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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by DarooPL, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. DarooPL Green Slime

    Hi guys,

    I was created this mod with using a graphic from game Tibia. Because I can not created my own graphic, I used graphic with other games 2D.

    In this mod you found:
    - NPC's
    - Very much Weapons
    -Basic items with special power(summon boss etc.)
    - much Furnitures to your house

    I want to update this mod in future.

    Example items, npc, weapons on this mod



    What do You think about this mod? I look forward to your suggestions:)
  2. DarooPL Green Slime

    pulled this one? And how do you like it?:)
  3. Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    1) Tibia sucks. PACC, all the polish players... (yes, I'm one, too, but I don't really like to tell people that only because most of the Poles are idiots)
    2) Tibia's sprites don't fit Terraria.
    3) Don't double-post.
  4. DarooPL Green Slime

    UPDATE!!! I was added more monsters and new items. Check it and have fun. What do you think about new version?

    LINK to download is at the first post.
  5. MantasX12 Dungeon Guardian

    I agree to Shockah.Good work,but that's not fitting with terraria I am afraid :(.
  6. DarooPL Green Slime

    Ehh guys...this is only mod for game. U don't play at this mod and comments: "not fiting with terraria" etc etc...My friends play with this and they say: "this mod is awesome, good job"

    It does not fit you just because they are the sprites of Tibia:facepalm: I know that the these game(tibia) is shit, but
    I do not deal with graphics and i can't create a cool textures. You can see that only know how to comment on how it does not fit into Terraria
  7. Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Seriously, no. Tibia's specific graphic style doesn't fit Terraria AT ALL. I'm okay with items (although they don't fit Terraria either, because of the lack of 2x2 pixels), but NPCs? Seriously? It's like designing an image, using a background drawn in Paint in 2-3 minutes and then using 3D model screenshots on top of that, with awesome textures, reflections, shadows, etc.
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  8. YourNameHere Green Slime

    dude if you dont like dont post comments on it personally i think it looks pretty good. so good job DarooPL. also dont think im a douche i also like your mod Shockah
  9. Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    "Joined: Today" - that only makes me think you're one of his friends. Maybe it isn't that bad. But I wouldn't say it "looks pretty good".

    EDIT: "looks". That's the whole point.
  10. DarooPL Green Slime

    He is not my friend Shockah:)
    Thanks for opinion Your NameHere
  11. Darkercloud Lava Slime

    I don't think the sprites don't fit in with terraria but I gotta say I love them.
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  12. smokesjackson Snow Flinx

    I like change,love the sprites
  13. DarooPL Green Slime

    I added new version of mod. Download link is on UP. More NPC, Accesory on this update. In future I added more furnitures etc.
  14. boybot51 Slimed Zombie

    well i think the sprites look just fine so stick it where the sun doesn't shine
  15. drsonic2 Pigron

    How did you even get here, then decide to post here?
  16. boybot51 Slimed Zombie

    i'm not sure what you question is but if it is how i found this mod i simply went to the realesed mod section then just kept searching the the mods
  17. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    You should check in the future whether the thread has been RECENTLY posted in (within the last 30 days) , prior to deciding to post in it, and if you do decide to post anyways , at least make sure you don't lack content of reading in your post.

    Anyways , Omnir's Modpack already includes a bunch of Tibia items and references such as those shown in the first post of this thread , and it doesn't seem like this intends to continue anywhere , I requested a lock.
  18. Tunnel King Moderator

    Since the mod author hasn't been seen in quite a while, I'm going to lock this.
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