Pre 1.2 Trapped Within (Survival Map)

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  1. Chaos Yellow Slime

    Hello, this is my newest survival map, Trapped Within! Its where you are trapped inside a MASSIVE volcano. Inside the volcano is all sorts of things, lava, stone, crystals, snow.... ...wait just a jippy, snow?! In a volcano?! Wheres the logic in that?! Well yeah, as you can see, this map has no logic. Mainly because it kinda flew out of my window when i was making it... :3 (The whole story of the map is explained on the signs when you first spawn)

    Also in 1.2, there is an extra version of the map for Capture The Gem! It features extra stuff to make the map suitable for CTG gameplay!
    1) Build a wooden house.
    2) Chop down a tree.
    3) [Main]Escape the volcano.
    4) Travel deep down in to the heart of the volcano.
    5) Find that old crazy man.
    6) Find a floating island just outside of the volcano.
    7) [Optional] Record a youtube video of how you survived!
    8) Complete any extra tasks given by some signs...
    9) [Optional] Post a picture on the thread of how you survived!
    10) Mine copper ore.
    11) Mine iron ore.
    12) Mine silver ore.
    13) Mine gold ore.
    14) [Optional] Play the map as your normal Terraria person.
    15) [Optional] Play the map as a new softcore Terraria person.
    16) [Optional] Play the map as a new mediumcore Terraria person.
    17) [Optional] Play the map as a new hardcore Terraria person.
    18) Escape the volcano without dying 5 times.
    19) Find the Captains pirate ship without blowing it up (like i did :p) .
    20) Find your early christmas present from me... <3 :)
    21) Get 64 pieces of wood.
    22) Get 64 pieces of stone.
    23) Find the island of wood.
    24) Find a clock.
    25) Find the secretly hidden mythril brick room...
    26) Find a gold key.
    27) Find a meteor in the volcano (if you thought snow made no sense, your in for a real shock... :p).
    28) [Optional] Play the map with friends.
    29) Find the snow heart.
    30) Mine 64 diamonds.
    31) Find the Abandoned mine.
    32) Pay Jaspa's bedroom a visit...
    33) Find the jungle ball.
    34) Dodge the deadly traps near the jungle ball.
    1) Do not go past the sand walls unless you have finished the map (because thats when you can break every single rule listed...).
    2) Do not hack.
    3) Have fun! (more maybe soon... o.o)

    Your normal Terraria person: Difficulty changes on what core your person is and how strong they are ect.

    A brand new softcore person: Some where between easy and medium.

    A brand new mediumcore person: Some where between medium and hard.

    A brand new hardcore person: Seriously hard. If you escape that volcano on this difficulty, then you sir, are a pro.
    Change Log
    This is the place where i tell you whats been added in which version.
    Version 1.0:
    1) Official release!
    Version 1.1:
    1) Outside of the volcano now has cobweb clouds.
    2) More secrets have been added.
    3) Booby traps have been added and placed in hidden places...
    4) More weird signs... :3
    5) The pirateship has now became a suicidal ship...
    6) More secret rooms have been placed.
    7) The snow heart now glows...
    8) Gems have been added. Such as diamonds ect.
    9) Some little changes here and there on some things.
    10) Plus loads more that i am keeping a secret!... *shifty eyes*
    Version 1.2:
    1) Add hints and tips.
    2) More secret places added!
    3) Added an extra version of the map for Capture The Gem! With extra features of it's own so that the map is more suitable for CTG gameplay. (Included with the zip download.)
    4) Guide name changed to a cool map makers name on the TerrariaOnline forums... ;)
    5) And much more!!! Enjoy. :)
    Welcome to the best part of the thread! Pictures! Now, there isnt many, mainly because i want to keep the rest of the stuff that you can find as a surprise. :) Also, some pictures do contain spoilers, so if you dont want to see them, dont look! You have been warned!

    Show Spoiler








    More pictures coming hopefully soon!
    Youtube Videos
    This area is for those who do a youtube video on my map, and would like it here in this section! :)

    Video by VaridamianGamer

    Download Link
    Almost forgot, the download link/s:

    Mirror 1:

    Mirror 2:
    Download the attached file below.

    Thanks for reading! Plus, i hope you enjoy my map as well! :)

    P.s. Many thanks to the creator of TEdit. Without that handy program, making a map wouldnt be easy.

