valley.” A creation of his is also featured in our very own daleksax's “Rising Atlantis” map.
    The Overlord (open)

    Rudo has a lot of different designs, ranging from classic buildings to factories and mines that feel fully functional all the way to pixel art spiders and his recent 'The Overlord' (above) design, which is an abstract x-ray of the human-like face. I’m sure we’ll see more great designs from him in the future.

    Be sure to check out Rudoboy's designs and current works on his thread found [URL='http://[/FONT][URL='http://ww...n-thread.96118/']here[/URL[/FONT][/COLOR][/U]].

    Rudo’s Creations” (open)

    I also got an exclusive interview with Rudoboy for this article:
    Interview (open)

    Charmander27: What inspired you to become a builder on Terraria?

    Rudoboy: Building was a way for me to extend the duration of Terraria when I get to obtain all items in game. I enjoyed playing a lot, so I didn't want the experience to end.

    Charmander27: Where do you come up with some of your more outrageous and unique ideas such as your "Overlord" design?

    Rudoboy: I am a great lover of art. I thought it would be interesting, the idea of walking through an artistic work in a video game. The design was inspired by a comic look. I love comics. In short I could say that 'The Overlord' is a mixture of my hobbies. I want to thank PuLSe for baptizing it. I'm not good at naming my creations.

    Charmander27: There are massive changes that are coming to Terraria in the 1.2 update. Are you excited to use the new content to further your building? Do you plan on including the new content for future creations?

    Rudoboy: Of course, I am excited to use the new content. I thought of making a creative thread again once the content is available because I think building possibilities will be increased enormously.

    Charmander27: Do you use any tools, such as 3rd party programs or mods, when building?

    Rudoboy: I prefer to build by hand but use TEdit when I need to move things, to re-color areas of blocks or to draw the sketch if the building is huge. Terrariform helps me to get the materials.

    Charmander27: Do you have any advice or tips for new or aspiring builders?

    Rudoboy: Try to build different things and practice many times. I know it sounds obvious or predictable, but I think it is the key to improvement.

    Charmander27: Final question. Is there anything else you'd like to say about your building, or art style or about Terraria in general?

    Rudoboy: Sure. I want to thank the entire community for the warm welcome they have given me during these five months, and to thank you for this interview. Best wishes for The Terrarian Times!

    [​IMG]Featured Suggestion: Gesser’s Healing Gear
    Gesser is a fairly well known member of the community and Terraria enthusiast. He always comes up with more ideas that could be implemented in the game, which sometimes even gets some attention from Red himself. Today I’d like to talk about his suggestions for his proposed healing gear. When I first heard about it I was pretty skeptical about it. We already have healing potions! I thought to myself. But he has created a project that is formulated to give different possibilities while playing Terraria. He has posted ideas for numerous items and even an armor set that works with healing items. If you haven't already, check out his ideas here:
    [​IMG] Featured Art: EpicCriddle’s Cave Story+ Character Sprites
    One artist that is becoming extremely popular on the forums is EpicCriddle. He does amazing sprites for people to use as avatars in the fashion of the game Cave Story. These are very well done and deserve recognition. He has done sprites for a lot of the staff as well, including even Red and Cenx! If you would like to see his work or possibly get a sprite made for yourself, check out his thread
    [​IMG]Mod Section by Bullseye55:
    In this issue of The Terrarian Times, I’m proud to present the first (of hopefully many!) segments on mod creators. Our guest today is PoroCYon.

    He’s one of the less-known modders around the forums, though his mod packs have quite the gimmicks. He also works on the expansive Avalon with BlahBlahBal.

    As luck would have it, I managed to get a hold of PoroCYon and we spent some time chatting about his work:

    Show Spoiler

    Bullseye55: What is your biggest accomplishment in modding? How do you feel about this accomplishment?

    PoroCYon: Probably being a part of the tConfig team. And this interview! I really like being in the team, and made some awesome features (tConfig 0.29.9). I was really surprised that you would interview me!

    Bullseye55: Do you enjoy modding? What’s your favorite part?

    PoroCYon: Yes, I like it. My favourite part is making things like my Nyan Cat and Gravity Gun, those are really awesome. I also like coding cores (because I hardly ever have any ideas for content).

    Bullseye55: What is the most stressful part of modding?

    PoroCYon: For me, it's making sprites. I HATE it. And I fail at making those. But for the coding part, I dislike making AIs, or tweaking everything for hours to make it look good (I'm not a perfectionist...). And, in general, debugging. It's hard to find and solve bugs in mods.

    Bullseye55: If you had the authority to work on any mod you wanted to, and the knowledge, what would that mod be?

