The Untold Stories

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    Hello, Lucama here with my first Terraria full fan story here. This will be a prequel, and eventually a sequel, to the story I wrote for the Christmas Contest. This will be strictly my character for the first few chapters but if you want me to add you as a guest for a max of 3 chapters leave a polite request. I will consider it, and depending on the level of detail you give me I might accept it. (bear in mind I never mentioned what amount of detail is best) :p

    Chapter one is up for your reading pleasure, enjoy.

    This story will have Mild Profanity (not f-bombs), a bit of PG 13 humour, some mild Ecchi and in most parts a lot of soppy love story stuff. You have been warned. This story will also lack masses of action, so if that's what you're looking for this is not the right story for you

    The Untold Stories

    Prologue: The Stories of Our Time

    _The little specks of light died one by one, trampled on and covered in sand and earth. Sitting atop his tower, the King Cornelius III, or Cornelius the Warden as he is known, let out a little sigh. This attracted the attention of his court assistant, who was waved away by the king. It was another war he wasn’t allowed to fight in, another war of this pointless crusade by the Caste. All Cornelius wanted to do is to go down there in his royal armour and show the attackers why his kingdom still stood strong, and why he was named the Warden. This pointless war has now gone on for over two decades, and Cornelius had lost many good men and women to it. The Caste was getting more ambitious, after conquering the other southern kingdoms they set their sights on Arius, the great southern kingdom. The capital that was called by the same name stood in the centre of it, and protruding out of it was a great wall, stretching for hundreds of miles east and west. The kingdom of Arius owned all the land in the southern part of Terraria now, or at least the land not held by the Caste. Stretching from the Great Western sea to the red cliffs of the Wolf Tail, a massive bay leading out into the unexplored East ocean.
    _The Caste wanted to roll through the land and spread their darkness and corruption, but they were stopped short by the great bastion of Arius, their numbers being cut down everyday whilst the defence stood strong. That was until now, the Caste had resorted to using dark magic and Necromancy , their magic doing nothing to the walls of the castle as they are reinforced against attacks of that type. That said the undead archers have an aim like no man could ever achieve, and the Warriors the strength and determination out of this world, the fact of not being scared of death made these foes almost unbeatable is conventional combat. Thankfully the court mages developed a spell that severed the magic that held these bones to Terraria and made the Caste magicians be unable to resurrect them again. Even though they had done that the numbers of warriors lost by both sides was beginning to even out, and in a war of sheer numbers the Caste would win with no problems.
    _Cornelius had decided on something he’d never allow in a normal and fair war, he decided to send out assassins to kill the Caste mages. That way the amount of dead they’d be able to raise would be limited exponentially, this plan worked the assassins killed the mages and managed to escape. They had not thought about one thing though, if the soldiers could be resurrected to perform their duties again so could mages. Finally after a three decade war the bastion of Arius fell, and with it the last line of southern defence. The northern kingdoms could not fight the Caste so they fled to the mountains, adapting to the harsh environments and cramped spaces of the mountain caves they grew smaller and stockier. But that is a tale for another time, for centuries the land of Terraria was quiet. The Caste had done their job, and after a couple decades no sign of humanity was left upon the land south of the mountains, all the members of the Caste all died out and became guardians of the darkness in this land.
    _And then five centuries after the fall of the human kingdoms of Terraria, there came new humans to live in the land. Driven out of their homes by war they arrived on the eastern shores of this land, some in the Wolf Tail bay. These humans didn’t build great kingdoms, they were adventurers, most were male, sons of wealthy lords that could afford to send their sons to safe lands. Some years later most of the original adventurers died and a certain power seemed to start up again, this time brining people on it’s own. These were from a land known as Earth, brought here by the same magic that governs this land. On a sunny day in the middle of summer our story begins, with the adventuress lying unknowing what awaits her.

    Chapter 1: Ready, Steady, GO!

    _Luca had been awake for a couple minutes now but had not done a thing but lay on the emerald green grass, looking into a single drop of dew that was hanging precariously on the edge of a blade of grass. Lifting her head slightly to get a better view of what’s in front if her she saw a man in an untidy grey shirt and blue jeans. His brown hair was messy but clean, he didn’t seem like a bad person but Luca couldn’t be too relaxed. She had just woken up in a strange place that she had no memories of being in, lying on the ground. She tried to move her arms and legs, she was not tied up, raising herself off the floor she felt something on her back dragging her down a little. She grabbed the thing on her back and swung it around, it was a plain grey backpack, and inside it was a pickaxe, and axe and a copper knife. She pulled out the knife from inside the pack and crept up to the seemingly oblivious individual she saw earlier, but her path was blocked by something green and wobbly.
    _To Luca it seemed cute so she tried to pick it up and hug it, but the minute she touched it she let out a yelp of pain. Pulling her hand away she looked at it and saw it severely scarred, the strange creature seemed to be made of acid. Whether it hurt her on accident or on purpose it was going to pay, aiming her knife at it she quickly stabbed and slashed. She had made a couple cuts in the creature and bits of it were on the floor, but it wasn’t dead. It jumped on her, she had managed to dodge to the side but it still grade her side, burning off her clothes and leaving a deep burn along her rib cage. She slashed at the slime again and finally in splashed onto the ground, she did not leave her combat stance though. Finally content with the fact that the slime was dead she put the knife behind her belt and looked around, trying to remember what her original goal was.
    _Ah yes, to catch that weird guy she saw earlier off guard and get some information out of him. She looked in the spot where he was at earlier but saw no one, saddened by this she turned on her heel, the noise of the fighting must have scared him off. She walked thinking about her first encounter with the monster she was now calling “The Slime” she walked straight into something, as she was sure there were no trees this way she jumped back and readied her weapon she looked up at the potential danger. There he was, the browned haired man again.
    _“You’re not planning on leaving that gel just lying there on the floor are you? It’s a valuable resource to any Terrarian,” he said to her, smirking slightly.
    _“Gel? Terrarian? Wait, wait I’m going to be asking the questions here. First of all, who the heck are you?” She shifted uncomfortably, turning the weapon over in her hand.
    _“I will tell you all the answers to any questions you may have, but for now we need to build a shelter. Well when I say that I mean you need to build a shelter and I will warn you of any enemies that might try to attack you from behind,” he smiled honestly, she had not seen a smile like the since the day she moved house. That seemed like years ago, but it was only a month since that day. But now she was in a strange world, with a rather handsome man that she knew nothing about.
    _“Ok then, I will go gather the materials for our house, you guard this place,” she said, assuming control. “But first, what do I need to build a house?”
    _“You will need the gel from defeated slimes, there is some on the ground over there. Wood and stone, for construction and basic crafting. I think that’d cover it.”
    _“Fine, you go find a nice place for a house and I will gather,” she ran into the forest and cut down a couple trees. They worked a bit weird, instead of dropping the whole log they dropped little pieces of prepared wood, and acorns. An instinct told her to plant the acorns, she had seen enough “Save the Trees” adverts in her time to know what’d happen if she didn’t. She had managed to collect about 400 pieces of the wood, and from a mountain near by she collected some stone. She found it weird that it weighed so little and that it all fit in her backpack, but now was not the time to wonder. Bringing her spoils back to the clearing she saw the brown haired man sitting atop a tree, she looked at him and he nodded.
    _“This clearing would be perfect for a big house, but for now I suggest you just build a two roomed shack. Something for us to spend the night in,” he looked at her smiling, although with a somewhat sad expression on his face.
    _“Two roomed? That’d take too long… Ohhhh, I get it. Thanks for thinking about me, I’d have just built a single room,” she stuck her tongue out playfully, winking at him. She still didn’t trust him, but she’d be lying if she said he wasn’t good looking. After a couple hours hard work and some guidance from the man she managed to build a nice little house.
    _“Now,” she said turning back at the man after surveying her handy work. “You said you’ll tell me all the answers to any questions I have. Now is as good a time as any.”
    _“Not exactly, you need to fix your clothes. I find the sight rather distracting,” now he winked at her. She felt her whole face becoming redder than the embers in the furnace she had built, her clothes were now in a right state. She had a couple more fights with slimes whilst gathering, and though she was getting better at it she still got hit a couple time, each time more of her clothes got burnt off. All that was left now looked like a half top and short shorts.
    _“Yeah sure, just do you have anything to fix them with?” She asked.
    _“I sure do, I found some silk here. Maybe a previous adventurer left it behind, and I always carry around some needle and thread. If you want any dyes just call for me,” and with that he left for his room.

