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Discussion in 'PC' started by marioman7172, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. marioman7172

    marioman7172 Squirrel

    So, here I am, minding my own business, just fixing my arena up with some heart lanterns when THIS happens: 2013-11-15_00001.jpg Do you see that bottom left?
    I don't think you see the bottom left. Do you SEE the bottom left!?!
    *Grumble* *Grumble* I'm going to bed...
    (Freakin' pirate son's-a)
  2. General_Milky

    General_Milky Pigron

    What's the problem excatly? afaik, pirates will cancel out the harder SE mobs. But if you WANT the SE mobs, you can simply leave the center of your map. If you wanna avoid both, just go underground. =V
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  3. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    I know the feeling!
  4. NovaPixel

    NovaPixel Blazing Wheel

  5. AzureMetal

    AzureMetal Dungeon Spirit

    *first day in HM, back when no requirement other than be in HM for SE's to start*
    A solar eclipse is happening!
    *many deaths later, it ends*
    The air is getting colder around you..
    *deaths, morning happens*
    A goblin army is approaching from the west!
    *day ends*
    The Blood Moon is rising..
    *day starts*
    Pirates are approaching from the east!

    God damn what the hell dammit.
  6. Dragon lord7132

    Dragon lord7132 Slimed Zombie

    Ah, that remembers me. I carelessly summoned a pirate invasion on my 2nd day on Hardmode. Dozens of tombstones and hilarity ensues
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  7. marioman7172

    marioman7172 Squirrel

    It's not really a PROBLEM, but I just find it hilarious that I managed to get a 1% chance, and also when I was a bit preoccupied building my arena. Really, fortifying my house in the Solar Eclipse is the only hard part.


    You win. By a Goddamn mile, you win.
  8. Jackp776

    Jackp776 Snatcher

    Lol. I've gotten a blood moon, the skeletron prime and I summoned pirates. That was fun but deadly. Lol.
  9. BoyMeetsGame

    BoyMeetsGame Undead Viking

    That exactly happened to me.
  10. Techar

    Techar Slimed Zombie

    Haven't got an image :( .

    „Solar Eclipse is happening!“
    3 Mins later:
    „Pirates are coming from the west!“
    Solar Eclipse ends:
    „This is going to be a terrible night...“
    „The Blood Moon is rising...“

    I was only with Orichalum then... It wasn't so fun...
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  11. Sirrockyqo

    Sirrockyqo Zombie

    That aint as bad as when I left my game running for 2 hours. When we came back, we went through several bloodmoons a solar eclipse and a pirate invasion.
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  12. The Eye of Cthulhu

    The Eye of Cthulhu Green Slime

    Aw, no evil presence...
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  13. ratchetNL

    ratchetNL Bunny

    For one reason or another. every time I fight Skeletron it's a blood moon a couple of times when I used the clothier voodoo doll and around 3 times when I just create a new world for loot and decide to kill Skeletron at the dungeon.
  14. superlink

    superlink Mouse

    I can't say if it is luck or curse.
  15. Me3

    Me3 Moth

    I have had interesting luck like that more than a few times actually. Solar Eclipses, Pirates, Goblins, Blood Moons, random mechanical bosses, and more Solar Eclipses are just some of the things I can experience in just one ingame week.
  16. dresden88

    dresden88 Fire Imp

    what teh shit?? i've never heard of that one happening....*cringe*
  17. Sirrockyqo

    Sirrockyqo Zombie

    Reminds me of a time, when we just defeated the WoF, a Bloodmoon-Fullmoon happened, the next night- ANOTHER Bloodmoon.
  18. Mystic Neon Rain

    Mystic Neon Rain Undead Viking

    What does "The air is getting colder around you" mean?

    The heck--that's insane! The worst that's ever happened to me was I summoned the Destroyer, then 5 seconds later a Blood Moon started, but that really doesn't even count since I freaked out, and saved and exited...but again, that's INSANE!; and I thought starting HardMode, with a Blood Moon and Full Moon at once, was bad...
  19. marioman7172

    marioman7172 Squirrel

    The Air is Getting Colder Around You..." Is the signal for when Skeletron Prime spawns without your input. For the record, "You Feel the Ground Tremble..." Is Destroyer, and "This Will be a Terrible Night..." Is The Twins.
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  20. discomau5

    discomau5 Corruptor

    Oh boy, that is NOTHING.
    Couldn't screencap it, but here how it went roughly.
    >Farming Destroyer to skip Titanium
    "A Solar Eclipse is happening!"
    "Pirates are approaching from the east!"
    After that double whammy...
    "The Blood Moon is rising..."
    "This is going to be a terrible night..."
    After that...
    "Goblins are approaching from the west!"
    "A Solar Eclipse is happening!"
    "The Blood Moon is rising..."
    "You feel the air getting colder around you..."
    I lost like a full stack of gold coins from that.
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