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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Jonathan Paradis, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Jonathan Paradis Green Slime

    More action:Treasure map adventure


    Add maps treasure to be found in chests and vases.
    The map contains a specific destination to find a treasure chest.
    And if possible in the future there could be maps of color map levels such as bronze would be easier than silver so on.
  2. Dinosaur Slimed Zombie

    I like that idea! Maybe have a Treasure Hunter NPC or something that sells maps and a shovel?

    Tresure Maps, when equipped could display a spot on the map (like an ally in multiplayer), and if the player uses a shovel on that spot, they get an item, or a platinum coin etc.
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  3. Allie Green Slime

    I went through 4 links to find this picture..
    Please add it as an image, or at least use a good uploading website.
    Also, you can upload straight to this site.
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  4. Alethium Green Slime

    Why not add a metal detector that will beep if there are any gold/treasures below you.
  5. Jonathan Paradis Green Slime

    I like your idea.
  6. Alethium Green Slime

    I like your post
  7. Dinosaur Slimed Zombie

    Treasure Maps could be limited to 2-3 per map. Maybe a new map becomes available after you defeat a boss? Also, prehaps the Treasure Hunter NPC could sell maps with floating island locations.
  8. Jonathan Paradis Green Slime

    Or when you find a treasure map you could place it on the table in a vacant house and the treasure hunter would arrive after the house. He could sell maps of different levelswhich would be good for the expenditure of money in the game.
  9. oblivious12123 Green Slime

    Maps could be rare from chests or very rare from pots. They would just say something like the altitude or direction of the chest room from your default spawn/sjhow the vicinity of the area, with an 'X' on the point of the chest.

    The chest rooms can be made from copper/silver/gold bricks. The chest would be in the middle of the room. Scattered around will be books on platforms, maybe even a rare water candle or two.

    Inside the chest would generally be higher-tiered equipment, rather than the usual chest loot. Some loot that could be found in the treasure chest:

    • 1 - 5 Restoration potions (Common)
    • 10 - 20 gold (Common)
    • 100 - 150 shuriken (Common)
    • 1 Ball-O-Hurt (Common)
    • 200 - 250 shuriken (Uncommon)
    • 1 Grapple hook (Uncommon)
    • 1 Aqua Sceptre (Uncommon)
    • 1 - 5 books (Uncommon)
    • 1 Blue Moon (Uncommon)
    • 1 Muramasa (Rare)
    • 1 - 3 Platinum (Rare)
    • 1 Treasure Map (Rare)
    This is just a rough list, maybe OP, but it seems like a good list-O-loot for the treasure chests ;)
    Support the idea!
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  10. RandomFox Dark Caster

    I love that idea. Maybe some maps can lead you to spots that don't yet exist on the map, too, like further than the ocean, higher than your floating islands or deeper than hell to allow for you to make sure some chests aren't already looted. ^^
  11. oblivious12123 Green Slime

    I don't know, could be hard to extend the map's limits. But hmm... Wouldn't the chest rooms only be added on new worlds, therefore making it so that chests aren't looted beforehand?
  12. oblivious12123 Green Slime

    Use imgur. It has an easy - to - use interface and you can show your images on the forums.
  13. RandomFox Dark Caster

    Yeah, I thought of that after I posted it. Though as you said, this would probably be generated on new worlds anyway. I just thought it was a good way to keep the map generated chests out of normal content so it didn't conflict ^^
  14. oblivious12123 Green Slime

    Yeah, it would be on a new world. An old world can't generate new biomes, you'd have to make a new map for it to take effect.
    I have full support and have faith in this thread. :D
  15. Jonathan Paradis Green Slime

    :)An addition to my position, depending on the level of the map to treasure there could bea spawn of monsters when you open the trunk it would be more interesting for thechallenge.
  16. Dinosaur Slimed Zombie

    The tresure could also be an event, like a meteor landing. When a player say has, at least 300 HP and 1 platinum coin, then a message can appear that says something like "A Pirate Ship has dropped anchor off shore!".

    A Pirate Ship would then spawn in the ocean at one end of the map. It could feature pirate mobs (crew, parrrots etc.) and possible a "captain" mini-boss.

    Your rewards could be trasure maps, vanity items (pirate hat, eye patch, peg leg) and unqiue weapons (hook, sabre, whip).

    The idea would be that they had come to recover their buried treasure, and you stole the maps.

    You could also aquire the shovel on the Pirate Ship, which would allow the Treasure Hunter NPC to arrive.

  17. Tejedu Cursed Skull

    Pretty good ideas, anything added to the game that isn't bad, can be good, so this fits in that 'not bad' area.

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