The Vault - with download (warning... big image).

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  1. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    I 'finished' what I started in this thread:

    The map can be downloaded from the map database here:


    I hated trying to find the chest that held something that I needed, so I created The Vault - A place for everything and everything in it's place.

    Each major type of item or material has a specific spot which makes finding everything very easy. The previous thread (link above) has descriptions of each of the spots. Since then I've added a lava P for Potions (which I put into the chests in alphabetical order) and a hellstone brick M for the Potion Materials).

    I also added a plant farm. It's 99 pots wide, so you get a full stack of plants in one run with the exception of water weed which is 4 pots short of a full stack because of the seed chests on the side. I put the top three seeds in the left hand chest and the bottom three seeds in the right hand chest.

    There's a hellelevator that goes all the way to the bottom of the world. At 688 feet below ground level there is an attempt at a wasp farm. You will need a grappling hook or a lucky horseshoe if you want to land on the ledge. It's pretty big (120 bricks wide by 200 high), but it needs a better tower in the middle. There is also another underground jungle just below the obsidian farm, but I stopped using it when I realized that wasps wouldn't spawn there because it was too close to the surface.

    This was all built by hand.

    UPDATE: Version 1.02: There is now a harpy farm above the dungeon entrance. The tunnel to the Demon Alter goes all the way to the dungeon. Yes, this was still all built by hand.

    Other notes:

    I play at the max resolution (1920x1200) and most of my 'places' are a full screen wide (120 blocks).

    The entrance to the Dungeon has been pretty much dismantled for pink bricks.

    I've emptied out the Dungeon and I've killed all the major mobs, but there are still plenty of shadow orbs left.

    I've mined only one or two of the floating islands.
  2. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    I'll add that the download map is empty. :)
  3. Zeozen

    Zeozen Squirrel

    I like to organize, but I never bother to make it this.. Grand!
    Good job, keep up the good work! : 3
  4. Fergy1337

    Fergy1337 Doctor Bones

    you know i was going to make summit like this cause im really bad with chest full of allsorts and half stack , but dodamit i dont neet to now this is pure awome very nice

    Massive thanks for this btw will help me alot
  5. Minepow2

    Minepow2 Green Slime

    Woooooow!!!! Good job on that!
  6. kigid

    kigid Green Slime

    How does the obsidian farm work?
  7. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    Just use your pickaxe to remove the block of obsidian separating the water and the lava and a new block will be formed when the water and lava meet. You should be able to get a few chests worth of obsidian out of the farm before you have to refill it.
  8. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    Actually I just noticed that there is ONE item that I left in a chest. I'm not going to say which item it is, or which chest it is in.

    Good luck finding it. :)
  9. Abl0n

    Abl0n Green Slime

    Great work! You should had put your name on it. Just for record.
  10. shipoopie

    shipoopie Cursed Skull

    i will just use this for organizing my items but thank you! now i dont have to store them all on my main world =)
  11. shipoopie

    shipoopie Cursed Skull

    can you compress and .zip it and like put it on this forum or something? it would only be like 4mb then right now its 90...
  12. Lantistos

    Lantistos Green Slime

    i like how you did the chest system. take a bit to remember it all :D
  13. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    You mean my name in blocks? Or is there some other way to put your name on the file?
  14. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    Done. The link in the first post now points to a 4 MB zipped file instead of a 90 MB unzipped file. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Muramasa7

    Muramasa7 Penguin

    sick. very good job
  16. Zymec

    Zymec Green Slime

    Wow lol nice!
  17. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    D'oh! Just realized that I uploaded the image full of stuff... That was a mistake, but I'll try to fix it later.
  18. Meal Ticket

    Meal Ticket Green Slime

    OK, now the chests are empty (except for the one item that I missed the first time).
  19. Kamiza

    Kamiza Green Slime

    looks good, i like organization.
  20. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    I built this a long time ago. A couple of days after I saw your first thread.
    I still have to build the Obsidian Farm though. Do you really need another storage room for the potions/potion materials?
    The materials are in my environmental drop chest, and the potions are in one of the four health potion chests.
    Still haven't had the need to expand :)

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