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    Okay let's see...this is my what, sixth day here? Good a time as any.
    A Few Facts:
    The Walking Dead Space is a combination of The Walking Dead (The Game) and Dead Space (You already knew? ZOMG CONGRATULATIONS, you can read.)
    The main world for it will be The Walking Dead's world. It'll start off in Episode 1: A New Day for TWD, and towards the end of Chapter One: New Arrivals for Dead Space.
    Lee, Isaac, and Clementine will be the main characters.

    DEAD SPACE- Isaac Clarke is an engineer responding to a distress call made by the planet-cracker level ship the S.S. Ishimura with two others, Kendra and Hammond. Their arrival at the ship was unfortunately a crash landing because of (an asteroid I think it was) an accident. When they arrived Isaac, Kendra, and Hammond were seperated; with the tree discovering the horror that is the necromorph. Unable to fix the ship because the tram station is jammed by an accident, Isaac; being the engineer; fixes it. After doing so, Kendra contacts him meaning to ask him to get the communications deck up and running before something caused the whole ship to shake. Upon examining further Kendra found that a sort of...rift...had opened up on the main hull, and it was beginning to swallow the whole ship....

    THE WALKING DEAD- Lee Everrett is a convicted prisoner who has a life sentence for murdering a senator who slept with his wife. On his way to prison, the cop car he was in ran into a walker and went spinning off the road where he fell unconscious. When he woke up still handcuffed, with a gash on his leg, and trapped in the cop car; the cop was lying dead on the ground. Managing to get out of the car, he walked over and took the keys from the cop's corpse. Trying to uncuff himself, he dropped the keys in front of the corpse's mouth. He picked them back up and undid the uncuffs...right afterwards the cop came back to life. After he managed to kill the cop, he saw a figure on a hill and then noticed several more walkers coming towards him. He just barely managed to escape before he noticed something in the sky...

    THE WALKING DEAD SPACE- Lee watched a sort of rainbow colored...hole...appear in the sky and a gigantic ship fall out of it, crashing down until it fell out of his view; at nearly the same time in Savannah, a gigantic red object that was shaped sort of like fish fell out of a similiar rift. He had no idea what the rift or the ship was, but in trouble as he was he needed to explore the house behind him. As the ship crash landed, Isaac was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, he found a plasma cutter; and several plasma energy clips lying beside it. Having seen the necromorphs, he knew it would come in handy and took it. Kendra contacted him moments later explaining the logs she'd read, telling him that whatever that rift had been it had made them go to a completely different location, and that they needed to recover something known as The Marker.

    The App (Cannon):
    Character Name:
    World: (Dead Space or The Walking Dead)
    Backstory to prove you know the character:

    The App (OC):
    Age: (This can be any age, after all, kids exist to)
    World: (Same as above)
    Backstory (optional):
    Anything Extra:

    Example/My App:
    Character Name: Isaac Clarke
    World: Dead Space
    Show Spoiler
    Isaac Clarke was sent to the S.S. Ishimura to repair it, get it back in ship shape condition, and to find his girlfriend Nicole. As he arrived he began to run into the necromorphs and hallicunate because of The Marker, imagining he was seeing his girlfriend Nicole. As time went on he began to learn of The Marker, of the crazy doctor who believed that the necromorphs were the beginning of something magical, of the horrors of the ship, and of the fact that Nicole had died before he arrived on the ship.

    Show Spoiler

    If no one applies for Lee or Clementine soon enough, I shall take them myself.
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    (Reserved and the story looks good!However it needs more details explaining the story.)
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    The App (OC):
    Name: Jonas Reglier
    Age: 20
    Picture/Description: [​IMG]
    World: The Walking Dead
    Backstory (optional):
    Anything Extra:
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    The App (OC):
    Name: Jessica makenthorn
    Age: (This can be any age, after all, kids exist to) 26
    Picture/Description: alse the red= blue
    World: Deadspace
    Backstory (optional):
    Anything Extra: She starts with the Plasma cutter ((a small litle gun that fire's 3 lazer's horizantal or vertical)) and a Katana .

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