    PoroCYon: Good question... Probably the use of shaders and creating something with that, but I have no idea what. Aside from modding, I want to create a game! (But I don't have any inspiration.)

    Bullseye55: What advice would you give to both future and current modders?

    PoroCYon: Another hard question. Future modders, have fun modding! (Not really advice but meh…) And to the current modders: keep modding!

    ** ** **

    Poro’s mod packs have a variety of features, including but not limited to:

    —A mountable Nyan Cat! This also includes an API for mod coders allowing you to make your own mountable NPCs!

    —Fireworks and a flashlight. Self-explanatory, though modders could learn from this.

    —An auto-targeting system. Handy in Player Versus Player (PvP) matches.

    —True Invisibility. Now you, your armor and your wings are invisible. Also useful: NPCs won’t attack you on sight!

    —The Recreated Gravity Gun! This weapon can really affect how you play, being such a nifty tool. Find out its uses for yourself!

    You can find his mod packs here. Be sure to congratulate him for his feature and his work!

    ** ** **

    Now onto our sub-feature: Terrarian Avalon, by BlahBlahBal and PoroCYon.

    This mod is highly diversified, including a very wide array of NPCs, items and tiles. You’ll find several handy things, making it, in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable experiences.

    You can download Avalon here. Make sure to thank Poro and Blah for all they do to give you quality content.

    ** ** **

    Well, that’s the end of this segment of Terrarian Modding Reviews. Hope you liked it, maybe even learned about something you’d like to try.

    Thanks for reading!

    ** ** **

    Follow PoroCYonon these:

    ** ** **


    —If you’d like to nominate a person for modding, let me know through a private message.

    —Nominees must satisfy these requirements:

    1. S/he must own a semi-popular mod with quality, enjoyable content.

    2. S/he must be active in the community.


    [​IMG]Thoughts and Opinions on 1.2 and the Console Port.

    And before I start “columnizing” or whatever you wish to call this, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Daleksax, columnist for The Terrarian Times, and glad to be on board for the ride. I am here to write and discuss my opinions on a variety of things, from game buzz to community news; whether you believe I’m right or wrong is up to you.

    Along with a good number of other Terrarians, I’ve begun to get hyped over the 1.2 update for PC to be released in upcoming months. It was more than a pleasant surprise to hear lead developer Redigit was returning to work after about a year long hiatus for personal reasons, and since his return he’s delivered a fair amount of spoilers. New to the team are AaronC, Jimmarn, Phlebas and Waffles, spriters who have been doing an amazing job at both continuing the same Terraria feel we know and love while adding their own flavor to the game.

    What I feel we haven’t seen so far is anything to do with either improved game mechanics or overall progression. I assume we won’t see much until a couple weeks before the update is live—and it’s always possible we won’t be shown any until the launch, which I would prefer, because I love the surprise of discovery without a spoiler, well, spoiling things.

    Of course, with news of 1.2 came the inevitable question: “will it also be coming to 505’s console ports?” Even though we still don’t know the answer, I feel there’s no reason why console users shouldn’t get the new content as well. If the ports receive the 1.2 update, we’d have less to worry about regarding the divide in the community over the consoles’ “new” content—content which, I have to say, I’m not a big fan of. Keeping these two communities on even ground is the best way of relieving tension between them: if both have the same content, then newcomers won’t have to choose which version to purchase based on what’s available in-game; instead, their choice will be influenced by platform preference. Alas, only Redigit and 505 have final say on the matter…


    [​IMG]Comic Strips
    by Stackerzgame (click on the picture to view the whole comic)[​IMG]
    by ibowser123


    [​IMG]Random User Interview: Pickred
    Hello! I am Dark Fire Wolf and I do random articles for The Terrarian Times on behalf of the great Mr. Mystery. He is great. And majestic.
    (The above introduction was written by Mr. Mystery)
    Today I will be interviewing our very own Terraria Online member, Pickred!

    Dark Fire Wolf: So Pickred, tell us why you bought Terraria or joined the forums.

    Pickred: The reason why I got Terraria was because back when PBat did videos of it, I was drawn to the game as it seemed such a fun experience, compared with when I played Minecraft or Combat Arms, which are now either dying or the community helping it stay together. Though if anyone from Combat Arms sees this then know I am known as Intel Giver. I am quite famous among the community even if the company that runs the game hates me.

    Dark Fire Wolf: I haven't heard from PBat for ages! Glad to see I’m not the only one pulled in by him. Kinda sucks to be hated by a company, but there’s always someone there that wouldn’t hate ya.
    Right then, lets get started with the questions, yes?
    As a player of Terraria, what do you think is the best all around mob and would you have it as a pet?

    Pickred:I would say the best mob would have to be the unicorn as I myself am a Brony and will be for a long time. I would be so happy with a unicorn pet as then I can take my pony in to battle shouting out "FOR PONY!" as my battle cry.