    Chapter 2: Where Demons Roam Free…

    _“How do I look?” She said twirling around, showing the mysterious man her new clothes. It was a pair of plain, but rather skinny, black trousers, a pink and very tight t-shirt, and a white cardigan.
    _“Ab-absolutely fantastic,” said the man, choking on his own words. His eyes trained on the top of the overly tight t-shirt. “I didn’t know you’re that good a sewing.”
    _“My mom taught me when I was young, she got bored of having to sew new clothes for my dolls everyday. Since then I have sewn most of my own clothes, and even some for other people,” she said, acting unfazed by the piercing stare of the stranger. It was the effect she was hoping for. “Now, onto some questions. Hey creep, my eyes are up here,” his gaze reluctantly switched from her now heaving chest to her eyes, and what strange eyes they were. The calm seas of green had a burning rings of yellow around the pupils, entrancing anyone who gazed into them, so unlike the man’s almost single coloured blue specks. “Right first question, just who the hell are you and what is your name?”
    _“My name?” He decided to go against the order in which she asked, knowing it would annoy her. “My name is Tanner, and I am the guide of this land. I have been leading adventurers like you around Terraria for a couple years now. I hail from the distant island kingdom, of which no one ever speaks of. My father led me away just before the war started, and like other kids I was sent here. To Terraria a magical island unlike anything else in this world, I adventured for a couple years. Then I gave it all up to guide new comers around this world, many like you have been appearing lately, no knowledge of how they got here. I have led many around this world, until they failed and left me and others to roam around looking for more adventurers to aid.”
    _“So you’re saying there were more humans here before? What happened to them?” Luca looked genuinely afraid.
    _“They failed, and let the dark magic surround them. They were weak of heart, and now their heart is forever trapped in the void of darkness,” Tanner remembered many of his past companions, and how they fell victim to the vile corruption in front of him.
    _“I’m sorry to hear that,” Luca’s face was honest and Tanner felt a warmth spread around him, he did not mean to make her sad too. Yet he noticed a slight lift in her spirits a split second later and looked at the great big grin she was giving him. “Well, what’s in the past is in the past, you can help me now. I know nothing of this world.”
    _“Well a good idea would be to craft some goggles, they are easy to make and provide good protection for new adventurers. They also look stylish as hell,” he said, his mood being picked up by the energetic girl in front of him. “But if you’re going to go out hunting for demon eyes to get the lenses from you should craft yourself a better weapon, perhaps a wood broadsword. It is a lot bigger, and provides a better form of protection.”
    _“No, I think I’m getting accustomed to this little knife, or I guess this is a short sword. Don’t worry, I’d rather not have a massive bulky weapon that I can hardly swing. I’m quite as muscled as you are,” she said, sending a sly wink in his direction. Tanners face erupted with masses of red popping out on his cheeks and top of his ears. She pretended not to notice, she like playing with men, giving them hope. “How many of those lenses will I need?”
    _“A-about two… yes…think…two,” Tanner said, stumbling on his words.
    _“See you later then,” Luca ran out her bubble gum pink hair swinging wildly as she exaggerated the swinging of her hips, in hope that Tanner was looking. He was, and now was staying outside for a little bit of fresh, and gently cooling night air. He didn’t know what came over him, he didn’t usually like overly energetic girls like that, they were sometimes too tom-boyish for his taste. But Luca wasn’t, she was a real girl, and it seemed like even the harshest battles wouldn’t change that. Tanner stayed outside for a little longer, hoping that the night air was slowly reducing the blushing on his face. He knew not that the girl was playing games with him, wrapping him around her finger. She didn’t know that these games would soon turn into something rather more.
    _Hours have now passed, the sun was coming over the mountains, softly tickling Tanners face, he was sleeping on the floor of his room. He knocked on Luca’s door, but no one answered. He slowly opened the door, making sure to make as much noise as he could to warn anyone that was in the room that he was coming in. He found no one, the room was completely empty except for a couple torches, a furnace and a workbench. Tanner noticed that the left over silk was neatly stacked on one corner on the workbench, from under it there was something bright red just poking the corner out. He went up to the stack of silk and lifted the material, underneath it was a small book labelled “PRIVATE”. He decided to leave it there, growing up with two sisters taught him that it’s not a good idea to read someone else’s diary. _He was about to open the door when it swung open wildly and smacked him across the face. He took two steps back, dazed, and grabbed the side of his face.
    _“Oh my gosh, sorry Tanner. I didn’t realise you were right there, wait. Why are you in my room?” Luca stood there, hands on hips her face moulded into shock and anger.
    _“I just woke up and I went looking for you, I was about to leave just as you smacked the door in my face,” she hurriedly apologised again. “Anyway where were you? I was worried about you.”
    _“When I went hunting the eyes I chased one and found a cave, when I was distracted it tried to lunge at me but I managed to kill it. I made my goggles,” she pointed at the cool looking pair on her forehead. “I then went down into the cave and did a bit of exploring. I came out with all kinds of stuff. I made myself a hammer before going down there, I found a note on the floor of the cave telling me that red crystals can only be destroyed with the use of hammers,” at that she pulled out a crystal she had found. “Can you tell me what it is?”
    _“Certainly, those are known as heart crystals and are used to strengthen yourself. If you use one you’ll be magically blessed with higher stamina, meaning you can take more hits. Also did you find any ores?” Tanner looked at her, she simply nodded. “Well then using the furnace you can smelt them into metal bars. The better the metal the more of the ore you will need, as the ore will be a lot more impure.”
