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  1. Levaunt

    Levaunt Green Slime


    The Zelda Pack is now Free To Use! Anyone may include any images from this pack in their own, or add their own work to this pack to continue it. I also highly suggest using the character sprites in any "HD" pack, and making more armors that match that style.
    HOWEVER do not claim any of these images as your own work! Credit is appreciated but not required.


    1. Download and install Terraria Texture Pack here!
    2. Download this texture pack from the link at the top of this post.
    3. Extract that file anywhere using WinRar
    4. Place both files into your into your Terraria's content folder. (usually c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\terraria\content)
    5. Choose to replace all files, or copy your default Wave Bank file somewhere else if you want to switch back to default music.
    6. Do not rename any folders or files!
    7. Launch Terraria via the Terraria Texture pack exe. (Music will work without this, but images won't)
    If you need more help than this, go to the Terraria Texture Pack forum post for more info about the texture pack, or the Custom Soundtracksforum post for more info about the music.

    This texture pack attempts to change every graphic into something reminisce of The Legend of Zelda (mostly inspired by Link to the Past). As well the graphics are twice the resolution of normal Terraria, which gives the game a much smoother feel.

    Okay it looks like people might have a hard time emulating my style, which I did not anticipate. So here is a short tutorial which i hope will help.

    Step 1 - SHAPES:

    For the most part I would advise against resizing a picture of the item you want to create, but that can be helpful for beginners. Just be sure to zoom out and view the pixels in the size they will be to make sure it looks correct.
    Anyway, in this step colors are not important, you want to get the shapes correct, including any different areas in the item, such as the hilt in this example.

    Step 2 - COLOR:

    Now you want to get the colors right, Since this is going to be a mithril weapon I made the blade a greenish-blue. The hilt still resembles a normal razor sword from OOT. I also started to work on lighting here. The sharp end of the blade should be brighter than the opposite end.

    Step 3 - LIGHT:

    Now to refine the light and shadows. When picking colors for these, don't just move the color closer to black or white, this is not how color works. A good rule to follow is: The lighter areas should be warmer and less saturated, whereas the dark areas are colder and more saturated. Warm colors are red, orange, yellow. Cold colors are blue, green, purple. So just take your starting color (in this case green) and move it closer to the wanted shade. So the light areas are yellow, and the dark areas are blue.
    I also added some sheen to the blade to give it some texture. The hilt looked odd with the bright orange on neutral gray, so I added some purple into the gray, and darkened the orange. It's usually a good idea to stay away from pure white and black and grays.

    Step 4 - REFINEMENT:

    At this point I realized the blade was facing the wrong way, so I flipped it. This is a good thing to do regardless to make sure you have a good balance in your image. If something looks wrong when you flip it, then it will look wrong the other way as well you had just gotten used to it.
    I added some more highlight to the hilt to make it look more metal, and adjusted the highlights to the blade. The shape of the tip of the blade was wrong as well so that was fixed.
    Remember to zoom out and make sure it looks good at normal size. When pixel editing people tend to only work zoomed in all the way and you can miss problems.


    I hope this helps anyone trying to continue the pack, I'll add this to the first post as well so it doesnt get lost. I might find some time to make another tutorial for terrain or anything else people need help with. I'd like to say though, I am not the best pixel artist out there. There are a lot of better tutorials you can find, or other images you could use as reference.


    Latest Update:
    Version 2.1:
    Added numerous item icons.
    Added the remainder of the furniture pieces.
    Fixed back walls to match other graphics.
    Updates slime sprites, and they now drop ChuChu Jelly.
    Changed rabbit to chicken (Temporary graphic, looks a little odd atm)
    Fixed missing or wrong jungle plants.
    Added all Spears.
    Navi (Ball of Light) is the proper size now.

    Previous Updates:
    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.0:
    New Character graphics and matching armors.
    Custom Music! (From Link to the Past)
    Blue Stone is properly colored.

    Version 1.4:
    Fixed the errors caused by 1.0.6
    New Chests and Furnaces
    Added Loom, Bookcase, Statue, and Skull Candle
    All slimes are now Chu Chus, except King Slime
    Changed menus to work with 1.0.6
    Added Buff and Debuff icons
    Changed Mana icon to better match the Health icon

    Version 1.3:
    Updated even more items (only a few more to go)
    Added particles
    Added a logo
    New grappling hooks
    Added all "worm" creatures except Eater of Worlds.

    Version 1.2:
    New Weapons and Tools
    Many new items
    Added buff images
    New Demon Eye and Zombie (not quite finished)

    Version 1.1:
    Fixed bugs with jungle trees and underground shrooms.
    Added numerous items.
    Added interior items (Anvil, Books, Table, Bed, etc.)
    New tiles: Glass, webs, and corruption plants.
    Added bows and arrows.
    Added chat bubbles.
    Fixed gore for some things.


    If you would like to spread the word of this texture pack, just put this BB code into your signature.
  2. portal

    portal Green Slime

    I love how you made the orb of light to navi
  3. Goat!

    Goat! Demon Eye

    This looks awesome :D How many % of monsters and armors have you changed already?
    P.S. A member called Mike has a pretty cool zelda pack too, I've been playing with it on lately.
  4. Levaunt

    Levaunt Green Slime

    I haven't changed any armor yet, and only a handful of monsters. I'm holding off on them mostly because I'm not sure what style to do them in. I'd like to keep everything the same resolution, but that would require changing the character graphics completely. I'm not sure that's even doable.
  5. Tom-Ace

    Tom-Ace Green Slime

    I have tried a few texture packs and this one is one of the best, i love how to made the item icons much bigger, they are easy to see and know what they are.

    Fantastic job and keep it up!
  6. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    AWESOME! :D :D
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  7. jcfill

    jcfill Green Slime

    Wow, this is really good.
  8. andrs

    andrs Green Slime

    Very nice, extra + for the moon and fairy!
  9. Goat!

    Goat! Demon Eye

    Going through Zelda wiki and those 2D zelda games you'll get a lot of ideas :D

    EDIT: Jungle trees are glitched atm.
    This could be the crab: [​IMG]
    Any worm:
    Skeletons could be Stalfoses
    Piranhas [​IMG]
    EoC: (?)
    Can't think of more atm :p
  10. andrs

    andrs Green Slime

    Discovered quite a few graphical "errors", mostly related to trees and underground mushroom-trees (or whatever it is), and some items without transparent background.
    Still, looking forward to the final release, keep it up and ill be using this one for sure.
  11. shipoopie

    shipoopie Cursed Skull

    nice! i love how you rounded everything
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  12. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Haha I love that moon!
  13. Mike

    Mike Dark Caster

    Aw this looks better than mine... Anyways, Awesome texture pack. :D Good luck with the rest of it :D
  14. Arkoonius

    Arkoonius Dark Caster

    Fantastic work bud. Finish it :D Looks awesome!
  15. Pixel:]

    Pixel:] Eskimo Zombie

    Now i got Mike's and yours mixed zelda pack :)
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  16. Branballs

    Branballs Green Slime

    WOW!! This is definately the best texture pack. Love everything about it(And im not even a zelda fan). The jungle trees are glitched but everything else is amazing, keep up the good work.
  17. Levaunt

    Levaunt Green Slime

    Thanks for all the support. I'm trying to find a or make a world save that has all the textures in one area, so it will be easier to see if there are any errors without clambering through caves and deserts.
  18. XTripleJaxX

    XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    Horrible Graphic
  19. Levaunt

    Levaunt Green Slime

    Perhaps you could be more specific, or constructive?
  20. lambo

    lambo Illuminant Slime

    lol love the moon
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