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Do you like the Platinum tier?

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  2. Meh, its interesting.

  3. No, not at all.

  4. Could be improved.

  1. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    Hello there and welcome. As the title suggests, this is a new tier of items. I decided to make this because, I enjoyed the first half of (pre-hardmode) Terraria. The part where everything is in the realms of reality; regular looking armor, swords, bows, pickaxes .etc in copper, iron, silver, and gold. Don't get me wrong, I like the new stuff, and the old stuff past the gold tier, but I liked the first rungs on the ladder. Anyway, here are the sprites; the recolored Molten Armor looks ok, but I would rather have something new, not recolored for the armor.

    Platinum Sword.PNG Platinum Sword (Yes, its the Blade of Grass; I can recolor sprites, not create them)
    Recipe: 20 Platinum Bars
    Damage: 15
    Knockback: 6
    Use Time: 17 (Very Fast) No auto-swing

    Platinum Flail.PNG Platinum Flail
    Recipe: 25 Platinum Bars, 1 Chain
    Damage: 20
    Knockback: 6.5
    Shoot Speed: 12
    Use Time: 44 (Very Slow)

    Platinum Pickaxe.PNG Platinum Pickaxe (Recolored Nigtmare Pickaxe)
    Recipe: 12 Platinum Bars, 5 Wood
    Damage: 7, Power: 55%
    Knockback: 2
    Use Time:18 (Very Fast)

    Platinum Hamaxe.PNG Platinum Hamaxe
    Recipe: 15 Platinum Bars, 5 Wood
    Damage: 20
    Power: 65% Hammer, 125% Axe
    Knockback: 27, Use Time: 28 (Average)

    Platinum Repeater.PNG (Hardmode or versio) Platinum Repeater/Bow Platinum Bow.PNG Regular ore version best looking one yet :)
    Recipe: 10 Platinum Bars
    Damage: 13
    Shoot Speed: 6.6
    Use Time: 24 (Average)

    Platinum Spear.PNG Platinum Spear (Yes, recolored regular spear, would have longer reach though)
    Recipe: 7 Platinum Bars
    Damage: 9
    Knockback: 6.5
    Shoot Speed: 4
    Use Time: 30 (Slow)

    Platinum Ore-invetory.PNG Platinum Ore: The inventory icon

    Platinum Ore-vein.PNG Platinum Ore: The naturally-occurring vein (recolored gold vein) This would be found everywhere gold can be found.

    Platinum Bar.PNG Platinum Bar: Crafted from 4 ore.

    Platinum Armor.PNG Platinum Armor: Should this be added to the game, I would prefer it have a different sprite-Helmet: 20 Platinum Bars, Breastplate: 30 Platinum Bars, Greaves, 15 Platinum Bars; Helmet: 5 Defense, Breastplate: 6 Defense, Greaves: 5 Defense, Set Bonus: +3 Defense Platinum Armor V2.PNG Hardmode ore version, other sets coming soon. (Recolored old Cobalt Armor)

    Sunboy's sprites:
    Screen shot 2012-01-08 at 4.50.54 PM.png
    Please leave some feed back, and let me know if you support. :D
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  2. Sunboy128

    Sunboy128 Cursed Skull

    I'd imagine that platinum is like a stronger version of gold. I doesn't seem to unreasonable for it to exist.
    I mean, there's a copper coin and a copper ore.
    But i think the flail and spear should be removed, while the crossbow is replaced by a bow.
    It sounds like a nice way to introduce hamaxes though.
  3. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    Why remove the flail? Or the Spear? The Hardmode ores have spears, and as for the crossbow, well, it just looks so much cooler than the regular bow.
  4. Sunboy128

    Sunboy128 Cursed Skull

    Well, it's not like the rest of the pre-hardmode ores have spears.
    And most of the flails aren't really made with ores. not even the hardmode ores. And repeaters are hardmode too.
    Unless it acts like a normal crossbow that has to reload, but i guess that would have to mean that there would be more crossbows. since it seems a little inconsistent for one ore to have a unique weapon type. Unless every ore has a unique weapon type of it's own.
    It is your suggestion though, i'm just posting my thoughts.