    _“Well I found some orangey and greyish ores, can you tell me what metals they are?” She asked very politely, all the playfulness of earlier gone.
    _“Yes, the “orangey” one is copper, it is the basic metal. Very common but still moderately strong. And the grey one would be iron, rarer than copper but still common, you will need a lot a couple bars of it to create an anvil that will let you work your metals. Did you find anything else?” Tanner asked politely, happy that she came back safe and sound, though a little tired.
    _“Well I found some coins, a lot of silver and copper ones. I even fought a pink slime and it dropped a gold coin,” She said, her eyelids slowly sliding down her beautiful eyes.
    _“Ok, for now get some sleep. You can craft a bed with the left over silk you have there, we can speak later. Sleep tight.”
    _It was now morning again, the third day of her stay in Terraria. She clambered out of bed and threw the sheets back onto it, she make her bed later. Right now she wanted to talk to Tanner, she pulled her back into a pony tail and tied a bit of bow around it. Pulling on her clothes she grabbed the goggles from her workbench and put them on her forehead. Grabbing her backpack she rushed out the door and into Tanners room, without knocking. She caught him getting changed, with just his boxers on. He noticed her and fell over trying to pull on his jeans faster.
    _“Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” He asked rather irritated.
    _“I have, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about Tanner. I’ve seen a bare chested man before, but not one with a chest like that,” she said pointing at his crossed scars. “That’s a lot of muscle you got there, and some pretty impressive scars. How did you get those two?” She smiled slyly.
    _“These?” Tanner didn’t blush this time, to Luca’s disappointment. “I got them when I got in a fight with another adventurer in my younger days, we were both fighting over some land. I managed to win but he did scratch me pretty bad with his golden sword.”
    _“There were others like you?”
    _“I told you, I was sent off like most of the other kids. I didn’t kill any adventurer in a fight ever, but there were some that did. I managed to stay out of their sight, so they never troubled themselves with hunting me,” He said, finally pulling on his grey shirt.
    _“Yes, well that I think will be a story for another time. Right now I need you to tell me what to do with this crystal,” Luca said, pulling the crystal heart out of her backpack again.
    _“You would have to hold it up over your head, that’s all,” he said, she was lifting the heart up but he softly grabbed her wrist to stop her. “But wait, if you do that a new person will be able to move into the house with us. She will be a nurse, so I suggest we first rebuild the house and make it a bit more spacious. I think you also meet the requirements to attract a merchant. That means we’ll need at least four rooms.”
    _“It’s ok, I can share with the nurse,” she said smiling at him, Tanner found a little bit of a lump in his throat at the idea of those two in the same room. “You and the merchant can have separate rooms if you want to,” and so the work began. Luca built three bedrooms, one with two beds, a kitchen, a bathroom and a downstairs living room. Also adding a couple of chests she crafted with the left over iron she had after she crafted some weapons and armour. She made a new house and a set of copper armour, and though she didn’t like the way it looks, it is useful. She also crafted herself a new short sword out of iron.
    _She left her armour in her storage chest and pulled out the crystal heart, she was ready to attract the nurse. The merchant arrived within hours of the completion of the new house, and she was hoping the nurse would hurry up too, it was getting dark. While she waited for the nurse she was getting into an argument with the new merchant, who was called Joseph, about the currency system in Terraria. That sparked a though, she excused herself out of the room and walked over to Tanner who was making some food in the kitchen.
    _“Hey Tanner, watcha making?” She asked as she put her arm on his shoulder, which was quite hard as Tanner stood about half a foot taller than Luca.
    _“Some mushroom and bunny stew. Want some?” He asked handing her an empty bowl.
    _“Sure, I’ve not had rabbit before. Wait, how come I’ve been here almost 4 days and I’m not hungry at all?” She looked questioningly at Tanner.
    _“It’s how Terraria works, I told you it’s a magical place,” he replied pouring some stew into her bowl.
    _“Yes, you did mention that. Also, what exactly is Terraria?” She looked at him again, and thanked him for the spoon he passed to her.
    _“Hmmm, that is an interesting question. Really I could go on for hours to explain what it really is, but I’ll make it simple. This where demons roam free and angels fear to tread,” he smiled at her confusion. “You will soon understand.”
    _She was about to open her mouth to argue but at that exact moment the door burst open and the night breeze flew in. It shut almost as suddenly as it opened and in the door stood a slim figure, around about Luca’s height but with freely flowing blonde hair and a little white cap with a red cross on it.
    _“Hello there lovelies, I heard we have a new adventurer in town,” she looked around and finally spotted Luca, a faint smile played on her lips. “And I see the new adventurer is already getting acquainted pretty well with the locals,” at that remark Luca looked up at Tanner and noticed how close they’d been standing, usually she’d have moved away but now it really didn’t matter.
    _“Hello there,” Luca called over to the new arrival. “You must be the nurse. My name is Luca, pleased to meet you,” she walked up to the woman and shook her outstretched hand.
    _“My name is Amy, and I hope I won’t have to sew that hand back on too many times,” she laughed and hugged Luca.
    _“Yes me too, I rather like this hand.”
    _In the mean time Tanner stood there, looking at the two women who became fast friends, thoughts flashing through his head. With the arrival of the rather skimpy suited nurse his life was about to get a whole lot worse.

