Trouble modifying vanilla items

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by lhc00, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. lhc00 Green Slime

    There is any way to change a vanilla item that is not consumable, to be consumable using tconfig? I tried it with vile mushroom but it doesn't seem to work...
  2. LoneRanger121 Squirrel

    Are you using tConfig or decompiled Terraria?
  3. lhc00 Green Slime

    i'm using tconfig, it's impossible to do that in tconfig?
  4. LoneRanger121 Squirrel

    Well I'm not sure, but it's highly unlikely. Try posing this question on the tConfig thread; Yoraiz0r or Surfpup will gladly help you, and Surf may, if available, add the feature into tConfig.
  5. Classikly Frankenstein

    ..again with people assuming things about tConfig. Yes it's fucking possible.
  6. LoneRanger121 Squirrel

    No need to be snarky. If you're going to say something like that at least provide him with an answer, then. I use tConfig and I know its capabilities, I just don't know how to do that. Calm down.
  7. Classikly Frankenstein

    :confused: I wasn't being snarky in any way. At least I wasn't trying to be. I simply stated that people always assumed the wrong things about tConfig then answered the OP's question. The swearing's just a bad habit.

    Anyways, you just take the vanilla ini for the vile mushroom then add consumable=True. You also need useStyle depending on how you want the player to consume the item and useSound if you want a sound to play when the item is consumed. Like so:
  8. LoneRanger121 Squirrel

    Oh! Jeez. I thought this was that thread about ammo types. v_v I could have answered his question easily, whoops. Sorry for being a little rude.
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  9. lhc00 Green Slime

    Oh, thx! I tested before with consumable = true, it looks like it was missing the useStyle.
  10. Classikly Frankenstein

    :p It happens sometimes.
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