    And i made some sprites of my own, the colors may be a little off though.
    I tried to make it a little unique from gold and the other ores, since platinum could be the gateway for the more magical equipment.
    And here are some stats i came up with.
    Show Spoiler

    It has 5 defense for the helmet and greaves, and 6 for the chainmail.
    The set bonus is 5% faster melee. since a defense bonus would have made it more protective than shadow armor.

    The broadsword deals 16 damage. the short sword deals 13.

    It has 55% hammer power, 65% axe power. and deals 12 damage.

    It has 59% pickaxe power, and deals 7 damage

    It deals 13, and is as fast as the demon bow.
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  5. K wow

    K wow Wandering Eye

    Would this be one of the ores that only spawn in hardmode when you smash a Demon Altar? Would this be the highest tier, or a in between tier? If it's in between tiers, then which ones is it in between? If it's a hardmode tier, than shouldn't the pickaxe be a drill and the axe a chainsaw? If it's a pre-hardmode tier, shouldn't the crossbow be a regular bow? All these questions are important for your suggestions.
  6. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    You have a good point on the weapons. Still, I like the idean of a craftable non-hardmode flail. The armor looks epic. :D I will move you sprites to the main post.

    Too many questions! :p No, this is not hardmode, and I think it would be between gold and shadow (therefor not the highest).
  7. K wow

    K wow Wandering Eye

    Sorry about that, you don't have to answer them straight away, but these things need to be known. Crafting Recipes Too.
  8. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    You place the flail above blue moon, making blue moon instantly useless. Its much easier to dig some gold tier ore then to raid the dungeon.
    Also, the crossbow is rather out of place. This would make the demon bow useless, when there is an automatic, repeater crossbow with similar tier damage. It makes sense to let hardmode style items stay hardmode.

    I think the main issue with this suggestion is that it doesn't really contribute beyond a weak vanity if it is rebalanced.
    If it stays as you describe it, then it essentially replaces several items in the game with cheaper, stronger versions.
  9. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    Ok, then flail will go under blue moon (I admit I did not think much about placement and damage and that stuff), and like I told Sunboy, the Crossbow doesn't have to be as powerful as the Hardmode Repeaters, I just used it because it looks so much cooler. :p
  10. Mjcabooseblu

    Mjcabooseblu Eskimo Zombie

    I do like the idea of more mid-game ores...though I do prefer sunboy's sprites. Would platinum have a set bonus?
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  11. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    A defense bonus, like copper-gold, but other than that, no.
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  12. Mjcabooseblu

    Mjcabooseblu Eskimo Zombie

    I was hoping you'd say that. ;) For a tier of armor you'd encounter earlier in the game, simplicity is best. I like this idea; it's presented much better than other platinum tier suggestions, and really all it's lacking is appropriate stats. Keep up the good work.
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  13. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    Thanks! :) I'm working on the stats right now.
  14. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Possessed Armor

    As long as the Platinum stuff is weaker than the Mithril and Adamantite stuff, I'm all for having it.
  15. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    Yes, its weaker. Its not a hardmode ore.
  16. darkstarzx2

    darkstarzx2 Voodoo Demon

    I support this! But yeah, maybe use use the Demon Bow sprite for a Platinum Bow instead. And let Platinum armor have its own unique helmet! :)
  17. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    I will change the crossbow sprite, but I can't create my own sprites, only recolor them. I could use the old cobalt armor...
  18. Takeshidude

    Takeshidude TOAOGH

    Added the new armor, and bow sprites.
  19. Mjcabooseblu

    Mjcabooseblu Eskimo Zombie

    Now that you have stats up, this is looking like a pro suggestion :D
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  20. mtq1

    mtq1 Wraith

    Developing the ideas nicely. Another balancing point though, the sword is rather strong. You intended the gear to be around gold-shadow tier, right? I noticed the sword is pretty much stronger then murumasa. Longer reach, similar damage and use time.
    It seems you put a lot of work into these ideas.

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