    Chapter 3: Now The Fun Begins

    _The nurse sat down opposite Luca, Tanner was now slowly shifting away from the pink haired woman. Before that he used to sit pretty close to her whilst she was crafting things, his excuse was that he needed to see up close what she was doing, it was a good enough excuse. Now he was sure the nurse saw right through him, and he wasn’t sure she approved of him. He knew he’d never take advantage, but he wasn’t sure the nurse was that convinced. Just then his thoughts were interrupted by the arrival Joseph, who apparently was good friends with a second cousin of Amy, according to him Amy’s cousin looked like a mirror image of her. Tanner had joked about the fact that all the merchants who roamed the land of Terraria had very extensive families, and that they all looked alike, Luca hadn’t really paid any attention to it she was sure no one could have a family of doppelgangers. Yet Joseph’s and Amy’s words seemed true enough, this just added to the unsolved mysteries of Terraria.
    _The moon had by now given up on climbing the night sky and was now falling just as rapidly as it climbed, these summer nights gave Tanner no time to think. It was nearing the end of July, Luca had arrived during the middle of it. She was now becoming a very good adventurer, she even attracted the attention of the Demolitionist, or Demo man as they all called him. His name is Fikod, and he had a pretty, pardon the pun, explosive personality. One minute he would have been arguing with Amy about “what is safe to do with bombs” the other he would have beet running around a field throwing hand grenades at bunnies and birds, usually with disastrous effects on himself. He provided Amy with enough work to retire and buy herself a mansion, but she stuck with Luca. Amy and Luca had become best of friends since the moment Amy arrived, and Luca hung on to almost every word that was said about men. At night times you could hear the two women sharing stories and giggling uncontrollably.
    _Tanner was broken out of his train of though by the feeling of sunlight on his skin, he decided that he needed to wash so he picked up all his clothes and headed towards the small waterfall nearby. The journey wasn’t long, but it took enough time for Tanner to think about his feelings for Luca. He knew he liked her, she was more vibrant then the night time stars and her energy seemed to erupt at any given time. Once he remembered that they were both in the crafting room, alone trying to work on a new potion formula and she had a great idea. She grabbed her gear out of her chest and was gone for two days, returning with some really weird blue, glowing mushrooms. I, of course, recorded the increased healing properties of the blue mushrooms in my botany book. Luca mixed the mushroom together with some red healing potions that she obtained from urns and vases she had found in caves, creating a more potent version of them. Since that day she decided to call the weaker versions “lesser”.
    _He was now nearing the stream and waterfall, his thoughts shifted to Amy. Over the past two weeks she demonstrated a total lack of interest in Tanner, this caused two feelings to boils and fight within him. On one hand he was glad, he would be able to focus on his feelings for Luca; on the other he felt completely lost, he found the not much older woman very attractive, though not in the same way a Luca. Amy was more, proportioned, he was amazed at the fact that she managed to stand upright and not fall face first with each step. The two spheres looked almost too big for the rest of the body, which was rather slender but not without it’s charm.
    _“No,” he said to himself. “She’s not interested in me and Luca is really the one I actually,” lost for words here he stopped for a second, “fancy.”
    _He had reached the waterfall, hearing the crashing of the great torrent of water minutes before he actually saw it. Taking off his clothes he hung them on a branch of a nearby tree and made his way towards the stream. First he dipped in the crystal clear water, checking it’s temperature. The summer sun had warmed it up slightly in the time he took to get there, it was a pleasant mix hot and cold. He then slowly swam towards the waterfall, it wasn’t all that high so the water fell with little force, but the feeling of the water on his back was extremely relaxing. He perched himself on top of a glimmering rock, just under the centre of the fall, and started cleaning vigorously. He used a bit of sand to clear away all the dead skin and washed himself down with the water, feeling refreshed he jumped head first into the stream again.
    _He swam for about another ten minutes until he heard a soft crack on the right bank of the stream, he switched his gaze towards the sound. What he saw next made him swallow what felt like a gallon of water, on the side of the stream was Luca. Yet she wasn’t dressed normally, she had what looked like a really small and tight fitting pair of legless pants and a sleeveless half top. Now one thing you must know about Tanner is that the only female relation he had were with the female servants in his fathers house, his mother died when he was three and once he was sent to Terraria all the adventurers he had met were male, and none of them lasted very long in this land. But he was not clueless about women, he heard stories of them from the adventurers, especially the older ones, but in all the stories they had never mentioned a suit like that.
    _“Oh hi Tanner, didn’t know you were here,” said Luca smiling at him, but her smile slowly faded, she noticed he kept his back to her. “Wait, you’re not wearing anything are you?” With that she looked away, her cheeks turning bright red.
    _“Why would I be wearing anything? I came here to wash myself and I didn’t expect you to be here,” he said outright. “Look, if you give me a second I’ll put on some swimming clothes. Just don’t look.”
    _He could see that her lips curved upwards, he didn’t like that. But Tanners trusted her not to look when he tells her not to, well he heard no giggles or stifled laughs. That could mean she didn't look, or that what she saw wasn’t very funny, both could be either good or bad.
    _“Ok, you can look now,” he called over his shoulder. “Do you want to swim with me for a little bit, or should I just dry myself off and leave?” He asked rather blandly, when she hadn’t answered he took that as her asking him to leave. He turned around and started to walk back towards the house when he heard something that made his heart skip a couple beats.
    _“It’s ok, you can stay Tanner,” she said, and when he turned around he saw her smile was very sincere. This made his heart race, more then some of the things she said that were more provocative. “I really enjoy spending time together with you,” she continued, leaning her head a little to one side. His heart was now pounding so hard, he expected the whole forest to starts falling around him.
    _The rest of the morning went by pretty fast, Tanner and Luca swam in the river for a couple hours then put on their normal clothes and went around the forest looking at some ancient trees. Tanner wasn’t really bothering to explain the trees in Terraria very well, and Luca wasn’t really listening. They were deep in though, but unknown to them was that the thoughts were almost identical. Both were thinking about the other, and both were trying to keep a straight face when they though about how fun their morning was. They were making their way towards the house when Tanner spoke up to break Luca out of her thought.
    _“This was fun Luca, we should do that again some time. You’re a really good swimmer,” she nodded and smiled in her thanks. Tanner started to feel hot under the collar. “You’ve survived a lot longer, than the other adventurers I had previously accompanied. Thank you for restoring my faith in myself,” at that point Tanner started shaking uncontrollably, the change in his mood almost instant as he remembered the fallen. He needed someone to support him. Luca embraced him and tried her best to comfort him.
    _“What’s wrong Tanner?” She knew the best way to work out things like that is to talk about them.
    _“It’s just, I don’t know if I deserve to be your guide. You’re strong, smart and beautiful, whilst I am a coward and… well there is no other way to put it. Murderer,” he started sobbing again, his chest rising and falling at random times.
    _“No Tanner, they died because they were weak. You are a wonderful person, and don’t let yourself think otherwise,” she grimaced a little at some of her memories, recent ones as well. Tanner noticed and instantly knew what she was thinking about, but he didn’t press it. He didn’t care what the nurse had said about him.
    _“Thanks Luca, I’m just wondering. Am I a good guide?” His eyes were still looking at the ground in between his feet, he didn’t want to meet her gaze. He wiped his eyes with the edge of his sleeve.
    _“Tanner, I think you’re a wonderful guide. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without you,” at those words he looked up at Luca, and his heart stopped.
    _She was so close to him, he could smell her scent. To him it was the most wonderful thing ever, a mix of honey and almonds, and a tiny bit of paprika. He was drowning in the scent, it took over his senses and played tricks on his mind. When he could take it no more he shuffled up to Luca, and he put his hand on her shoulder. He could feel her stiffen up, but she did not move away, she wanted this just as much as he wanted it. He moved in closer, now putting his other hand behind her head. Their lips brushed for a second, and then they kissed each other passionately. His left arm moved down to support her in her, whilst he played with her hair with his right. They sat down on a fallen log in the forest, everything around them seemed to have slowed down to a crawl, all the noise gone. All that was there and was real was their touch, their lips and their feelings. The kiss seemed to go on forever, and then they pulled away and looked at each other. Tanner was beaming, and Luca just couldn’t express her feelings. She started fixing her hair and was about to tie it up again, but then she noticed her band was gone.
    _“Looking for this?” Tanner said waving the red and green band in front of her face. “Well you’ll have to get it from me,” and with that he bolted into the forest, the noon light illuminating his path.
    _“Why you little,” she laughed and ran after him, her bubble gum pink hair waving behind her.

