The Terrarian's Fall

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    I promise this won't die as my usual stories, as long as I don't get like less than forty views for a month.

    Update 11/29/2012: Sorry for stopping halfway through part 1 of Chapter 1.
    Update 11/29/2012: The story will continue in short parts.
    Update 11/30/2012: Fixed a few spelling errors.
    News 11/30/2012: 29 views? What the hell.
    News 12/16/2012: SPOILER, For the 506 games thing, its just me avoiding copyright from 505 games.
    News 12/27/2012: Caldraun is pronounced as Car-You-n. making extremely short updates.
    The [1] Plague​
    __The cold snow erupted upon Terraria as the monsters wander around the city. The plague allowed the monsters of the night and different lands to enter anywhere they want, any time. The last of the uncorrupted people wondered if they would live. A group of elves, were chased by a few wolfs of the moon as they blew cold air out of their mouth. Ultimately, the group were hanging by the cliff as the wolfs howled to tell the other there is a feast. The group of elves were devoured as the wolfs feasted. A man was watching, Craig. Prior to the plague, Craig was a beast hunter and born acrobat hence knowing how to hide and escape creatures. While the wolfs were off guard, Craig fires a crossbow bolt armed with a landmine with his powerful Cobalt repeater. The wolf was impaled from through the body. The other wolfs gathered around the corpse, picking up an arrow. They touched a small metal circle as suddenly, two of the wolfs were blown to bits.
    __The wolfs run as fast as they can. Craig spared them as he kicked the snow out of his way to reveal a small base. Craig went to the dead wolfs, ripping the fur out of the intact one to make some fur armour.

    The [1] Camp​
    __Craig returns to the base and covers the entrance with snow and leaving a small hole for bullets and bolts.
    __"Craig, we need some help here!" James said as he tried to heal an injured woman with potions.
    __"Damnit James! Be careful, I have to hunt for us food and you guys keep getting either injured or greedy!" Craig shouted as he was sick of being the hunter.
    __"We...are.... sorry....." The injured woman said as he started to heal from her wounds. She was very sick.
    __"Get ready guys." Craig said to the group of seven. "There is a horde of zombies outside the base because they smell meat. Theres a group of dead elves and three wolf corpses outside. Just in case, take this handgun and the last of my musket balls."
    __James took the gun as Craig got ready with his silver broadsword and cobalt repeater. However, the zombie horde was not concerned about the corpse, it was another group of survivors. The group of survivors swung their sword with all their might and managed to hold off the zombies.
    __I'll go outside and help them, James, stay here for backup. Craig threw a sticky bomb on the ground as most of the zombies blew up. He swung his broadsword and continued to kill the zombies.
    __"Hey! Come with me." Craig said to the survivors." Your low on numbers, three people? How did you survive the road."
    __The survivors replied "We are strong?"
    __Craig replied "How naive."
    __"What!" The strong one of the survivors said.
    __Craig told them to follow as they reached the hidden small snow base.

    The [1] Legend​
    __There was a powerful legend, the Great Icara was a mythical creature who was extremely powerful. His signature weapon was a stick, made out of pure Hallowstone. Its opposite, an extremely evil creature called the Great Congre had a powerful weapon, a stick made out of pure Corrupted stone. It traps and gives the victim a slow death.​
    __Craig and the team destroyed the base, traveling to a new area to camp. The next day, the injured women from just now grabbed a sword and went for hunting. However, she never came back. Craig and James went to look, outside the snow, they found a pod. The two destroyed the cover, finding the women inside, dead. She had coal in her mouth with the skin on her legs torn out. His hands were pinned to the top of the pod with sharp pins. While he was hanging for the sharp pins, she had three swords impaled through her waist.​
    __"Crap man!" Craig said to James.​
    __However, as I said, it was a very slow death. The women said. "The.... Great.. Cong...." before dying.​
    __"The nearing thing to that name was 'The Great Congre' I can't believe its real!" James said to craig before he vomited.​

