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    Terraria Online newspapper.​
    Introduction to the Terrarian Times
    Founded on December 3, 2011, the Terrarian Times is a humble newspaper that seeks to provide the TO Community with a public "pulse" of what is going on around TO.​

    The Terrarian Times will include topic areas such as: interviews with staff/members, art features, news/reviews, contest results, etc. Advertisements will also be allowed on a limited basis per issue.​

    The Terrarian Times will be published on a monthly(I will try) basis. Each issue will be stickied in the General Talk section and will be featured on the Front Page of TO.​

    Call for Help - How YOU Can Get Involved!!!
    TheEimas is the Editor in Chief of the Terrarian Times, but he cannot make this all that it can be by himself. This is where you come in! The desire is to make this truly a Community-owned project. As such, we need members to contribute to its success - in the form of ideas, time, and talents.​

    To Share Ideas for Stories or Provide Feedback: PM TheEims or post in here.​

    To Volunteer to Support the TT: PM TheEimas​
    Current Positions Needed
    • Interviewers: Just need solid communications skills.
    • Art Reporter: A nose for Art, where to find it, and an appreciation for the diversity of creativity here on TO.
    • Advertising Coordinator: Someone to handle requests for ads and select which will go in each issue.
    • TO Observer: Basically, someone to catch members of the TO Community making positive contributions to the community - helping others, suggesting great ideas to further the community, etc.
    This big change wouldn't have happened without help of kirabook, Loki ISP and especially confuzzledyma. And of course without yours help guys and girls.​

    If you're looking for next issue, it is located here:
  2. Bobrocket


    Oh, so you don't put MY interview with kirabook in there?
  3. TheEimas

    TheEimas Wandering Eye

    I don't think it fits
  4. Shock Horror

    Shock Horror Fire Imp

    I like it.
    I like it alot.
  5. TheEimas

    TheEimas Wandering Eye

    You like what?
  6. Shock Horror

    Shock Horror Fire Imp

    The Newspaper.
  7. TheEimas

    TheEimas Wandering Eye

    Ooh I thought the Bob's interview
  8. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    Darn, I realize now how many mistakes I made. XD
    Due in part to conversation not being editable...
  9. TheEimas

    TheEimas Wandering Eye

    I don't think it's big problem. Everyone makes them
  10. .....


    EDIT: Maybe this could even be stickied. Lol. IF IT ISN'T, BUMP IT LIKE HELL BOYS.
  11. TheEimas

    TheEimas Wandering Eye

    Thanks but I don't think they will sticky this.
  12. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    I expected a mess, instead the first batch of news is an interview... It's... appealing.
  13. TheEimas

    TheEimas Wandering Eye

    Thank for your kind words
  14. Matsu

    Matsu Corruptor

    Very nice. Very organized. Very professional. I don't think more can be said.
  15. GoldenPhoenix 97

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    hmmm i was hopping to see bobs interview but ok its still good. also you could but the homies clan in the ads section.
  16. TheEimas

    TheEimas Wandering Eye

    I'm not gonna advertise my own clan
  17. [​IMG] A Terraria Newspaper? Interesting, I approve.
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  18. TheEimas

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    That's great achievement for me
  19. GoldenPhoenix 97

    GoldenPhoenix 97 Bone Serpent

    way ahead of you
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  20. [​IMG] ...I may have to start using that now.
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