    Chapter 4: An Explorers Dream

    _The next couple of days nothing note worthy happened, Tanner was reminiscing, a couple times Luca was gone for a considerable amount of time, to then return with armfuls of ore. With his help she had by now crafted a full golden set of armour, which she loved the look of, and a golden bow. She wondered how metals made better bows than wood, but didn't voice it. She knew Terraria was a weird place, so another mystery didn't change much. She had taken a like to archery, she had a great aim though there could be some improvement. Soon her skills would be tested, soon.
    _Concerning their, incident in the forest none of them had said a word of it, but the nurse picked up on it apparently. Every time Tanner and Amy walked past each other she would shoot him a wayward glance, but he did not mind. That kiss with Luca had raised his spirits and self-confidence. They had met up a couple more times, though they just restricted themselves to sitting somewhere secluded and drinking in the closeness of each other. In a way this was better than kissing, they both felt down and needed sympathy. Tanner felt that what’s holding up this relationship might break apart at any moment, he just prayed to whatever god that the moment be as late as possible.
    _They were closer than ever before, they’d sit on the roof of the house and just think about things. Luca would usually curl up on Tanners lap and stay there, motionless, only the moonlight in her eyes revealing that she was awake. He was thinking about his past and wondered what happened to his family, she on the other hand was thinking about her previous life and her life here. He played with her hair, whilst she held his other hand, the simple touch gave them both hope for a better life. Their silence wasn’t uncomfortable, they knew they needn’t to say a thing. She sat up and looked straight at the moon, he grabbed her around her waist, as if afraid she’d fly away.
    _“The moon here looks so different than on earth,” Luca said in a soft and calm voice, whilst she put her other hand on Tanners arm. “I wonder how I got here, and if my friends noticed I had gone away,” at that remark Tanner seemed to have stiffened up, anyone else would have dismissed it but she knew it meant something. Turning around she looked in his eyes and almost instantly melted under the soft stare, but she had to know. “You know something, don’t you Tanner?” He nodded almost as if unsure of it. “Well, what is it?”
    _“Well I had once found a book on the old magic of Terraria, and not magic that could be cast by humans either. Only the 'Old Lords', whatever they be could cast those spells. One of those spells involved magically transporting people between worlds, and seeing the other spells I worked out how both you and me got here,” she nodded at him as if saying she understood and was telling him to continue. “Well the 'Old Lords', seems like they cast a spell that’d make people appear here if the land was uninhabited by humans…and well,” at this point he stammered but she lightly kissed his cheek and he continued. “Well it says that who ever is affected by this spell, well all known traces of them are lost from their original world. Memories of you are only held by others who knew you and come to this world. I’m sorry,” he looked at her, guilt creeping into his eyes.
    _“It’s alright,” she lied, putting on a brave face. “I didn’t really have that many good friends there anyway, and no one to call a boyfriend. Even my family is all dead, that’s why I moved house and then I ended up here.”
    _“Well, in the spell book it did say there was one condition that required the spell to work,” she looked at him questioningly. “The human that the spell would affect had to have no, or feel no true ties to their world any more. That’s why I ended up in this world, after my father sent me away on the boats, away from the war I knew that all my family was sure to die. I think all the other people on the ships felt so too, that’s why all of us ended up here. Most of those that stayed adventurers too long died, now only us guides and the traders survive since we do not attract monsters for some reason,” he ended really clumsily, and looked in Luca’s eyes. He could see tears welling up, he let her think however that it escaped his sight.
    _“Thank you Tanner, I knew you’d find out why I came here. Now I can start looking for a way out, there is a way out right?” She was on the brink of bursting into tears, and he knew nothing about a way out.
    _“I do not know Luca, perhaps there is. The only thing that comes into mind when I think of a way out, is the creepy dungeon that someone who was here previously constructed, many adventurers saw it as a holy grail of sorts. It is said to be guarded by a giant skeletal head, and anyone who comes into the dungeon without defeating the guardian first, well no one ever heard from them again,” he looked fearfully at Luca, she seemed excited by the possibility of escape. “But you will not be able to fight the guardian as you are now, you will need stronger weapons and armour, and those can only be obtained by defeating the “commanders”, seeing the blank expression on her face he continued. “They are two of the most powerful monsters in this land, and control the others. One is called the Eye of Cthulhu, the other Eater of Worlds, they are both incredibly powerful, but rather stupid. There are multiple ways to summon them, but the fastest is to craft dark objects from the objects their minions leave behind after death.”
    _“Okay, so what will I need and which one should I fight first. They both sound rather strong, dunno if I’ll be able to face up to them,” she said looking genuinely scared.
    _“It’s ok, I think as long as you use some tactics and your own skills you should be able to defeat them. As I said they are rather stupid, they will charge at you, but won’t be able to change direction so once they charge you just have to dodge,” Tanner looked at Luca. “I believe in you, you’re my night star,” with that he put his hand under her chin and pulled her in for a kiss. She slowly melted into him revelling in the feeling, they felt like this night was just for them, the slowly blinking stars illuminated some distant worlds unexplored by any human, but they did not care for that because they had each other. After what felt like a lifetime they split apart and looked into the sky again, and they sat there with the moon slowly crawling through the sky, they sat there until Tanner felt Luca’s head drop on his shoulder and her breathing become deeper and slower. Picking her tiny body up he made his way off the roof and into the house, walking past Joseph and Amy who were in the kitchen. Joseph was about to say something but though better of it and Amy seemed intent on staring at the wood floor, as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.
    _Tanner brought Luca to her room, took off her shoes and laid her in her bed, he pulled the covers over the small woman and kissed her on the cheek whispering a soft good night. He was tired of hiding this, they were together, no matter what the others say.
    The next day went by rather slow, which Tanner thanked all the deities he knew for. Tanner and Luca spent all of the morning and some of afternoon flicking through some old books Tanner found whilst on his travels, a lot of them were diaries of old adventurers. They were looking for some tips for defeating the monsters, though Tanner’s plan seemed best to Luca.
    Tanner had told Luca what she will need to craft the summoning items, but they wouldn’t be able to collect those until night time. So they spent the day in front of the slowly burning fire of the furnace, reading through the old books. Which was somewhat hindered by the fact both Tanner and Luca kept distracting the other by pulling the book out of their hands and pulling them into a rather prolonged kiss, until Tanner finally pulled Luca onto his lap and they sat there looking at each other, wishing for this day to never end.
    _Eventually the sun finally set and Luca understood it was time for her to go, she knew what she needed and where to craft it. A demon altar, a powerful relic left here by some ancient power. These seemed to contain a power so great it could change the whole land, but from what Luca knew it was pointless to try to destroy them. The first time she came across one she tried hitting it with a hammer but instead of killing it, she hurt herself, almost breaking her arm. The pain that flashed through was so great she fell to her knees and started weeping, she then ran away from it as fast as possible, but she noted it’s location in her mind.
    _Just as the sun started rising she had enough lenses, so quickly dashing to the nearest cave entrance she made her way deep underground. Finally reaching the demon altar, as she walked nearer to it she could feel and ominous presence resonating from it, she could also hear whispers that seemed to be coming from the walls themselves resonating through the small cavern it was situated in. She pulled out the lenses and placed them on the altar one by one, careful to not touch the surface of it with her bare skin. As she placed the last lens on the surface of the altar she pulled her hand away, more in caution that anything. The lenses seemed to be emitting a rather soft light to start with, but then suddenly the light burst out and created six pillars on red and white light, slowly the pillars started twisting together creating odd shapes until finally they formed into a massive ball, tendrils crept of the shape and solidified. Then as suddenly as it started it stopped, and the eye looking shape fell to the surface on the altar, the lenses gone.
    Chapter 5: Sharp Stick

