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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Lukearcade22, May 1, 2011.

  1. Lukearcade22

    Lukearcade22 Green Slime

    Themed decorations is important if users want to build specialised rooms. By themed decorations, I mean items that you can craft that can be displayed in rooms and give the room a bit of variety and uniqueness that other rooms don't have. This could include paintings, wallpaper designs or even furniture such as plant pots.

    This can even link to the NPCs:
    - A bed for a room with the medic in.
    - A pile of gunpowder for a room with the demolitionist inside.
    - An assortment of items on shelves for a room with the merchant in.

    You get the idea, these should be in the background as they are decorations. This will add a bit more creativity within the game so that rooms are unique.
  2. mamastoast

    mamastoast Green Slime

    The game needs more decorations I agree. I don't know about the pile of gunpowder thing, seems too specific. Pantings, beds shelves ect. seem to be absolutely no brainers though
  3. squidslol

    squidslol Blazing Wheel

    customize, customize....everyone wants their own version of something.....not everyone can get it because their choice is different to everyone else. its a good clean suggestion no doubt about it.
  4. August

    August Dark Caster

    i like the idea. it seems (with chandeliers, chairs, tables and such) that the developers already want lots of decorations, so i think adding paintings would be something they would like a lot. i'm all for it.:D
  5. ColonelBrady

    ColonelBrady Green Slime

    I love this idea. It will add a bit more personality to houses, so they won't all look the same.
  6. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, I like this idea!

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