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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Rokh, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Rokh Green Slime

    Recently me and Arroz have been thinking about different ideas. It came to this point where we had a good one, here it is.
    A retired knight from the old days he used to fight, then came to Terraria at a retirement home hidden underground at a suitable depth.
    He trains you different moves. Slash: Basically a 90 degree downwards slash to a enemy or person.
    Stab: A large 90 degrees, to the bottom left corner and to the heart of your opponent.
    And other skills he may train, or stuff he may sell please suggest because this has just started, he have not got that much detail.
  2. Arroz2003 Devourer

    Yes i think stab should be aimable with the mouse. This would allow for enemies with weak points that could only be hit with a stab.

    He could train you how to backflip, front flip, wall jump, double wall jump, roll, combat roll, crawl, running slide, attack slide.... all at a price of coarse! He could even sell some basic weapons! for a good price... basic roll (10 gold)

    He could have mercenaries for hire... a lot of people wanted this i have seen in suggestions.
    Archer: Hire price, 20 gold: Protects your base wherever you place him. Attacks all mosters within a 500 block radius or something.
    Spearman... some concept
    Battlemage: Magic attacks!

    All could be upgraded so you could give hp bonuses, better ammo for higher damage output. Or you could give them your left over weapons!
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  3. MuddyTM Slimer

    Pretty original've got yourself a supporter. :D It would be pretty tough to find him though, given he could be anywhere underground at the "certain depth." Maybe put him on a floating island, or inside the dungeon?
  4. Arroz2003 Devourer

    Well i was thinkin he could move in after certain parameters have been met or you could find him fighting on the ground level on a blood moon or something....
  5. MuddyTM Slimer

    Both good ideas...maybe he would be available on blood moons, fighting enemies on a surface portion of the map. That would be really cool, especially since he'd be the only NPC to actually fight back against enemies. Or, he would appear in town when the world enters hardmode, or when the player gains a weapon of a certain-tier(say, a Fiery Greatsword).

    Either way, I think he should be the first NPC that actually uses weapons to fight enemies.
  6. Arroz2003 Devourer

    Yeah thats a cool concept. He shows up after you forge the fiery greatsword. "I traveled to this land because I had heard a tale most hard to believe. A forging of a mythical fiery greatsword.... Prophecy says I would seek the chosen one out and help train him/her in the old ways of combat!"
  7. Xylord Green Slime

    Well, in my last play through, I just made a phoenix blaster and the pick in the molten tier, killed the WoF and totally forgot about hell...
  8. Arroz2003 Devourer

    Yeah well it aint hell....its the underworld. I think there should be a portal that takes you to a hellish world!
  9. Xylord Green Slime

    Uh, yeah I was talking about the Underworld, I have a ten dance to consider them synonyms.
  10. MuddyTM Slimer

    It wouldn't be limited to Molten-tier. The parameters for his moving in would include any weapons above that tier as well.
  11. Arroz2003 Devourer

    That is why there should be quests! So you dont go to the underworld...get the phoenix blaster, beat the WOF and then its useless.... quests would add... sooo so much
  12. Rokh Green Slime

    Thanks for the support and additional ideas! I shall soon put them in the main post (maybe do some editing with it).
  13. Shotte Dark Caster

    I just think he'd be good for teaching you the ability to switch between slash and stab. Stab would yield a speed increase, and would function like a shortsword or spear. This would be a great return for Shortswords. Slash would be the normal broadsword slash. As well, You could use this to swing a shortsword like a broadsword and etc. When you have a Broadsword or Shortsword equipped a toggle should appear that would allow you to choose your mode of attack. When switching to another weapon it would stay on its current toggle until you re-set it. This ability would cost you some money, 10-50 gold perhaps?

    Admittedly this wouldn't be much for one whole new NPC, But it'd be a nice ability and I can't think of other things to re-fill, Although he could sell some blades with weird physics to them (Like the shotgun has odd physics) I guess. If you still need abilities to give him, I guess he could sell advanced reforging for all/melee weapons. Costs much more money but you always get a +2 Tier ability (Stuff like Demonic, Legendary, Godly etc)
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  14. Rokh Green Slime

    Nice, you should section your writing in paragraphs more often though, I don't like looking at wall of texts - even if they may have amazing ideas.
  15. Shotte Dark Caster

    Fixed. I didn't mean it to end up that long, which is why I hadn't seperated it at the time. :)
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  16. Ocn1000 Green Slime

    nice what about orcs with long spears or some thing
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  17. Sunboy128 Cursed Skull

    I support.
    Right now, swords are just "Hit the zombie until it dies".
    Swords are pretty much my favorite weapon type, so i feel like it could become a little more complex.
  18. Arroz2003 Devourer

    You cant melee bosses! Maybe the eye when you get the higher tiers..... but the higher level bosses... you would have to be skilled... more skilled that 98% of the terraria players.... melee needs more oomph! a lot more! Until i beat skeletron prime with a bronze short sword..... melee is not that good!
  19. Sunboy128 Cursed Skull

    Okay, using a bronze short sword to fight Skeletron Brime is unreasonable.
    But i know what you mean.
  20. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

    Yes, the melee is broken because you cant beat the hardest boss in the game, with one of the worst melee weapon in the game, Because that makes sense :rolleyes:.
    The OP is very vague, Im assuming that you looking for an option to both stab and swing with every weapon, this wouldn't work.
    Swords are currently separated because they're 'title' currently denotes they're use.
    The only way your going to beat Skeletron Prime with a copper shortsword, is by hacking. Adding a swinging motion to the weapon isn't going to make any difference

    TL;DR: This would never work and the boss you are hoping to beat will never be felled with the desired weapon

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