    _Luca had slept through most of the following day, she was severely tired and injured from the all night hunting trip and needed rest. Tanner wanted to be there next to her but Amy told him not to go in, she knew that Luca would get no sleep if he was there. She had slept, but her dreams were uneasy with visions of the altar, and it swallowing her soul and spitting it out in a form of a doll, she tossed and turned though she couldn’t wake. She finally awoke to the sight of Tanners smiling face hovering a bit above her, and instantly her fear all disappeared, washed away with relief that seemed to be filling every crack in her body and soul.
    _“Hello there, you sleep like a rock. I’m pretty sure Fikod couldn’t wake you, even if he tried his best,” he burst out into laughter, this calmed her even more. Yes she was about to go into a fight of life or death, but at least others had more faith in her than she did.
    _“I’m pretty sure Fikod wouldn’t try to wake me, he know how I can be,” she said, a playful smile creeping onto her lips. “I can be more explosive than a crate of his dynamite, on that note. Do you know what he puts in it? I’m pretty sure those things are more potent than anything I’ve ever seen.”
    _“Well, if I had to guess I’d say it’s magically enhanced,” he said with a strained look on his face, he really was thinking very hard about it. He sat down on the bed next to her, she was pulling up the bed sheets over her since the clothes she had on were close to none, but that comment made her stop for a second.
    _“Wait, wait. Magic? So the demolitionist is a mage as well as a trader?” Luca looked at Tanner, half expecting him to jump up and say it’s all a joke.
    _“No, anyone can have magic in this land. You just need to collect stars, they are infused with the old magic of this world and sometimes fall to the ground. If you pick up ten of them you can craft them into a magical object that allows the user to shape the land to their will, and the weaves of this land open their magical secrets to them,” he said looking her in the eye. “But you must be careful, though it may sound powerful magic is also very dangerous, and deadly to an untrained user.”
    _“Well that’s really no problem to me, I like to keep my face the way it is right now. I think I’ll stick to bows and swords for now,” she smirked looking at Tanners wise eyes.
    _“Yes, we wouldn’t want that pretty face melting off in a freak magic accident now would we,” he replied, lifting her face up to his and pulling her into a long and breathless kiss. She was the first to break the kiss and say something.
    _“Ok, but for now out of my room, I need to get changed for the fight,” she said running her hand across her chin and cheeks. “No more kissing until you shave, you’re more prickly than a pine tree,” as he walked out she let a sigh of relief escape her, it was just a dream. Once she defeats the Eye she will celebrate with Tanner and the rest, she had recently created a keg and some mugs and was keeping them secret for a good time. Now seemed like a good time to reveal her special brew that’d put hairs on people’s eye balls, it was that manly.
    _She pulled herself out of bed, a light breeze picking up the edge of her night gown. It was made of a light blue fabric that seemed to melt in the hand, the opened the window slightly more to let some more fresh air in. The bird song seemed to calm the senses and give hope, because even at an eve like this, birds came out to sing their songs. If the world was to mirror her feelings at that point, the clouds would be a twisting grey mass spinning and swirling as if in pain, the trees would loose all leaves and bend to the ground their branches hanging down like frozen teardrops. She quickly took her mind off that thought, she could not go into such an important battle with her judgement clouded by such things as pity for herself, she knew that this battle was one of life and death; and that is why she had to take it just like any other battle.
    _Taking it too seriously could only scare her witless and going about it too laid back would let her mind slip, she could afford neither so she had to be calm. She walked up to her chest and pulled out her normal day clothes, since they day she made them she changed some things about them. Made them not quite so tight and a little bit lighter so that they wouldn’t hinder her in combat, on top of that she pulled on her golden armour into which she had engraved a couple things, mostly good luck charms and magical wards she had found in Tanner’s books.
    _Pulling out her bow and quiver from the chest at the foot of her bed she glanced once more out the window. The sun was now slowly nearing the horizon, she had about an hour before the fight. Running downstairs she jumped into the storage room and pulled out a couple bundles of arrows covered in slime gel, she’d be later able to set them on fire to inflict greater injuries with each shot, or so she hoped. Jumping down the final flight of stairs, and almost breaking the floor because of the increased weight, she almost ran into Joseph, who was just about to go into the kitchen.
    _“Oh, sorry Joseph, didn’t see you there. Where is Tanner, and everyone else?” She quickly corrected herself.
    _“Hi Luca, well the last I saw them they were heading to the kitchen. I think they’re all waiting for you there,” the old man said a smile on his bearded face. “I was actually going there now myself, care to join me?”
    _“Sure Joseph, lead the way,” even though I built this damn house, she though to herself.
    Walking into the kitchen she saw everyone around the table, huddled up. They seemed to be talking about something, but the thing that really grabbed her interest was the fact Amy’s hand was placed firmly on Tanners side, and she was pulling him in closer. Luca quickly slipped between Tanner and the nurse grabbing both by their shoulders.
    _“So, what’s new?” She said in a cheerful tone, hoping to conceal her anger. “Why’s everyone so quiet? I’m not dead yet, and I really don’t plan to die anytime soon so cheer up,” her eyes darted around the room and she noticed that everyone was just looking at her smiling.
    _“How could we ever think you’d die to something as weak as the Eye,” said Tanner hugging Luca tightly. “This was all just a surprise, but you kinda rumbled us,” from behind him he pulled out a silk band. “Here you go Luca, it’s a band of the finest spider’s silk. I made it myself, I made it yellow since I thou….” His ramblings were cut short when Luca jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately, just like their first kiss.
    _“Thank you Tanner, this means so much more to me than you know,” she kissed him again. _“Well it’s almost nightfall, I guess I’ll go kill this darn thing already eh?”
    _“Good luck Luca, make sure to comeback in one piece. I don’t want to have to sew you back together,” shouted Amy as Luca ran out the room.
    _Luca ran out the house with her sword in hand, she wasn’t sure if any of the night time creatures had arrived yet. The night was eerily quiet, as if it knew the dance of life and death was about to happen under these very stars. Glancing toward the direction of the light she noticed the moon had barely gotten over the horizon, it was now or never to summon the eye. _Luca rechecked her stocks, she had a full set of ironskin, regeneration and archery potions also a couple healing potions hung from a strap she had put across her chest. Her bow was ready and her quiver hung from her waist, the way she always had it. She was ready for the fight. Most importantly the band was tied around the root of her ponytail, she was ready for the fight whatever the outcome.
    _Gingerly she pulled the summoning eye out of her bag, making sure that it wouldn’t fall out of her grasp. She slowly raised it above her head and whispered the summoning spell.
    _“And the quick one stepped down reaching behind his back, pulling out a golden bow. Pulling back the string he let lose the arrow that pierced darkness.”
    _At that point the wind picked up and from a distance Luca heard a demonic shriek. She had become really jumpy, so when a small little eye-ball came hurtling towards her she almost screamed, instead she diverted her anger into a slash of her still unsheathed sword. She knew that the Eye would be constantly sending out little minions to distract her, so her best bet was to kill them as soon as she could. She could finally spot the massive shape of the Eye making it’s way towards her, it was massive, probably bigger than her house. Quickly she gulped down the three potions and pulled out her bow, this was about to get interesting. She quickly dug one of her spare torches into the ground and lit the arrow with it, drawing back the bow she could feel the flames trying to burn the hand holding the bow steady, but she did not let go. _Pulling the bow back till the string touched her cheek, she held it for a couple seconds until letting the arrow fly. It was dead on target, but the Eye just managed to summon a little one to take the shot for him.
    _“So that’s how we play huh?” Luca whispered to herself.
    _Pulling out another arrow and setting it alight she drew the string again, this time aiming just a little bit lower than the pupil, she let the arrow fly again. This time it hit the Eye, and instantly set it alight, making it writhe in pain whilst it let out wild shrieks. She aimed again and let another arrow loose, this was war and no mercy could be had. She fought like that for another hour, feeling that the potions were slowly wearing off she knew she had to drink them again, but she had no chance while the Eye was charging her. It had mostly hovered around and sent out the little minions in against Luca, but every once in a while it’d charge at her. She learned to get out of it’s way, so that it’s hit the ground and she would have a clear shot at it. This tango of deceit continued, Luca had managed to reapply the ‘buff” potions and she had kept on firing at the Eye, until finally something happened. It stopped in mid air, Luca let another arrow loose but it passed right through it so she waited and got her breath back.
    _The Eye was spinning and bits of it were falling off, and flying into the distance, when it finally stopped the whole front of the Eye was gone, replaced with a snapping mouth filled with a set of razor like teeth. Though this surprised Luca she hadn’t let it put her off and she kept firing, now that it stopped transforming it had also regained it’s physical form so she fired again.This time the fire didn’t bother it, and it kept charging at her. Though she managed to dodge it, the Eye’s teeth scratched her uncovered part of her upper right arm, leaving a deep wound, she paid no attention to it though.
    _She was more bothered about the Eye, or the lack of it. It had gone from her sight, at that moment something from a journal she had read popped into her mind. ‘When the Eye is not visible, do not stand in one place too long’, so she started to dart around a little. When suddenly the eye burst out of the ground, a couple feet from where she was. When it appeared it seemed to be lightly transparent, at that moment another thing popped into her mind: ‘the Eye is but a mere shadow of it’s master, and just like a shadow or a ghost it will disappear in the day light’. She had little over two hours to kill it, so she yet again drunk the potions and went into full offensive mode, letting arrow after arrow fly each hitting the eye, her aim impeccable.
    _That did have it’s drawbacks though, the eye had now managed to hit her a couple more times, and even forced her to use a healing potion, but she was sure they Eye was almost dead. She pulled out 3 more arrows from her quiver and notched one, drawing back she hit the Eye again, and again. The third arrow whistled past and ran right through the monster, she then heard the demonic shriek again, she looked down because of the light the Eye was emitting. When she looked up it was gone, and where it was stood a pile treasure which she picked up before returning to the house.
    _She was half of the way to the house when she collapsed, falling limp to the ground. Before she drifted off into sleep she heard Tanner calling her name and she could feel him picking her up. She looked towards the horizon, the sun was rising and the bird song had started again. She was safe.
    Chapter 6: And Then There Were Two

