TO Story Section Private Grammar/Punctuation Investigation Bureau (T.S.S.P.G.I.B)

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature' started by AyeAye12, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

    ( +! )

    Hey kiddo. Welcome to TO Stories Section; the Big Pear. Shame you came at such a bad time.

    Gangs of cringe-worthy poor grammar, syndicates of terrible punctuation...they rule the streets. The lil' gems, the innocent good stories, they've been swamped down into the world of grimy weak plots.

    That's why I'm here. Name's AyeAye. I run this office. I'm here to clean this town up.

    Cigarette? Your loss. Anyway, you're here to recruit to the T.S.S.P.G.I.B huh? Think you're up to it? It's a lot of dirty work; you have to get deep and dirty into grimy stories. My opinion you're a bit baby faced for the job.

    Sure? Whatever you say. I'll let you stay for a bit, see how good you really are.

    Welcome to the Bureau kiddo.

    (Insert logo here...)

    Hello there!

    Looking around the Story Section on the forum, you will quickly realise that a lot of these stories here are a bit...well, not bad as such, just they don't have a good grasp on basic grammar and punctuation. Hell, my stories have awkward wording half of the time.

    Basically, our job is this: we stalk around the story section, and when we see a crappie, we go in.
    All you have to do is post a reply, which is basically the story that's just burnt your eyes.
    HOWever, your reply will have the grammar and the punctuation fixed.
    The client will hopefully replace his version with yours, and you will have helped to make Terrarian Stories a better place.

    You don't need an entry form, you just...join. I'm hoping some nice guy can make a banner/logo/both one day, so you can show your badge.

    Please understand that this is NOT a clan; this is just a group of Terrarian storywriters, helping to get our infamous reputation of terrible stories off our backs.

    Before posting your fixed version of the story, understand this:

    • DO NOT be cruel. Don't say "Wow, you need your shit sorted out" or "This is terrible, I fixed it for you!"
    • You are NOT an EDITOR. Rephrase some things slightly if you must, but the story should be evident that it was written by the Original Poster.
    • DO NOT try to fix the plot. Yes, it is probably crappy if is about them waking up in Terraria, but your job is to fix the grammar and punctuation. Not the storyline.

    (Um...could someone make one? Please? Anyone?...)

    Now, go post solved stories my literature-esque Pinkerton Agents!
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  2. EpicXeno

    EpicXeno Green Slime

    I shall help. But rewording when the word does not fit entirely, that will occasionally be a problem for me. I shall bring up my case of lethologica again. :3

    Alright, let's do this thing.
  3. SuperChobot

    SuperChobot Slimer

    I'll help. It's a darn good thing I won't have to fix plot though.
  4. thelastflame50

    thelastflame50 Umbrella Slime

    I joined this before it was made.
    Huh? Didn't say anything.
  5. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    Yeah... I'm joining.

    And it looks like we have all the active story writer people here (excepting Garneac)
  6. Mercenary Lord

    Mercenary Lord Corruptor

    Ah....not quite, nababoo. I'm here.

    Story writer, yes, active, not so much. Regardless, I'm here if help is needed. A partnership between our...businesses...might be mutually beneficial. What say you, AyeAye? A new member, and a new partnership?

    As for a banner, I might be able to whip something up. I'll see about it.
  7. Torol

    Torol Bone Serpent

    I think I'll join- there's some stories on here I might read then.
    No offense, I just have issues with reading grammar that isn't the best.
  8. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    And the terrible thing is that Tab =/= indents on this forum.
  9. Torol

    Torol Bone Serpent

    it's horrible.
    I got knocked on that when trying to write something, but it's not my fault the Tab key doesn't work.
    I don't like using multiple presses of the spacebar because it's not really great.
  10. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    Spacebars look ugly too
  11. Torol

    Torol Bone Serpent

    Indeed. It's not exactly a great thing.
  12. thelastflame50

    thelastflame50 Umbrella Slime

    ----------Using Garneac or a bunch of white dashes works best. Really! Look at Dreamer and the God which uses Garneac, or these white dashes!
  13. l4d2man155

    l4d2man155 Lava Slime

    You should know that bad grammar is slowly infecting the Roleplaying Section. I'll be head of that branch.
  14. thelastflame50

    thelastflame50 Umbrella Slime

    Join or get out.
  15. SuperChobot

    SuperChobot Slimer

    [Why are we talking like this it isn't the roleplay subforum.]
  16. thelastflame50

    thelastflame50 Umbrella Slime

    You don't even read stories.
  17. Mercenary Lord

    Mercenary Lord Corruptor

    l4d2man155, I am afraid that the Roleplaying section's guardians are already growing in strength.

    This is a link to our headquarters. What started out as a discussion between friends is rapidly transforming into the Guardians of the Terraria Online Roleplaying World. You are welcome to join, as we have one more slot open for our current discussion, I think.

    Also, working on a banner. Does anyone have any preferences?
  18. l4d2man155

    l4d2man155 Lava Slime

    A Grammar Nazi flag being crossed out and a Grammar Savior (build like an American or English or Spanish) flag shout be on the side where the Grammar Nazi flag isn't.
  19. Mercenary Lord

    Mercenary Lord Corruptor

    I have no idea what you just said. I'll just improvise.
  20. l4d2man155

    l4d2man155 Lava Slime

    WHat I meant to say if that being a hater on bad grammar isn't going to fix anything.
    This group IS kicing the Grammar Nazi's ass, after all.

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