Too many references?

Discussion in 'PC' started by awoh, Jun 17, 2011.

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  1. Sychosis

    Sychosis Green Slime

    Granted, it was a long time ago and you may not remember it buuuuuut...

    Or if you liked the original arcade beat 'em up.
  2. FauxWarrior

    FauxWarrior Green Slime

    Isn't there a ninja inside the King Slime anyway?
  3. JayceJa

    JayceJa Blazing Wheel

    im fine with a little references, but full on mario and link outfits are too far IMO
  4. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    i love the oufits =p
  5. Pink

    Pink Green Slime

    I'm someone who usually hates references, but I don't think there are too many in this game at all.
  6. Kennardkid5

    Kennardkid5 Green Slime

    I don't know, they're pretty cool if u made an adventure map where you had a mario suit and a flower of fire.
  7. Kusunagi

    Kusunagi Green Slime

    I personally find references to be refreshing and fun to see. Knowing a reference gives me this "Ha! I know what that's about!" moment that makes me feel good XD.
  8. SpaceMonkeySteve

    SpaceMonkeySteve Squirrel

    I don't really mind the blatant references, though I'd prefer if the game had original stuff before it had to dip into reference stuff.

    That said, I absolutely cannot stand the Tom Hanks Clothier. I'm as big of a Hanks fan as the next guy, but there was absolutely no reason to make an NPC that looks nothing like/has little to do with Tom Hanks spout lines from his movies. If he had been making horror movie references (since, you know, he was a GIANT SKELETON) I'd have been fine with it.
  9. Kusunagi

    Kusunagi Green Slime

    Though I am begged to ask the question... Isn't Terraria itself a Homage to the 2d RPG and Platformer kind of game? It only makes sense to have references in something of this type.
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  10. SignPainter

    SignPainter Green Slime

    References are fine, if it is more subtle. The lack of wit in the references sometimes annoy me. But at the moment, the number of references is not overwhelming.
  11. Rufa-Dufa

    Rufa-Dufa Cursed Man

    Wow. The ninja suit is basically the most popular vanity set of Terraria multiplayer in my experience.

    What Mortal Kombat one......

    What's Trigun?..... and I thought I knew about pop culture.

    But the whole point of this is references while that's not the case with Terraria. I completely do not object to Terraria's references but I guess more subtlety would be nice.

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  12. Vinyl Luck TTX

    Vinyl Luck TTX Green Slime

    Congrats to you sir. I promised myself and made a vow that I would never log back into this site. You. Made. Me.
    I've said before out in this forum that pop culture references are great and the game needs more of them.
    Theen I browse around as a guest in my withdrawl from the site one day and "Too many references"
    References to things can be great if you use them right, and as someone said above me
    I think I've made my point out here in the thread, and thusly I will proceed to finally leave this site.
    Farewell to all of you and please note, Never enough Pop culture references.
  13. JPSimms

    JPSimms Green Slime

    I lol'd at the Batman reference.
    I also like the clothier's Tom Hanks references.
  14. Mehmet

    Mehmet Zombie

    Part 3: Return of the Guide.

    Edit: Is "Get over here!" the Mortal Combat one?
  15. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    Batman reference? Which one is that?

    I like most of them though. Mario, Zelda, Tom Hanks... We need a Pokémon reference (Nintendo, yay! ;))
  16. Mechagofio

    Mechagofio Slimed Zombie

    I know it sounds stupid,
    but actually it's kinda smart:
    with the mario plumber suit, you can pretend to be mario with the flower of fire,
    this produced tons of youtube videos, showing off terraria.
    with the link hero suit, and the wooden/magic boomerang, you can be link,
    and this has produced a lot of them too.
    and finally, with the ivy whip, and the indy adventurer outfit, you can be indy.

    it's actually very smart to do this,
    and it's fun to make mario or legend of zelda levels in terraria too.

    (and the NINJA reference is, imo, b*llsh*t, as ninja are cool, and should be implemented in all video games existent on this planet.)
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  17. TuxPL

    TuxPL Bunny

    Yep it is.

    Also. Muramasa is some old game, also there was some swordsmith with that name from japan.
  18. Mechagofio

    Mechagofio Slimed Zombie

    but Muramasa db is a reference to the swordsmith,
    so that sword is directly the reference to the swordsmith.
    muramasa is just a reference to the one making it,
    it´s like buying a picasso, made by...
  19. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    it would be like adding a Colt to the game. It's the name of the weapon, which is named after the creator.
  20. Amatsu57

    Amatsu57 Yellow Slime

    And what about NPC names? Eugene the Merchant, Gimli the Demolitionist, Merlin the Wizard, Dante the Arms Dealer, Celestia the Dryad?
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