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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by TheEimas, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. kirabook Ex-Min

    Like MS publisher. All you do is post a big image in the OP and people would read it
  2. TheEimas Wandering Eye

    Ooh. Now I get it.
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  3. thehandshands12 Green Slime

    hmmm ah news paper ? I APPROVE THIS
  4. AyeAye12 Paladin

    Better add the news of Terraria's end in the next issue...
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  5. TheEimas Wandering Eye

    Terraria's end? What? How? When?
  6. AyeAye12 Paladin

  7. TheEimas Wandering Eye

  8. AyeAye12 Paladin

    That's exactly what I was thinking...if it does slowly dwindle away though, I think someone should start a new Terraria forum, or hitch on to another one. Terraria Stories are okay though, seeing as I made a forum all about it before I learnt that Terraria was to stop having updates (link in signature).
  9. TheEimas Wandering Eye

    I think after Starbound is released most of Terraria community will transfer to it.
  10. Maplestrip Corruptor

    I hope the Times will continue. The community can't die...
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  11. TheEimas Wandering Eye

    I'll try but later there won't be people for us to interview
  12. AyeAye12 Paladin

    So...need an interviewer? I can be one! I'm thinking of interviewing a very good and controversial Terraria writer... although I can also do anyone you ask for.
  13. kirabook Ex-Min

    How about you all choose like 4 people, 2 on opposite sides of the recent Terraria project dropping.
  14. TheEimas Wandering Eye

    If you think he is that good you can interview him/her.
    And have a something like talk show with them.
  15. kirabook Ex-Min

    Yeah, but make it a fair debate. People I recommend because they aren't butthurt people and actually make sense *even if I may completely disagree with them:
    People who highly disagree with Red's decision:
    People who understand Red's decision:

    Both parties are generally disappointed though, I hope that's understood. And you should probably do this quickly in a conversation while the topic is still hot.
  16. TheEimas Wandering Eye

    Ok I'll try to make this tommorow. Now too tired for that.
  17. Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    So, any update on the next issue? Things seem to have quieted down around here.
  18. kirabook Ex-Min

    Let's see
    -News on Red's desicions
    -Interviews/debate between people on both sides of the issue
    -insert editorials from members
    -ads of course

    And then, I think Surf offered to be the editor and check everything for errors.
  19. Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Surfpup has that kinda time still? Man's a machine.

    And who's Rai? Unless you meant Red (sorry)?
  20. kirabook Ex-Min

    Ah yeah. My bad. XD

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