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  1. nicatronTg

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    // For Terraria

    TShock for Terraria is one of the oldest mods for Terraria created today. Started before Terraria had a dedicated server, TShock initially sought to offer just that. Now, TShock powers some of the world's largest Terraria servers.

    // Features
    • Multiple administrators
    • Granulated permissions for each admin
    • Anti-cheat (protects against common hacks and exploits)
    • User registration
    • Reserved slots
    • User punishment (kicking, banning, muting, disabling)
    • REST API
    // API
    TShock is powered by the Terraria Server API. Plugin developers have contributed several plugins that work using it, including:
    // Download & Source
    TShock (and the Terraria Server API) is open source (GPL v3). Anyone can submit changes, review the code, or even fork it and create a new project based on it. Even if we abandon the project, other people will continue it and build on.
    Other mods lack this feature - we think of it as essential. No developer can go rogue and add backdoors or exploits - all code is checked and tested by our community.
    // Installation, Documentation, and Support
    Note: Because of the impending Terraria 1.2 update (and its associated) TShock 4.1 release, we encourage you to not use the support forums unless absolutely necessary. They have been cleaned, and will be cleared again when the update comes out.
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  2. Dranx

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    Well hi Doridian, how are you :D
  3. nicatronTg

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    My name is nicatronTg, and I go by Shank quite often. If you get into this debate here I'll gladly ask a moderator to, well, moderate. Zidonuke hasn't committed a single change yet, his only part so far has been in negotiations with us, Jexius, and Zenexer.

    (Oh, and I might add, my avatar is a QR code to my Twitter, which it always has been).
  4. Twitchy

    Twitchy Demon Eye

    I am a developer, If you have any questions go to the support forums or PM me, or any other developers.
  5. xd flames

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    More information. Why should I use this over TMod?
  6. nicatronTg

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    A good reply here would be that Tmod has lost all of it's developers, side for Jexius, who apparently still wants to work on it. Because we're open source from the core, update speeds are faster, and bug reports and suggestions are handled on a much faster basis.

    That and the fact that I'm hearing reports that the current released versions lack the ability to save the configuration file properly.
  7. Ichigohollowfied

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    I could also add that Tshock has a bit more customization from what I have seen in servers. I have joined many servers with Tmod and Tshock. Both of which are nice for moderation of bombs and whatnot, but the tshock mods (the people on the server who are mods) are able to check up on the newer people who joined the server much easier because teleport functions actually work with tshock. Tmod (from what I have experienced), the teleportation does not work in general.

    Just what I know/can tell you :)
  8. nicatronTg

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    To be quite fair, teleportation is really hit and miss because of "client security" that Redigit added. The way we get around this is by changing the player's spawnpoint, teleporting them to spawn, then changing it back.
  9. xd flames

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    Hmm.. Think I will use it. After seeing it is open source I went and looked at it for a bit to see how it was working. Won't download until tomorrow though.
  10. nicatronTg

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    Glad to have your support!
  11. high

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  12. CrazyCoco

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    Only thing keeping me from using TShock at it's current state is the ability to add admins, ops, and moderators.

    Last time I check, it was a confusing-looking file where there was no indication of how the spacing went, whilst Tmod has it very easy to set up. Maybe you've already change, and if you have, please tell me, but will you consider making it more noob-friendly?

    And the ability to ahve operators and moderators, not just administrators, would be nice too.
  13. nicatronTg

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    Spacing? https://github.com/TShock/TShock/blob/master/TShockAPI/config/users.txt
    IP [space] group

    We're adding password based authentication in the next couple days (but not tonight, we're all quite tired).
  14. CrazyCoco

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  15. CrazyCoco

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    To who ever is reporting this, please take a look:
    ** Redigit approved this when I asked him in IRC. Because of his approval, I feel that this post is justified. If it isn't, contact me and I'll be glad to talk to you.

    Redigit approves, so stop reporting it. This mod is safe.
  16. Keui

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    So, Redigit approves of mods! Fantastic!

  17. CrazyCoco

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    The approval of all mods has not been released yet, so links to mods (unless accepted by the developers) are still against the rules.
  18. Keui

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    Fair enough. It's still interesting to know (fantastic, as it were).
  19. Killersdream123

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    I require assistance!

    I get this every time I try to use the patcher. I do exactly as the instructions say.
  20. nicatronTg

    nicatronTg Cave Bat

    Try running it as administrator ("The requested operation requires elevation").

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