    _Waking in her room she immediately looked out the north facing window of her room, checking for the sun. It was no where to be seen but it was amazingly bright outside, meaning it was high noon. But was it the same day? She ran rapidly down stairs to the kitchen, to see everyone sitting around the centre table, but there was one more person who seemed to be getting rather close to Tanner, closer than Luca liked. Since no one noticed her she silently slid into the kitchen, and trying to get their attention onto her she cleared her throat.
    _“Hemhem, hi people. Can someone tell me what today is?” At the sound of her voice all eye looked up and immediately Tanner jumped up and pulled her into a tight hug, kissing her softly on the cheek, suddenly her fear about the new comer left her. She now looked her over, the girl had brilliantly green hair that looked almost like the leaves of a tree, she was rather…gifted in the upper body department, and the fact that the wore no more than vines and leaves did nothing to cover it. Her hair was platted a couple times and tied on each end with bright red bands, she was about the same height as Luca, but her purple eyes seemed to draw you into them more than her own, but she seemed to be connected to Tanner in a different way than Luca feared.
    _“Well you’ve been out for four whole days, and your heroic actions seem to have attracted a Dryad. They can only be summoned by defeating a powerful monster, and they sell items that allow you to fight the spread of corruption,” Tanner explained slowly, as if her knew how much Luca’s head hurt. “Let me introduce you, Lunette this is Luca, the adventuress. Luca this is Lunette, my older sister.”
    _It took a while for those words to fully sink in for Luca, she knew Tanner had 2 sisters, but didn’t he say they both died in the invasion of his kingdom? Maybe she was brought here by the same magic that made us appear here, with no brother and father neither sister would really feel attached to their home would they, but what about the other sister.
    _“Hello Lunette, I must say that those…clothes really suit you,” Luca said walking up and shaking her hand, she didn’t seem the type for hugs. “It shows all the right bits, without being too excessive,” she continued with a broad smile on her face, Lunette grabbed her hand and pulled her into a big hug. Luca replied to it by embracing her too, they let go of each other after a while and now it was Lunette’s time to praise.
    _“Well, you too have quite a shapely body, just don’t let Tanner too close to it,” she grinned and let out a laugh seeing Luca’s confused face. “Don’t worry, he didn’t tell me. It was so obvious, I helped in your healing and I heard you saying his name in your sleep, also how could I not see Tanner sneaking into your room to hold your hand while you were sleeping,” she lowered her tone a little. “He feels it’s his fault you got so beat up, I think he wants to make it up to you," raising her tone again she said "Well it was nice to meet you, but I think I’ll let you get on with your own problems, I’ll go tend to the flora and fauna around the house.”
    _“Good bye Lunette, I made sure the bunnies were safe,” Lunette smiled at her, now Luca turned towards Tanner. “It’s not your fault I almost lost that fight Tanner, stop blaming yourself, to make it up to you we can go for a walk if you want,” Luca said with a sly wink.
    _“Hmm, ok. I wouldn’t mind a walk,” Tanner caught on fast to her plan and pulled her into an embrace. “Though I wouldn’t mind if it was more than a walk,” he whispered in her ear making her giggle and blush.
    _“Oh stop it,” she replied, playfully slapping him on the chest. She was about to say more but was interrupted by Amy clearing her throat.
    _“Ehhem, excuse me you two love birds, but I’m eating. I don’t know about the rest of you but this kind of thing, it makes me loose my appetite.”
    _“Ok then, we’re going out. Don’t wait up,” she threw over her shoulder as the front door slammed. This time it was Joseph who cleared his throat.
    _“Sorry if this insults you, but that was rather tactless. I mean we are living in the house she built, and still charging her for our wares and skills,” he said, but didn’t meet her gaze. “The least you could do is let them have their fun.”
    _“I could, but I’d rather they do it when I’m not near,” Amy concluded with a sharp stare that stopped any replies Joseph might have been thinking of.
    _Luca and Tanner were walk just on the outskirts of the forest, hand in hand wishing for this moment to drag on for eternity. Finally they came to a fallen log, they sat there waiting for that moment, the one time it all falls in place and they understand each other just that little bit better. The sun’s ray gently caressed their faces as it sunk bellow the horizon, illuminating the distant mountains, setting their snow capped peaks ablaze. They sat there, motionless, like great sentries of civilisations long gone.
    _Night fell, and they stayed there still holding hands, an unbreakable silence between them. Except something did break it, a soft whisper emanating from the heavens, getting louder and closer. They looked up and saw a streak of light blazing across the starry skies, Luca seemed in awe and wished for the one thing that she wanted the most. Finally the star stopped moving for a second, and the light streak disappeared.
    _“What was that Tanner? It couldn’t have been a shooting star, could it?” Luca looked at the unmoving silhouette of her lover.
    _“We’ll find out soon, just wait for it,” he said a light smile pulling the corners of his lips up.
    Suddenly the noise came back, louder than before. A flash of light made Luca cover her eyes, and when she looked again there on the ground, in the middle of a smouldering crater, sat a glittering star. They both stood up and walked over to it, feeling the heat radiating from it.
    _“Pick it up,” she heard Tanner say to her. “Don’t worry, it’s safe.”
    _Gingerly she walked closer, stepping over the edge of the crater. It had not dug into the ground, but it burned away the grass around it. She kneeled next to it, and reached her hand out. As she touched it, the star seemed to come to life. It drifted up, stopping at eye level and then it spun around her a couple times, finally coming to rest on her outstretched hand.
    _“These stars,” Luca spun around and looked at Tanner, the star still in her hand, light softly pulsing from it. “Are the key to the magic of this land, they hang in the air and release their magic allowing the land to live. When a star gives out enough energy it falls to the ground, and if it is not picked up before morning it will disappear and fade into the ground. Though they have little power left, if you pick up enough of them you will be able to create a crystal star and you will attain magical energy.”
    _“How would that be useful to me though? I don’t know any spells or magical words,” Luca sighed at her lack of knowledge.
    _“That’s not how magic works, it is not used from memory or words, but from books and artefacts. If you were to obtain one of those you’d be able to channel your energy into them, causing the spell to become active. The only spell I ever came across was contained within a book, it is called ‘Water Bolt’.”
    _“Well I’m not that interested in magic, any other way of using this, let’s call it ‘mana’?” Luca seemed really interested now.
    _“Hmmm, mana ehh? That’s not a half bad name, and yes, there are other uses. There is the Orb of Light, which summons a floating light ball that follows you around, and there are Magic Mirrors that bring the user home when used,” Tanner looked at Luca, who seemed to be really excited.
    _“Well I might have found one of those mirrors when I was underground, is it meant to be round, with blue glass and a silver rim?”
    _“I’m pretty sure that’s the exact description of it, and if so you have it. Though you aren’t able to use it yet, since you still have no ‘mana’,” Tanner looked at the slowly rising moon. _“We should start heading home now, it’s really getting late.”
    _“Yes, but let’s not go inside yet. I just want to stay with you tonight,” Luca said shifting closer and putting her head on his chest.
    _“Ok, but as I said let’s get home. It’s not safe here,” Tanner said turning around towards the house, the roof of which just barely poked out over the green hills. As they climbed the hills the houses revealed itself in full, big enough to fit all the merchants and helpers an adventurer could ever need, and on the roof, Luca built a little relaxation bit surrounded by glass. It was very well built, and ascetically pleasing too. It was a place Tanner could call home.

