True story: Terraria Xbox 360 Edition

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature' started by PopLlama, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. PopLlama Undead Viking

    TRUE STORY I was already maxed out on terraria. I had full dragon armour, a legendary tizona, I had everything I wanted, I got bored and decided to see if I could "outsmart" the tutorial with the experience and knowledge I already had in the game. So I started the tutorial and I explored all around the world and managed to find part of a dungeon. (BTW in the terraria xbox tutorial your on a giant floating island and if you fall off you land in deep water) so I managed to get a gravitation potion, a magic missile (useless without mana), and an enchanted boomerang! But I wanted to see what would happen if I jumped off the giant tutorial floating island and used the gravitation potion to see if there was any "secret land" far away. And so I did! I activated the potion and flew off towards the right. I was right above the water flying. It took a long time, and right when my gravitation almost ran out of time, I hit a beach! It was exciting for me! I thought I was gonna find something rare or special or something incredible! But instead I found a ANOTHER dungeon. Except this was a real one! Whereas you had to fight skeletron to get into it! You didn't have to fight skeletron in the dungeon inside the giant tutorial floating island! But in this one you did! It was already nighttime making me able to fight skeletron so I said, "why not" which was stupid because I had minimum health and only a silver helm and copper armor. Along with my enchanted boomarang so I gave it a shot. I was able to successfully summon skeletron on the tutorial! I already knew I couldn't beat him, after a couple of hits my health went all the way down until I had 1/4 if a heart left. But when he came and hit me again, it didn't hurt me, the next hit came and it did no damage either! I was invincible!! After tons of hits to skeletron with my enchanted boomerang, skeletrons health was down to about 1! And right when I threw that boomerang and killed him, the game shut off and the screen turned black. I was speechless. I wasn't mad, I was proud and happy to know that I killed skeletron on the tutorial. But the next question is, what was beyond that dungeon? What was on the left side? Maybe you guys can find out!
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  2. OshMosh Zombie

    cool story bro tell it again (but really nice story:))
  3. QuackersDelta Fungi Bulb

    If it countinued on like a regular Terraria world, then a beach would be after the Dungeon, unless 505Games screwed the place up.
  4. PopLlama Undead Viking

    Try it for yourself :) I'm trying to upload the video. I got it on film. But it's not working :(
  5. gmod Clinger

    sounds cool get the video working
  6. PopLlama Undead Viking

    I can't get it working, it just shows the loading symbol nonstop. I can email it to you if you'd really like to see it.
  7. gmod Clinger

    not that bad
  8. PopLlama Undead Viking

    image.jpg here's a screenshot of the vid. Do you want me to email it to you?
  9. gmod Clinger

    nah its ok

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