The ultimate anti-zombie design!

Discussion in 'PC' started by robly18, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. robly18

    robly18 Green Slime

    Hi. Are you tired of those anti-zombie designs that do not keep the zombies away from your door or trap the NPCs too?

    Well, no more. I have created a simple design that will keep the zombies away from you while keeping your NPCs safe.

    Meet... The Ultimate Anti-zombie Device, or TUAD.
    There is also an alternate design where the block above my mouse can be one block above, unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of it.

    This simple design is enough to keep the zombies away from your house. Allow me to explain:

    The NPCs' AI and the zombies' are different when it comes to jumping. The fighter AI jumps as soon as it sees a gap, while the NPCs will only jump when they have a wall in front of them.
    Allow me to explain with an image:
    The red line shows the path of a fighter AI, like the zombie's. The green line shows a NPC's

    This simple device is pretty modular and versatile do to it's simplicity and can easily be changed to kill the zombies and gather their loot, take them to a arena or even trap them in a cage.

    I do have to warn you, though, that it will only work if the zombie is walking until the pit. If it is jumping or anything this device will not work. This device will also not work with platforms, as the zombies ARE able to jump down them if you're bellow them.

    Thanks for reading, please give feedback.
  2. Zimm

    Zimm Green Slime

    Sounds great, I will test it
  3. Maunokki

    Maunokki Dark Caster

    That's brilliant. I will most likely use it, but with some changes so I can get some loot too.
  4. semo

    semo Yellow Slime

    Why don't you just put a flower pot behind the door? That way the door can't open inside and zombies cant get it. The only thing you have to do is look the other way and open the door. I find this vary useful.
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  5. Maunokki

    Maunokki Dark Caster

    Because in my opinion it looks silly! Who would keep a flower pot in front of their door anyways?
  6. robly18

    robly18 Green Slime

    ... NPCs and aesthetics.
  7. sera-miner

    sera-miner Dark Caster

    Plants. vs zombies!!!!
    yes, flowerpots will keep the zombies out. What irony!

    also, as anti zombie that is a GREAT idea.
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  8. robly18

    robly18 Green Slime

    Who was that for, me or him? :p
  9. Maunokki

    Maunokki Dark Caster

    I would say for both.
  10. sera-miner

    sera-miner Dark Caster

    Heck, they both are, id combine them for a double defense, if i didnt like the nazi zombies feeling of fighting them, closing door, fighting, door during a blood moon.

    i think zombies should be able to break blocks, and walls during blood moon also.
  11. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    The mechanic also works for a simple lava trap:
  12. Uno_king

    Uno_king Green Slime

    Very clever design. Beats putting something behind the door, because I hate coming up to a door and not being able to open it right away.

    I do wish Fighter AI would be modified to allow the MOB to walk away from you for a tile or two if it would mean success in reaching you. It would eliminate the effectiveness of your design, but it would make the Goblin Army and Blood Moon slightly more effective.

    Still, why build a ground-level room at all? I moved all my NPCs one-room up. The ground-level of my "castle" is just a walkway. I get dozens of zombie pedestrians each night, but they can't jump-up and get into any of my rooms. Works well for Goblins too.
  13. MarthX

    MarthX Hell Bat

    Unnecessarily complicated.
    Put the door two blocks above the ground and zombies can't open it. They will treat the door as a wall and walk away. NPCs will still treat it as a door and use it normally.
  14. robly18

    robly18 Green Slime

    What's complicated about a tiny hole and a block on top?
    Look, I am not trying to enforce people to use my design. I made a design and I showed it here. If you're not going to use it don't use it, because I honestly do not care. I just put this up for if people WANTED IT. Also marthx I bet NPCs can't enter that.
    Also, it's only needed 2 blocks up.
  15. MarthX

    MarthX Hell Bat

    You bet wrong. For some reason npcs still treat it as a door while zombies and goblins do not. And I wasn't sure which number to say because the door is technically 3 blocks up because it makes up the 3rd and 4th block.
  16. robly18

    robly18 Green Slime

    Hm. Weird. Well then, your design is jost as good as mine. Still, I don't think mine is too complicated.
  17. Arachnephilia

    Arachnephilia Green Slime

    pssh ultimate zombie design? (insert sword sprite here) :p
  18. Zinsho

    Zinsho Green Slime

    Does the Fighter AI automatically fall through platforms when they land on them from a jump?

    Also, do zombies etc only jump at a gap of width 2 or wider, or will they hop for single width holes as well?

    Trying to think of ways to setup a trap that zombies will fall for.

    I do know their jumping doesn't match the player's exactly, they didn't seem to understand the concept of jumping over a gap to land on the doorstep, whereas I could jump it safely enough.
  19. robly18

    robly18 Green Slime

    Yes because you need to click for the sword to kill the zombies, while mine automatically traps them.
  20. Rich

    Rich Voodoo Demon

    I think that when they fall down from a jump they always fall through platforms. If I replace the hole with a simple 1 block sticking up as an obstacle they do a small jump onto it then fall off the other side and still fall into the lava.
    I don't think they would jump over a 1 width hole since they can just walk over it.
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