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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by atom0s, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. alex heath Green Slime

    congrats on debugging and making the brand new clan plugin
  2. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Updates
    • TSGEClan plugin updated. (/clan accept should now work)
    Uhg.. TShock is so poorly designed.. using ancient methods for SQL connections :/ There might still be some hiccups in the plugin anywhere queries use two updates. Tshocks MySQL implementation blows..
  3. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Updates
    • Spawn is moved to the pvpcity area due to more buildings around there.
    • NPC house is constructed and can be warped to using /warp npchouse
    • New CTF arena has been added.
    • Forums have been updated with some more information about plugins and game modes.
  4. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Updates
    • Spawn rates have been lowered due to request. (600 -> 250)
    • NPC house is moved to new location.
    • Ready warp has been moved to a new location.
    • Large pvp city is in the works; huge thanks to Bit whom is constructing most of that.
    • New CTF arena has been added.
    • New TDM arena has been added.
    • Plugin changes:
      • TSGEClans plugin fixed (again). Users should be able to leave a clan correctly now.
      • TSGEFuckMeteors plugin added. (This is another custom plugin to stop meteors from spawning.)
    • Forum changes:
      • Clans page now displays clan prefix.
      • Clans page now displays clan chat color.
      • Clan section added for users to advertise their clan.
      • Plugin information threads have bee written / updated.
    • User group changes:
      • Journeyman can now summon bosses with spawn items.
    Huge thanks to everyone whom is building every day to make the server fun and interesting!
  5. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Updates
    • Removed some old (griefed) houses.
    • Cleaned up some unneeded spots that were either griefed or randomly thrown together.
    • Cleaned up various unneeded chests. (Server is reaching the chest limit already lol.)
    • New Admin: Bit, congrats on your promotion! :)
    Thanks to everyone whom is active and building! :D
  6. intariosunder Demon Eye

    from the looks of it this server has been griefed to submission
  7. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    The open world has been griefed a bit, yes. But I help anyone that asks me when they wish to start building somewhere. I can cleanup an area in seconds and prepare it for rebuilding so it hasn't really been a problem.
  8. Bit Giant Worm

    Good times, man, good times. Heh heh heh! [IMG]
    Anyway, now that I'm a Jr. Admin, I'll do whatever I can to keep griefing to a minimum, and fun to a maximum.
    (Yay! I know how to make cheesy promises!)
  9. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Update
    • More items added to freeitems warp.
    • Some more warps have been added.
    • Some cleanup of old / damaged houses.
    • Removal of some unused buildings and other areas.
  10. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Update
    • More items added to freeitems warp.
    • More cleaning up to the map due to griefers.
    • Added new player rank 'Guardian' whom the access to kick players to help out with administration.
  11. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    • Added ranks list to the forums here: http://tsge.no-ip.org/tsge/ranks.php
    • New monster arena for survival fun added.
    • Court house is 'complete' with new documents room and jail basement.
    • Further cleanup of various griefed areas.
    • Hell now has a Cobalt brick line separating the area across the whole map to prevent more 'water' griefing into the area.
  12. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Update
    • Tshock updated to latest version.
    • TSGEClans updated to ensure muted players cannot talk.
    • TSGEClans updated to prevent certain clan names from being used.
    Server froze earlier so we lost about 30-60mins worth of work. Sorry for the troubles guys. Not sure what caused the freeze.
  13. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server / Forum Updates
    • Server
      • Spawn rates adjusted again. (Now set to 1500 due to requests.)
      • TileEdit plugin for builders has been updated.
    • Forums
      • New sections added to the forums:
        • Player Reports - to report ban behavior / rule breaking.
        • Ban Appeals - for players to appeal a ban against them.
        • Rankup Requests - for players to request a rank up to a different rank on the server.

    Some more minor house cleaning has been done to remove some more griefing.
    Hell has been reconstructed to cleanup the mess..
  14. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Restart
    Had a server restart a moment ago sorry for those who got disconnected. This restart was to bring the following updates:

    • TSGEClans plugin updated to block some more words from being in clan names.
    • TSGEDie plugin added; implements a new /die command to allow users to kill themselves.
      • Useful if you are stuck; invisible glitched; etc.
    • Monster tower left of old spawn has been removed.
    • Old spawn area has been removed.
    • Old boat on left of map is removed. (Sorry Johnny you aren't on much so we got rid of it.)
    • Added Screenshots section to the forums for players to share their in-game pics.
  15. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Update
    • New rank added 'Tempest'. (This rank is like an 'admin-in-training' rank.)
    • TSGEClans plugin updated to change how chat appears for people in clans.
      • Clans will now be surrounded with < > while ranks still use |
    • TSGEClans plugin updated to disallow some more words and symbols in clan names.
    Forum Update
    • Ranks page has been updated to show only the used ranks. And ranks are now in order of importance.
    • New posts added to describe some sections, ranks, etc.

    Chat will now look like this to help people know whats a clan vs. a rank:

    Owner | atom0s : This is a rank.
    <LeetSauce> Leetface: And this is a clan.
  16. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    Server Update
    • PvP is now forced on. (See note 1.)
    • New plugin added; TSGESafeZones. (See note 2.)
    • Even more items added to free items room!
    Note 1
    PvP is now forced on. This is NOT using TShocks method of forcing pvp though due to the fact that TShocks method will lock your character until you turn it on manually. This was too annoying so I chose to not use it. Instead, PvP is forced on by my custom plugin. (See note 2.)

    Note 2
    TSGESafeZones is a custom plugin I wrote to allow admins, with permissions, to set zones as 'Safe Zones'. Safe zones are areas, like regions, that will automatically disable and enable pvp (regardless of what the player does with their pvp status) when they enter and leave the areas.

    When a player enters a safe zone, their pvp will be forced off, and will continue to be forced off while they are in the safe zone. Upon leaving the safe zone, their pvp status will be forced back on and will continue to be forced on until they enter another safe zone.
  17. BoxDrone Green Slime

    hey atom0s can i have a rank maybe something
  18. atom0s Voodoo Demon

    You need to use our forums for rankup requests BoxDrone. You can find our forum here:
  19. Bit Giant Worm

    Totally lovin' the forced PvP. Now... If we could just get it to work without crashing the server, lol!
    Heh, my grumbling aside, I'm really impressed with this entire system that you've made. The best part is that, even though the Frozen Disco Palace has "approaching infinity" lights, the server still runs at about 400 Sanics, so PvP isn't disturbed by it at all. (which would be ironic, considering that it's part of pvpcity)
    This server has gotta go fast.
  20. Konnakol Squirrel

    For some reason, I am unable to access the server.

    (I'm Nexus, by the way).

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