    - Chaos

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  2. Skyrath Doctor Bones

    Amazing work Chaos Hope this is successful as your last ones :3
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  3. Chaos Yellow Slime

    Thank you for your kind words. :)
  4. Jimi Penguin

    Seems nice! Good job and it looks really professional!
  5. Chaos Yellow Slime

    Thank you. :) Hope you enjoy it.
  6. Chaos Yellow Slime

    Also if any staff members are seeing this post, can you please move this thread to the Released Maps sub section. (I have not posted a terraria map in awhile, nor have i visited the site much, so i kind of missed the sub sections. :p) Thank you.

    - Chaos
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  7. alecool34 Tim

    Looking pretty good. Downloading now, I'll give it a try tomorrow. And try using the 'Attach File' feature in the post editor, makes the download more trustworthy.
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  8. Chaos Yellow Slime

    Ok, I'll use the 'Attach File' feature as a extra downloadable link and keep using mediafire as well. Hope enjoy the map. :)
  9. Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    This map looks like a lot of fun and I like the time you spent thinking of all the different challenges. Looks like a lot of traditional adventure design was integrated into the map while still letting you build and dig freely. Very cool. I will be digging into this soon. Haha! My first use of that pun.

    By the way, yeah, tried to download the map and this popped up.
    threat detected.JPG
    Just to be safe I will wait for the file attached to your post. ;)

    Actually, instead, I would upload the map to here:

    They've got a great setup tailored to custom maps and a great file system that will track your total downloads for you. Also FYI, when you upload the file it will say it needs approval but you can start linking to it in the description and here immediately. (Also FYI: Each version update should have all files included as the newest file is always used for the "Download Now" button they have.
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  10. Chaos Yellow Slime

    I'll certainly look in to uploading the file on to the website you have provided me (not sure why the file is detected as a virus :p). Oh and thank you for the extra help you are giving me here :), I have not really been making maps since the release of terraria and some updates that then came after (in other words, a lot has changed since I've last made maps for the community). Although I must say that this is not my first map, as Survival Island [Terraria Edition] was. (I plan to make a remake of it after i've finished with this map :) )

    Anyway, will update the map file links as soon as it's not so early in the morning for me. :p
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  11. alecool34 Tim

    Ah! I had the same problem with AVG before. I use Microsoft Security Essentials now, along with the self-included Thinkpad Toolbox. None of them are wuzzies like Norton, and they require less attention.(Less attention meaning they can handle being alone)
  12. Chaos Yellow Slime

    There, i've now added 2 more download mirrors. One on curse and one attached. Hopefully no one should have any problems downloading. :) Now to get back to work on Version 1.1 for the map.
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  13. Oranje THE Orange Troll

    Can I use a pickaxe/axe/shortsword?
  14. Chaos Yellow Slime

    I dont see any rules saying why you shouldnt.
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  15. Chaos Yellow Slime

    Just released version 1.1! I've also added more pictures for people to look at. Enjoy. :)
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  16. Zolodragon Green Slime

    This is a really good map, but when I spawned a Bone Serpent killed me about 12 times...
  17. Chaos Yellow Slime

    I cant do anything about that because it is a bug with the game (Ive put the platform in which you spawn on really high but they keep coming, its no way near hell. :p). Although i can give you a tip: build your base on the left side or right side of the volcano, you get attacked less and with the tests ive been doing a Bone Serpent is much rarer to attack you. Hope it helps. :) Oh and im glad you like it. :)
  18. Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    I like the idea of spawning in an area that is very dangerous and you have to run away to safety at the beginning, but maybe a sign/hint/story element to suggest as much would be helpful.
  19. Chaos Yellow Slime

    I will add some tips for the next version. Im also planing to add 2 extra areas to the left and right for pvp survival aspects, as well as more vast space to explore. (Im also thinking of making a separate version of the map that is used for the game mode Capture The Gem.)
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  20. Chaos Yellow Slime

    Ive done updating the map in the editor for both the survival and CTG(added some more cool features!). Ive also added extra stuff for CTG and ive added helpful hints for both versions. As well as that, ive given the guide a new name... ;) Now to update the thread and download links. May take about 10-30 mins approx.


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