Tips to speed up server?

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by LiquidFiend, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. LiquidFiend Green Slime

    Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done to speed up a server. Is it only based on the internet connection? This is mine:


    The terraria server is only using 10-20% of my cpu (in a large world with 8 people) and only 2 gigs of ram (of 8). Is there anything that I can do to help reduce the in game lag for the clients?
  2. Foxx64 Penguin

    Running it on a dedicated server (meaning on a computer you don't use for anything but the server). Using the Terrariaserver.exe. Increasing RAM could help, but it's not necessarily going to help everyone. Latency, distance from the player, and the amount of players playing all effect in-game lag and everyone is effected differently.

    I am sure the devs are working on ways to make it run smoother.
  3. LiquidFiend Green Slime

    Yea right now I'm running:
    i5 3.2ghz
    8gb ram
    sata 3 hdd

    on a fresh windows 7 install with nothing else running, so it should be enough to handle a 2d game :p

    edit: I would love if my ram or processor could take more of the force needed to run better for them.
  4. Theliah Green Slime

    It's not your computer, that's fine. It's your upload speed.
  5. Foxx64 Penguin

    I can't see images, thanks to my crappy internet connection. So I didn't notice, but yes. Your upload speed is a bit slow. Your personal computer seems to be plenty capable, you were mentioning something about 2 gigs of ram (out of 8) and I thought the 8 was referring to the amount of people for some reason. Don't mind me, just woke up.
  6. LiquidFiend Green Slime

    ok thank you, that's what I figured.
  7. UGoBoom Green Slime

    If you don't already, get a LAN (Ethernet) connection instead of wireless, that caused me to go from .05 MB/S, ping 200ms to about 10 MB/S with ping 24ms. Also, consider a better ISP if the slow speed persists.
  8. LiquidFiend Green Slime

    I am plugged in wired, and I've never heard of an ISP providing 10MB/s upload with a residential service ( but I will look around for sure ) thanks.
  9. UGoBoom Green Slime

    My friend gets about 40 with a residential, plugged in. There's just too many variables to figure out what's at fault
  10. fjawodfc Green Slime

    1.4 Mbps upstream isn't "slow". Has anyone actually measured the server bandwidth to support their claims?
  11. deezus Hornet

    Nor is it by any means fast.
  12. Theliah Green Slime

    If his server is running slow with that computer, it's the upload speed.
  13. Ricster2k Green Slime

    it's nothing but your upload speed, ISP only allows certain amount or you could easily rent servers out on your connection and make money from it. Its stupid I know but that's what they do.
  14. Ricster2k Green Slime

    Most others ISPs give a little bit more upload speed than yours though
  15. mykhal Demon Eye

    My server stats:
    Intel Core i7 960 Processor
    12GB DDR3-1600 RAM
    512GB SSD
    15Mbps Down, 5Mbps Up
    I can host up to 15 players with most of them little lag. I only host 8 normally.
  16. LiquidFiend Green Slime

    Yea, I'm not sure what the lag is. Most people are fine on my server until it's goblins or a lot of flying monsters, so I'm wondering if there is a better way for them to be coded, or if I just need a lot faster upload speed.
  17. Ricster2k Green Slime

    It is your upload speed! it is rubbish.
  18. LiquidFiend Green Slime

    That's definitely going to be part of it, however when I'm on the same network as my server and I'm connected both wired on a gigabit network I still lag a bit when I'm in corruption (due to the flying monsters, they always end up on the other side of where it looks like they are), so maybe there is something more to it.

    Also unfortunately I don't think my area (Ontario) has much else in the way of more upload speed, so I might be SOL.
  19. Tylermon Green Slime

    one thing i do to speed up the server is set the servers priority to high. to do this go to your task manager and in processes you can change the priority.
  20. Ricster2k Green Slime

    that could make it unstable and crash it, maybe even cause more lag. I'm not sure what it will do. but I know it can make programmes unstable.

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