PC Top 5: Best Co-Op Games on Steam

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Kane, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Kane Administrator

    Our Brothers and Sisters at FPSGeneral have posted a great video on the top 5 Best Co-Op Games on Steam! Not only that, Terraria is one of the games they chosen!

    Make sure you check out the rest of the videos at FPSGeneral and subscribe!
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  2. Cricket Lava Slime

    Only 5th? Meh. I do like how they cleared up the whole Minecraft clone thing, though.
  3. BlueBoy Tim

    I'm surprised that it ended up on this list. Not because its bad, as its the best coop I'll probably find in any game in my opinion, but because Terraria doesn't seem to have that sort of reputation. The Minecraft-clone assumption is still so common even among those who've never touched Minecraft.
  4. Kane Administrator

    I'm a bit confused at the hinting of a clone these days. I find the world vile for some reason. Inspired is a better world I think then clone. But that is my 2 silly cents :) Oh Wait we are getting rid of cents in Canada :O My Nickel :)

    Was a very well done video over all though. They seem to be getting better and better at it over time at FPS General.
  5. ibowser123 Paladin

    But isn't ahamling...and didn't he...and...eh, whatever.
    Anyways, I fully agree L4D2 is high up there. :p
  6. Sir8BitHero Yellow Slime

    "Our Brothers and Sisters at FPSGeneral have posted a great video on the top 5 Best Co-Op Games on Steam! Not only that, Terraria is one of the games they chose!"

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  7. FierceRogue Floaty Gross

    That "Trine" game looks kinda interesting.
  8. AyeAye12 Paladin

    FPSGeneral? As in, First Person Shooter General?

    How the hell is Terraria a first person shooter O__o
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  9. MantasX12 Dungeon Guardian

    Terraria in a top 5...YES ! :p
  10. Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I'm pleased to know that I'm a fan & a modder of all the games presented here xD
    These games are all very awesome.
    Dungeon Defenders 410hrs, Left 4 Dead 2 358hrs,Portal 2 38hrs,Terraria 1085hrs Invested. xD
  11. Kane Administrator

    Not all specific type fansites always shows only that content. Its a common practice. These are more like fun CO-OP Games for the downtime and etc. Makes plenty of sense to me.. Beside the 12 year old Youtube accounts most Youtubers who would be pro in one game may even call their channel ilovewowhahahaha... Would actually play other games too lol.
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  12. Dustin Premo Green Slime

    whats the release date for the console version? a couple post ago(page 3) you guys said late February/early march.February is over tomorrow so can we except the game like in 2 weeks? you should keep us more informed.
  13. Stackerzgame Dungeon Spirit

    I enjoyed this video. Thoroughly.
  14. Lord Carver Possessed Armor

    I'd like to go on record and say that 505Games were not part of the terraria that won top 5.

    Also congrats on top 5.
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  15. Voyager Face Monster

    It's interesting for me because of how far cooperative games haven't come.
    Years ago we used to have LAN parties with a game called Hidden & Dangerous and that was some awesome fun. But for some reason software companies never caught on to the idea of coop play, instead it was endless RTS's and then MMOs...
    Maybe Terraria will change the thinking on coop in video games and it will finally progress to the point where it dominates computer gaming like it should.
  16. hampusros Angel Statue

    Terraria in a top 5 co-op games video? AWESOME!
  17. Separation Specialist Angel Statue

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