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  1. iPie uDie Green Slime

    World Edit
    The EXTENSIVE world editing mod for maximum ease in building.

    Current version: 1.1.1 ~ bugfixes

    Just a note guys, if Terraria get's updated WorldEdit will automatically detect any new blocks/items as soon as you update your TMA. You don't have to wait for a World Edit update.

    I've been writing as much documentation as I can for a while now so I'll re-edit this post with more information later. This mod uses TehModAPI to assist in the pioneering of your Terraria worlds. It revolves around using the mouse to perform actions at the mouses location

    Newest Features: (v1.1)
    - Overhaul of selection engine, now allows any type of brush to be used to apply World Edit, current brushes are: Circle and Rectangle
    - Room extension feature, stops rooms from intersecting each other when using the room placement style
    - Drag to repeat toggle added
    - Flight speed doubled
    - Lots of bug fixes
    - /placewall and /placeblock merged into the /place command (Auto detection)
    - /filterwall and /filterblock merged into the /filter command (Auto detection)
    - /pos1 and /pos2 - Allow the setting of positions for the following commands: /replace <block> <block>, /copy and /paste

    Current Features:
    - EXTENSIVE placement and destruction area highlghting
    - 80% + GUI Based
    - Flight / No clip to assist in building
    - Maximum lighting
    - Placing of blocks in a square
    - 3 Placement modes: Normal, Outline and Room
    - Toggle Placing of Blocks/Walls/Wires seperately
    - Set custom placement are width and heights
    - Destruction of blocks in a square
    - Toggle destruction of Blocks/Walls/Wires seperately
    - Toggle replacing of Blocks and Walls for the placement tool (Blocks otherwise left untouched)
    - Set a Block filter so that the Placement and Destruction tools only apply to one type of block
    - Set a Wall filter so that the Placement and Destruction tools only apply to one type of wall
    - SAVE CONFIGURATION WHILST PLAYING to be loaded again at any time until the game is closed. Loadable both through commands and the mod menu.
    - GUI overlay at the bottom right of the screen whilst playing providing information on your current tool selected and its options set.


    The most important and most commonly used commands (The rest have menu options implemented):
    /place <item name here with spaces> - Sets the block or wall (auto detect) to place for placement mode
    /filter <item name here with spaces> - Sets the filter wall or block (auto detect) which makes that block the only thing destruction and placement mods apply to.
    /filter - Disables block filters
    /setmemory <provide a name> - Saves the current configuration, from then on is accessible from the mod menu or by using the /memory command
    /pos1 or /pos2 - Set the positions used for the following commands:
    /copy - Copies tiles in between position 1 and position 2
    /paste - Reiterrates tiles that have been copied beginning at position 1
    /replace <item name withOUT spaces> <item name withOUT spaces> - Replaces all occurences of the first item between position one and position two with the second item.

    The rest of the commands(Most are doable in the Mod Menu):
    /place - Toggle placement mode
    /place <width> <height> - Enable placement mode and set the area size to the given width and height
    /destroy - Toggle destruction mode
    /destroy <width> <height> - Enable destruction mode and set the are size to the given width and height
    /memory <memory name here> - Reset your configuration to the memory with the name provided
    /placestyle normal OR outline OR room - Sets the placement style according to the name provided
    /item <item name with spaces> - Gives yourself a maxed stack of the item name you provide (e.g. Wooden Door because the mod can't place them)
    /lighting - Toggle maximum lighting
    /lighting <value> - Enable maximum lighting with a given value, value wont make a difference past 100

    Guide - Begin placing blocks in an area
    1. Enter the WorldEdit Mod Menu
    2. Enable "Place Mode" by clicking on it
    3. Left click and hold on Place Radius X and Place Radius Y to increase placement area
    4. Type /place <item name with spaces> in the chatbox. (e.g. /place cobalt brick)
    5. Click to place. To place over ALL blocks, in the menu toggle "Replace Blocks"