    Dark Fire Wolf: Quick! A pie transforming waffle thingy is flying towards you. What do you do?

    Pickred: *Pulls out his bass cannon* This is nothing special but my BASS CANNON! *Pie transforming waffle faints* 9001 damage. "Its super effective!”

    Dark Fire Wolf: The dungeon guardian, anything you would change/add/just say about it?

    Pickred: The dungeon guardian is an interesting mob, to say the least. I like the overall protectiveness it gives off, protecting its weak brethren within their homes from this brutal murderer from entering the fortress of awesomeness. Though if I were to change anything about the guardian, maybe make it so that it flies slower and also maybe make it drop some awesome Easter eggs, like a special armor or maybe like Redigit’s personal armor (if he ever had any) or maybe the old dev weapon that was made but removed in future versions.

    Dark Fire Wolf: We just had that contest for the new Terraria music, and I found the top three entries great. What did you think about them?

    Pickred: The contest that Plug.DJ hosted was amazing and was better then we could have ever imagioned! For me, all the entries were amazing. Each one had its own flare and style which another one didn't.
    Though I wish there were some other styles used such as house, classical and chill music as I find Terraria missing in the region. I also wished there were some parodies as other game communities make for their games.

    Dark Fire Wolf: What's your favorite kind of pie?

    Pickred: Well, to be honest, I don't like pie much. Though if I were forced to eat a kind I would would eat chocolate pie.

    Dark Fire Wolf: Terraria has so many (in-game mods) mods. Which is your favorite mod, if any?

    Pickred: I currently enjoy The Hellish Hardmode as I am part of making some of the sprites for it. Also, I might take a look into your world under the right housing conditions.

    Dark Fire Wolf: When you're not playing Terraria, what other games do you play?

    Pickred:Currently I don't play many games because of my broken headset, though I do play Minecraft and Combat Arms NA when I feel like it (but I don't play Combat Arms EU).
    Though I do currently play Terraria and Social Games on my phone (Galaxy S2). They are Defender Of Texel and Balloons Tower Defense 5.

    Dark Fire Wolf: And the last question for this issue: should Redigit add more food based items to Terraria? (I wasn’t hungry when I asked this.)

    Pickred: I think Redigit should add some food but not as a hunger system as that is kind of hard to manage in a 2D game. Though some food to restore Mana (Star Fruit) and Health (Heart Fruit) would be awesome.

    Thank you everyone for reading!
    ~Dark Fire Wolf


    Devilbro: Header
    ibowser123: “News in the community” icon, “Featured builder” icon, “Thoughts and comments” icon, “Random User Interview” icon, “Featured suggestion” icon
    AaronC: “Art feature” icon
    Mr. Mystery: “Featured modder” icon

    Closing Comments:
    Thank you all for reading!
    I really enjoyed making this Issue with the new team, so I hope you all enjoyed reading it. If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to post here or PM me. If you want to suggest a “community quote” PM me aswell.
    Note: This Issue was very long. Following Issues will be shorter and be posted more frquently.
    Again, thanks for reading. See you soon!
    ~Mr. Mystery

    Previous Terrarian Times:
    {Issue 7}
    {Issue 6}
    {Issue 5}
    {Issue 4}
    {Issue 3}
    {Issue 2 N/A}
    {Issue 1}
    {Original Introduction Thread}
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    IndentedTo everyone who worked on this issue: y'all did a damned good job.
    IndentedNow: inhale sharply; reset the timer; and do it all over again. (And again. And again...)
    IndentedIt's all a kind of madness, really.
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  14. Stackerzgame

    Stackerzgame Paladin

    Dec 8, 2011
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    I hope I am chosen for a random interview one issue...
  15. Natrilis

    Natrilis Blazing Wheel

    May 18, 2012
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    I do too. That'd be fun.
  16. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 29, 2011
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    Excellent work gents! So happy you are carrying on the tradition that Eimas started. I'm certain he is proud of your work thus far. :cool:

    I look forward to seeing your coverage and take on the update information as it slowly comes to light....

  17. OMTexplorer

    OMTexplorer Green Slime

    May 12, 2013
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    Wow, cool stuff. Keep up the good work everyone.
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  18. Gesser

    Gesser Corrupt Bunny

    Apr 28, 2011
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    Love this :) great work guys; thanks for the shout-out ;)
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  19. Imboo

    Imboo Cursed Man

    Apr 19, 2013
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    Good luck guys!
  20. NotaCoL

    NotaCoL Umbrella Slime

    Aug 11, 2011
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    It was fun reading this! I can't wait for 1.2! Keep up the awesome work, TTT!
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