TShock: The server modification of the future

Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by nicatronTg, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Kanno

    Kanno Demon Eye

    when you run the terraria server patcher it creates that so run that again it could be possiable that your firewall blocked the program from creating the api.
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  2. Everything

    Everything Green Slime

    K i re-ran it agian and in the cmd it said this
    Downloading Patches Information
    Downloading Diff
    Extracting Resources
    Running IlDasm
    Running Patch
    Exception: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The requested oper
    ation requires elevation
    at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startIn
    at TerrariaPatcher.Program.Main(String[] args)
    .....and no api
    btw thank you for helping me

    I also turn my firewall off

    Hahaha i figured it out! THANK YOU! note for future people that have this problem run as admin!!! :) that all i had to do sry for taking ur time on simple things.
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  3. ahuei123456

    ahuei123456 Yellow Slime

    Problem is, I get kicked off TShock servers for having 300 mana.
  4. Kanno

    Kanno Demon Eye

    because your not suppose to have 300 mana... its a glitch
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  5. Joshenfer

    Joshenfer Squirrel

    Sorry but nobody answered my question, how do you rank someone???
    please reply as soon as possible.
  6. Kanno

    Kanno Demon Eye

    the reason no one has answered it is because it has been answered 20 times before.
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  7. coldoxy

    coldoxy Zombie

    okay, I followed all the instructions, after I put the downloads in the folders, which are:
    1. In C:\TShock, runTerrariaServerPatcher.exeas an Administrator (Right click -> Select "Run as Administrator")
      • Note: a "TerrariaServer hash not found" error can be solved by retrieving a fresh TerrariaServer.exe from Step #4.
    2. Wait until the program reports "Success", then close the program.
    When I run it, and it's supposed to say "success" it instead says this:
    how do I fix this? :(
  8. Masa

    Masa Squirrel

    Format your computer in order to get rid of Windows Vista or 7 and install Windows XP.
  9. coldoxy

    coldoxy Zombie

    why the hell would i do that
  10. Masa

    Masa Squirrel

    To get rid of permission problems, thus solving your original problem.

    Well actually you might be missing some DLLs, make sure that everything is in correct place.
    • 6 inside of serverplugins folder
    • 2 in the same folder as exes
  11. coldoxy

    coldoxy Zombie

    dude, ive seen tons of videos of people hosting tshock servers with windows 7...
    also heres whats in my terraria tshock folder
  12. The Ottoman Rogue

    The Ottoman Rogue The Survivor

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! It wouldn't work until i ran it as administrator
  13. coldoxy

    coldoxy Zombie

    umm your welcome? i dont think i did anything though lol
  14. Masa

    Masa Squirrel

    The files are good, but do you have the latest .framework installed?
  15. coldoxy

    coldoxy Zombie

    whats that o-o.
  16. Kanno

    Kanno Demon Eye

    what does that have to do with anything...
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  17. Masa

    Masa Squirrel

    The whole server program runs on it, so obviously it has a purpose.

    TShock uses .NET framework 4 while the actual game uses XNA framework.

    I'm not even sure if it's even possible to have XNA framework without latest .NET framework, but that might be causing the problem.
  18. rogoku

    rogoku Doctor Bones

    Im pretty sure this doesnt involve .net framework.

    Ok i read something about the 32 bit. Are you using something thats not 32 bit? AKA your computer or is your computer 32 bit and your using a 64 bit somehow?

    Then i see something about something else. Do you have a crashlog
    or a patchlog? If yes post those.
  19. Spam

    Spam Green Slime

    The server modification that banned me while rebuilding my house which was griefd?
  20. Kanno

    Kanno Demon Eye

    This has no use here.
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