    Chapter 7: Two’s Company, Four’s a crowd

    _“YES! Finally got my tenth star!” Luca screamed just as the sun arose and all the surrounding gurgling noises stopped dead. “Now how did Tanner say you made the crystal again?” She sat atop a nearby tree trunk and racked her brains. Finally remembering the ritual _Tanner had told her about she slipped off the trunk and kneeled, the hand in which she held all the stars tingling, the other hand quickly circling her clenched fist. Saying the ancient incantation she circled her fist once more and opened it up, on the palm of her hand was a light blue crystal which bent the morning light into rainbows. She sat there entranced, looking at the beautiful patterns of the light, when something or someone grabbed the crystal out of her hand.
    _Startled she jumped to her feet and pulled out her new Demon Bow, and notching an arrow on the string. Her gaze rose with the bow and suddenly she was looking at two young males.Not lowering her bow she moved her head slightly to get a better look at them, both were at least a foot taller than her, which was not much of a surprise since Luca wasn’t exactly a giant.
    _The shorter of the two seemed rather thin, and not very strong, he had a pair of very dark shades covering his eyes, and seemed to be smiling at something behind Luca. Her gaze followed his but there was nothing there apart from the sun, turning back around she looked at more details. His hair was an earthy brown and shoulder length, sweeping around his face whenever he turned his head slightly, other than that his face was devoid of any very special features. He wore light grey trousers, a dark brown shirt, a red leather jacket and a pair of perfectly polished heeled boots.
    _The other wore a slightly worn, light brown cowboy hat. Some strands of his brilliantly red hair escaped from under the sides of the hat, but most was tied in a ponytail behind his head, not to much unlike her ponytail. His face was slightly less round that the other guy’s and again had no real discerning features, apart from his strangely coloured eyes, which were a brilliant shade of lilac that seemed to swirl and change direction with each of his movements. He in one hand held her crystal, and in the other a handle of a gleaming, shadowy purple sword. He wore a pair of dark blue jeans, a red T-shirt, a blue-grey hooded jacket and a pair of heavy combat shoes.
    _“Alright, alright! Who the bloody hell are you, and why did you take my star?” Luca asked in her most intimidating tone, still pointing the bow at the taller boy. The shorter of the two stepped forward and she now switched her focus on him, still keeping the other in the corner of her eye.
    _“Hello, pleased to meet you. The name I was given here is ‘MerchantCat’ but you can call me Cat, and this is my travel partner,” he said pointing at the other. “His name is Joker, and that’s probably why he took your star, for a good laugh.”
    _“Ok then, you’ve had your fun. Now, give, me, the, star,” the last few words she said with a futile attempt at controlling her now rising anger, so they think this is a joke huh? “Or do you want me to play one of my tricks? If so, I’m veering towards the arrow to the knee.”
    _At that point the taller of the two burst out laughing, bent over double as a steady stream of barking laughter escaped him. After a minute or two he finally stopped, and tried to catch his breath, a sly smirk still lingering on his face.
    _“So wittle girl wants her stary back?” He asked in the most childish voice he could pull off.
    “Should I give or not? She is threatening me, and that’s making me want to say no. I don’t like it when people make emp..”
    _The rest of his words were cut off as he jumped back just as a tip of an arrow grazed the outside of his right thigh.
    _“Next time I’ll aim lower and more in the center,” Luca said, notching another arrow on the string of her bow, he anger now boiling over inside her. “Then we’ll see how much of a good laugh you really are.”
    _“I think she’s got you there Joker, told you not to piss people off,” Cat said turning around to face his companion, but he wasn’t listening. He was out to get her now.
    _“Fine then, you want to see how much of a laugh I am? Let’s dance,” and with that he jumped forward aiming his sword for just below Luca’s elbow.
    _Just as he was about to swing she jumped out of the way and made him loose his momentum by shooting an arrow straight at his sword arm, which he barely dodged.
    _“You’re not a half bad shot with that,” Joker said, his smile now spreading almost ear to ear.
    _“You’re not too bad either, but if that’s all you’ve got this ain’t gonna take long,” her smile almost as wide as his, noticing his eyes widen in fear for a split second before he regained his composure.
    _Shaking off his shock at the statement he ran at her again, whirling the blade of his sword over his head, about to bring it down onto her arm, he changed the angle a bit as to not cut it off but graze and break the arm with the broad side of his sword. He was about to execute the plan he made in his head, but something stopped him, that something was a broken nose and an arrow pointing directly at the top of his throat. His eyes shifted downwards and he saw that his opponent slung the bow back over her shoulder and just outright punched him with her right while aiming the arrow like a dagger with her left.
    _“You weren’t gonna beat me whilst holding back, you thought I wasn’t gonna notice? Well I guess the joke’s on you,” her smile broader than before. “Now be a good little boy and give the crystal or do you prefer your throat with a puncture?” And even though her smile looked perfectly innocent, the look in her eyes was almost demonic at this point, that and only that caused Joker to give the star back. He knew the time for jokes was over the minute he started the fight, he had no chance against her.
    _Even before Joker noticed the pressure on his throat was gone and she stood back a couple paces, her chest rising and falling with her deep breaths. She seemed perfectly innocent again, a pink haired girl and her pretty crystal, but Joker wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice.
    _Luca performed the magical ritual with the audience of the two people who went by the names Cat and Joker. After the ritual was complete and Luca adjusted to the new feeling inside her she started walking off towards the house. Not even turning around she said to the two men.
    _“So you gonna stand there all day or are you gonna follow me to my house?”
    Both exchanged looks of disbelief, just a few moments ago they were fighting and now she was inviting them to her house? Seemed a bit strange to them, until she said.
    _“There’ll be some fresh, home made booze,” Luca said teasingly, turning around to look at the two men. Though Cat wasn’t quite as convinced, Joker was almost jumping out of his skin at that phrase. He ran up to her and slapped her on the butt, and even though she didn’t object he felt she wanted to say something.
    _“You might want to be careful with your hands Joker, my boyfriend won’t take kindly to you doing that. He is kind of the jealous type, and apparently he’s a powerful adventurer so it’s not a smart thing for you to do. Unless you like being melted by magic, if that’s your kind of thing…”
    _“Ahh, ok, fine. I’ll stop acting like that, just don’t tell him. Come on Cat, I know you want to meet the guy so hurry up.”
    _“Yeah, yeah I’m right behind you guys,” a famous adventurer eh, I guess I do want to meet him.
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    I'm going to put on my most critical face to review this. imagesdsa.jpg
    Honestly I don't have many problems with the story. No Scootaloo.
    The character's so far seem actually well devoloped! (Which is actually pretty rare.)
    As for spelling I was really suprised that you had no mistakes. (I normally don't trust wolf furries for spelling.)
    Since i'm horribly under-devoloped in reviewing things i'm just gonna go ahead and give this an 8/5 out of ten. I will continue to read this series and you promised sappy love romance. That's a plus.
  3. Lucama221 Bone Serpent

    To be honest the only thing I have against your review is that you called me a wolf furry, I will have you know that this is an Arctic Fox. The cutest god damn creature, aside from ponies when they do that puppy eye thing.
  4. Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    Yeah sorry about calling you that. It's just that i've been on a certain website known as Whirled where everyone that admired a wolf/anything with non-humanness was a furry. I could just call you animal lover if that's better.
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    Nah, I'm cool with being a furry. As long as you don't mind being called a brony. :p
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    I've never really thought of Brony as an insult anyway. More like some sort of weird as hell compliment.
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    Same to me, but with the terms furry or Otaku

    Edit 1: I am now working on the second chapter of this story. Expect revelations, new acquaintances and a double crush.
  8. Lucama221 Bone Serpent

    Chapter 2 of the story has now been uploaded. Hope this will hold you over the Christmas period as the soonest I will add Chapter 3 is probably around the 26-27th of December.
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    Having read alot of Fan Fiction , and books ect i have to say its Pretty good, i was sad when there wasn't more story thought :<. I'm looking forward to reading more! its a 9/10 for me ^-^
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    Well I was going to save uploading Chapter 3 for late but seeing as I might forget it, with SW and all that I'll put it up now. I will have to extend the warnings a little, with the newest chapters they are a little more, well no other way to describe it. Ecchi, but it is still not an adult story, by any means. Enjoy :D
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    ..Ecchi. CX.jpg Seriously though i'm glad this being updated. CONTINUE.
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    That's kind of the response I was expecting, also I forgot to mention that you'll love the end of this chapter.
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    Actually i loved the history, i REALLY hate this kind of histories(?), but i loved this one, I loved this one, i loves this one, make a new chapter please
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    Well this wasn't originally planned but I had a bit of an idea for a backstory/prologue for this fan-fic and how Terraria became what it is. Also this is until I finish Chapter 4, so I hope you like the prologue. Enjoy :D

    P.S: Also I might, could, will likely turn this prologue in a full fan-fic once I am done with Untold Stories, so maybe in the next century.
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    Ok, here we go. Chapter 4 of the fan-fic, as promised. Fresh off the block, the only problems I had were what to call this chapter, and how to do the last bit of it, but I think it turned out pretty well. This chapter has almost no action and is mostly explanations of the Terraria world (how I see it) and a bit of relationship development. Enjoy :D
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    You have a talent in writing...well done!
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    Thank you, I try my best to not screw up the story too badly.
    Also, would you guy like me to publish the word document of this? If so I'll try to get it up sometime in January.
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