    Guide - Begin placing walls in an area
    1. Enter the WorldEdit Mod Menu
    2. Enable "Place Mode" by clicking on it
    3. Left click and hold on Place Radius X and Place Radius Y to increase placement area
    4. Disable "Place Blocks" if you only wish to place walls and enable "Place Walls"
    5. Type /place <item name with spaces> in the chatbox (e.g. /place cobalt brick wall)
    6. Click + Drag to place. To place over ALL walls, in the menu toggle "Replace Walls" (Click on "Page 1 of 2" to change pages)

    Enter the game
    Press Tab and go to the World Edit menu
    Enable Place Mode
    Set Place Radius X to 20
    Set Place Radius Y to 10
    Set Place Style to Room
    Enable Block Replacement
    Enable Wall Replacement
    Exit the Menu
    Type the commands "/place wood" and "/place wood wall"

    REMEMBER Press Tab to access the mod menu with TehModAPI
    Installation Instructions found in TehModAPI post:
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  2. GalXiOn Green Slime

    works in single player?.. or only in multiplayer?.. o.o
  3. iPie uDie Green Slime

    It operates in both why?
    EDIT: Oh, I'll fix that. Hotpatched a bug where multiplayer didnt work... now singleplayer doesnt D:
    EDIT 2: Ok I've re-uploaded it will work in both now =)
  4. GalXiOn Green Slime

    no i was just asking... since there is no chat box in single player o.o..
  5. GalXiOn Green Slime

    also is there any mod that can spawn npc?.. o.o...
  6. iPie uDie Green Slime

    Kyle873's mod is capable of doing that and pretty much everything in my old Itemaria / SPTC mod. Though I think he's sleeping at the moment, I'm sure he'll release soon.

    There is a chatbox in single player with the API running, were u asking that because it didnt work for you or out of curiosity? If it's because it didnt work, if you press tab and the mod menu doesnt come up then you haven't installed / run it properly.
  7. GalXiOn Green Slime

    first it was out of curiosity but now.. after following your install instructions when i launch tehmodapi.exe it says the the program has stopped working and it closes.. o.o..
  8. GalXiOn Green Slime

    so what should happen when i launch tehmodapi?.. o.o.. im still not getting the menu when i press tab..
    EDIT:idk if this helps... my terraria directory is at documents>mygames>terraria... o.o.
  9. iPie uDie Green Slime

    Windows is getting in the way now, if you've done everything right. Right click on the WorlEdit.dll mod and click properties, then click unblock. Try running it again.
  10. GalXiOn Green Slime

    same error after unlocking the worldeditor.dll i launched TMA and it says "program has stopped working"... o.o.. i guess its some problem with TMA?...also my directory is not the same as the one u mentioned in the instructions for installing TMA... that might interfere?..
  11. iPie uDie Green Slime

    The directory wouldn't matter, did you redownload the API and put the image files in "Contents"?
  12. GalXiOn Green Slime

    wat image files? :confused:
  13. GalXiOn Green Slime

    EDIT: got it (the new link)... will try now..
    EDIT: redownloaded i got zip with both TMA and a "contents" folder just copied both into my terraria directory and launched the TMA... still same error :(
  14. iPie uDie Green Slime

    Take a screenshot of your terraria folder, contents folder and mod folder and pm them to me... You must be doing something wrong because its working now =\
  15. shadydeath Green Slime

    windows 7 keeps giving me TheModAPI has stopped working
  16. GalXiOn Green Slime

  17. GalXiOn Green Slime

    same prob o.o..
  18. iPie uDie Green Slime

    1. Make sure you put the images in the "Content" folder
    2. Make sure to try without mods, if it works right click on each mod > properties > unblock
    3. Make sure you are placing the files neccessary in the STEAM folder not "My Games" "Terraria", proper one is in program files\steam\steamapps\common\terraria
  19. shadydeath Green Slime

    i took those steps
    yes i am one of the people who actually read the install instructions,
    and without mods still same error
  20. iPie uDie Green Slime

    Can you... Download the developer version and tell me what the error is?

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