Pre 1.2 {TUTORIAL} How to setup your terraria server/Port Forward

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    Step 1. What you honestly need to do is forward your ports first. Take a look at these pictures, before you go to the next step.

    Type your LOCAL ip in the address bar of your browser. If you dont know it. Go into CMD prompt and type ipconfig and look above the subnet mask details. If it asks you for a user and password it usually is admin and admin unless you have changed this.

    NOTE: if you have D-LINK or VERIZON I'm sure you have to select the PC first before you forward any ports.

    Step 2. Launch 2 terraria's. One will be running the server. One you will connect to. A broadband connection is recommended for hosting any sort of server.


    Step 3. Go to and Use that FOR YOUR FRIENDS TO CONNECT , you can only connect with your local not your friends. but you can use the global ip to connect also.


    5. PROFIT
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    yeah im supposidly blocking my friends from joining, but i opend a port and everything... help?
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    i followed all the steps but when i try to connect to the ip it just keeps saying connecting
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    Honestly this guide's not that good, as many routers have many different configurations and yours only accounts for one. Few people are going to be able to follow this guide correctly.

    You need to account for more common scenarios, such as IPs starting at .2, Class-A private IPs (10.x.x.x) such as the "airport" brand of routers use, and blah blahblah.
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    The last number ISN'T ALWAYS 100!! On mine, it was 30.
    So try some different numbers like 30 or 10 etc.
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    This is semi-false. Its easier to just use a Hamatchi network.

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