TShock and how to get it to work.

Discussion in 'PC' started by Fengrich, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. Fengrich

    Fengrich Squirrel

    Hello everyone. I've recently set up a server, and after a rough patch of requiring Hamachi to run it now runs without it. Now I'm trying to get TShock to function properly. Any help?
  2. Fiercely Fuzzy

    Fiercely Fuzzy Demon Eye

    1. Download the latest package of TShock from the TShock Downloads.
    2. Download the TShock API.
    3. Extract all files from both archives into the same folder. In this example, we'll use C:\TShock.
    4. Copy an existing version of TerrariaServer.exe (found in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria however, it may also be where mine was C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria) into C:\TShock.
    5. In C:\TShock, run TerrariaServerPatcher.exeas an Administrator (Right click ->
    6. Select "Run as Administrator")
      • Note: a "TerrariaServer hash not found" error can be solved by retrieving a fresh TerrariaServer.exe from Step #4.
    7. Wait until the program reports "Success", then close the program.
    Become an Admin

    1. Run TerrariaServerAPI.exe. This is your server. TerrariaServer.exe should not be used.
    2. Select the world you want to use or create a new one.
    3. After selecting your world, you will be asked for input on 3 settings: Max players, Server port, and Server password.
      • Note: Default settings are: Max players (8), Server port (7777), and Server password (none). You may hit your ENTER key at each input to select the default setting in parenthesis ().
    4. Once the server starts the console window will have the following message: To become superadmin, join the game and type /auth [authcode]
    5. Run Terraria.exe, join your server, and enter: /auth [authcode]. This will give you the ability to create a user account on the server, giving you access to all commands.
      • Note: In order to join your own server, you can enter: localhost or (which are the same thing - assuming the server is being run on the same machine that you run Terraria), or you can use your own External IP address, which can be found simply by going to a website such as WhatIsMyIP.com.
    6. Next, enter: /user add [username]:[password] superadmin
      • Example: /user add john:qwerty superadmin (remember to include the colon ":" between the username and password)
    7. Log in with the superadmin user you just created by entering: /login [username] [password](without a colon)
      • Example: /login john qwerty
    8. Finally, to remove the "auth" message on server startup, enter: /auth-verify
    Edit: Ctrl + C Ctrl + V ftw.

    Edit 2: You know that Tshock doesn't actually host the sever right? You still have to port foward.
  3. Fengrich

    Fengrich Squirrel

    This would be brilliant if this wasn't the problem I was having in the first place. The patcher is non-existent every time I try to find it.
  4. Fiercely Fuzzy

    Fiercely Fuzzy Demon Eye

    Should have been more specific in your original post than, shouldn't you :p?

    Which patcher is non-existent? the TerrariaSeverPatcherAPI.exe? More information is king.
  5. Fengrich

    Fengrich Squirrel

    Ah, was able to get some help. Now I'm having trouble finding the auth code. I've run the patcher and started through the TShock server but still can't seem to find it.
  6. Fiercely Fuzzy

    Fiercely Fuzzy Demon Eye

    Make sure your copy is update. Best bet, just re-download it, that worked for me.

    Also, does your Tshock look like this?

  7. Fengrich

    Fengrich Squirrel

    Yup. I did as suggested and it's working just fine now. Thanks to everyone who helped (especially those who were with me in chat!).
  8. Thunder Hand

    Thunder Hand Green Slime

    I dont know how to login it just says inproper snaxis /login [username] [password]

    soooo confused plaese help
  9. Konnakol

    Konnakol Squirrel

    I was on Step 5, and it said "TerrariaServer hash not found." I got a copy of the TerrariaServer from the folder stated in the guide, and it still said "TerrariaServer hash not found."
  10. pokeslash

    pokeslash Squirrel

    dont necro , also you need to look at the updated guide on the tshock website
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