    The [1] Dragon​
    UU"Crap man! CRAP!" James shouted in the base. "One of us could be the next target if this goes on! What the hell! First we were people who explored the many lands, not suddenly a purple corrupted star falls down. Some idiot picks it up and the day and night barrier is destroy. The corrupted biome barrier is now broken too. Now what! The Hallow?"​
    __"Calm down!" Craig replied.​
    The strong of the new three people said "We're getting out of here! Its dangerous with you people!"​
    __"Why so paranoid!" Craig said. "It may be dangerous here but what do think about outside! Someone got tortured before dying! Worse! We know the Great Congre is real!​
    __"FUCK THIS!" The strong of the three replied and pulled the hands of the other two outside base. Suddenly, a huge lightning strike the strong one and he turned into ashes as the other two get serious burns.​
    __"I told you! Now more people are dead!" Craig said to the two people who got pulled along. "Now what!"​
    __James started healing the two people while Craig made a small hole to shoot any one suspicious or hostile.​
    __Out of the blue, a huge dragon flies through the sky, engulfing the whole area in flames. The dragon used its tail to smack the building as the whole place is in chaos.​
    __Craig quickly covered the hole as the flames just went through. "A dragon?" Craig said to everyone, in shock.​
    __The dragon lands on the destroyed land, as the crystal on its head turned red to blue. It sprays ice everywhere, creating a chain reaction. The ice reached the fires, weakening the fire as the last of the fire burned the ice. The whole area becomes flooded by the melted ice water.​
    __"Guys! We're trapped! The moment I open a hole in this place, we'll be in danger. I may not be able to see outside but I sense something extremely cold outside!​
    __"We'll go to sleep now, by tomorrow morning, the danger should clear.​
    The [1] Congre​
    __Craig woke up early in the morning. He kicked the snow to open the camp but he realises he can't. He digs the snow away, seeing the outside is in flames, destroyed and the entrance is covered by ice. "MY FUCKING GOD." Craig screams.​
    __James and the other wake up as they see the pure destruction.​
    __"GOD!" James shouted. James looks at his HUD as he has a debuff called frozen.​
    __Everyone looked at their debuffs. There was "Frozen".​
    __Craig looked at his HUD, he had "Frozen, Terrified, Flamed." "Serious-fucking-ly, what the hell!" Craig shouted in anger.​
    __Suddenly, a black hooded figure with black wings came down with a black stick. There was a small kid, in fear, he was shaking. The man created a pod and threw the kid in, locking him.​
    __"Thats the exact same pod that the woman was in! The man is the Congre!"​
    __The man turns into a dragon, which was the same one the night before which was destroying the area. The dragon flies away.​
    __"Fuck" One person of the squad says before getting Craig's cobalt sword and slashing himself. His HUD was flashing red and black as his health was low. He killed himself.​
    __"What." Craig suck picking up his sword and slashing at the ice. The ice had no effect.​
    __James created a workbench through inventory and created a demonite pickaxe. He started mining the ice. The ice broke and became ice blocks.​
    __"Where'd you get the demonite?" Craig said.​
    __"Look behind us." James replied.​
    __Behind the group was a pitch black area. Craig picked up a torch and went behind. There was purple ore, shining. "Damn! I missed this!"​
    The [1-2] Escape​
    __Craig and the last of the squad ran for their lives, but there was no hope. Suddenly, a huge portal opened as Craig and his sword flew in, but the rest of the squad ran as the portal started sucking the trees in.​
    __James ran as he said "WHAT THE FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" He threw his demonite pickaxe at the hill, creating a hole. The squad went in as James covered the hole with demonite ore blocks.​
    __When Craig was sucked in the portal, time went extremely quick. Word arrived that James recruited members into the squad as killed the congre. Three years have passed when Craig was sleeping in the portal.
    __Out of the blue, a huge blue portal appeared in the new land as Craig went flying out. Craig was speechless. He started searching for his friends as he did not know they were not in Terraria. Craig checked his inventory. All he had was a grey cobalt sword and a manual. He selected the manual and it said:

    Hello? If you are not Craig, get lost. If you are Craig, continue reading. The world's Congre has been killed by me. I made the world a game, swipe your right finger in the air and click log out!​
    Real [2] World​
    __Craig logged out and... Found himself in the National hospital, he was fed through tubes. He found a man looking at him.
    __"Hi... Craig?" The man said.
    __"Who are you?" Craig replied.
    __"You remember, 3 years ago? In Terraria?" The man said.
    __"How should I know!" Craig shouted.
    __"Relax! I'm James!" The man said.
    __"James? What did you say? 3 YEARS?" Craig replied.
    __"Craig, do you remember, that day! You were pulled in a portal. Then a year later, I killed the Congre and made that world a game. I researched all sorts of programs by 506 games and I found out that was a time shift. You were in the portal for 3 years, even though you thought it was a second.

    Reality [2]​
    __Craig was confused by the situation, and asks about the new world of Terraria.​
    __"Terraria has been split into 3 areas. The Noblelands, The Dark Forest and the Caldraun. The Noblelands are where almost the whole population live. The Dark Forest are dominated by extremely powerful creature. The Caldraun is where most of the dwarven race live, since theres a shitload of shiny things there and dwarfs like shiny things. James replied.​
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    I'm kinda liking the story, but it doesn't really seem interesting to me...

    Plus I can see a lot of spelling mistakes, although these are minor, a writer should read through his story and pick up on his mistakes.
    Never the less, I'm wondering if you'll be able to win me over with the rest of the story :)
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    I'm a beginner, I can't do stories like The Dreamer. My whole current story can't even fit one chapter from Garneac's. Thank you for the reveal.
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    No problem, I'm a beginner aswell, so I'm not going to shun you down heaps.... just wanted to point out a few things so you could improve from your mistakes
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    I never noticed I spelt "landmine" wrong till I went into Edit mode and saw a red line below. I did not notice "bomb" because I mistyped it as "bomp" and somehow, it had no lines.
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    Seriously? 77 Views?
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    100? Seriously. I'm changing the plot of the story.
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    good, but I recommend reviewing your tenses.
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    Thanks for the review.

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