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Discussion in 'Console' started by appleMech, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. appleMech

    appleMech Bunny

    I'm a bit worried about this "new content" coming to the consoles not really being that "new".
    Most of them seem just like recolors of old weapons (most of them from hardmode) or recolors of old monsters.


    Recolor of the Excalibur, now called Tizona. Also a recolor (probably) of the demon, called Arch Demon. AND also a recolor of the gold helmet, which is now blue.


    On the Social part of the character, blue jungle pants?


    Dragon Hornet, which just seems like a greener version of the hornet.

    Well, thats my point, I'm not saying that they have shown ALL the new content yet, but most of the new content they have shown in screenshots and videos are just recolors of mobs/weapons, the only one that could be called new is the whale, since that is a bigger change than recoloring a shark. Also, I think the special mobs prefix thing is cool, i just would like to see new mobs, not just some changes from the old ones.
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  2. GrinnTech

    GrinnTech Mouse

    Uhhh....Well....Looks like recolored and maybe different stats and powers.
  3. appleMech

    appleMech Bunny

    Yes thats why, I expected new weapons with new designs and such, not just the same old ones with different colors, lol.
  4. GrinnTech

    GrinnTech Mouse

    I don't know how porting works...But It seems that maybe recoloring and adding code seems the easiest...I have no idea if they first have to create a new enemy or item on the comp then port it to Console, can someone explain how this works, please?
  5. NSwa

    NSwa Slimer

    So are we getting this new content as PC users? Or are they shafting us their original consumers that made them famous?
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  6. appleMech

    appleMech Bunny

    I believe the new content is made on the console, not the PC, since 505 games doesnt have the rights to update the PC game.
    But anyways, if all the new content is just recolors, it could be easily modded into PC.
    Also, i know color code is the easiest, but its just lazy of their part to make recolors and no new things at all and call it "new content".
  7. NSwa

    NSwa Slimer

    Sad day. Thank you for the post. Hopefully we receive a new content update in the future or perhaps a Terraria 2 aside from Starbound.
  8. appleMech

    appleMech Bunny

    Yes, the christmas update was and will be the last official update PC Terraria saw. :(
  9. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    More than likely, yeah...

    Hoping there is more than reskins as well...or perhaps reskins with dynamic changes to how weapons work.

    Still, the audio reveals other stuff not yet seen.

    That said, to set expectations, as a port it is likely to be 90% identical...not a true Terraria update like 1.2.

    Now, some of the new features are epic (map)...and we still don't know what updates (or whatever) 505 might do (or not) post launch.

    Still so many question marks....
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  10. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    Now it makes me want to get it as they actually are making new content instead of just porting to get money.
  11. Dragonized

    Dragonized Illuminant Slime

    There's the option for us to name our weapons and recolor items in-game PLUS tons of new content that contain tons of new designs.

  12. NSwa

    NSwa Slimer

    Your avatar.. Is.. awesome.. :oops:
  13. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here


    Recolors everywhere.

    So it's official that the console port will be what Terraria would be if we mixed the best modders features with the shittiest modders contents?
  14. appleMech

    appleMech Bunny

    Found some new things:


    The items the character has are probably a recolor of Mythril Hood and the robe, and also on the hotbar, an interesting bow, even if it is a recolor, it looks cool, maybe a bow that automaticly makes all arrows flamable? Who knows. Also the particles from the rocket boots seems different from before, maybe they changed it.

    And also,
    Another recolor, this time of the Gungnir, now called Tonbogiri (which shares the name with a mythical spear), this one is actually on video, on Gamesradar footage of terraria on console.
  15. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    R-r-re-colors? EGAD! SOMEBODY PHONE TIY!
    Molten Fury already did that, and actually I don't think that bow was recolored, looks new to me.
  16. TheUnrealMegashark

    TheUnrealMegashark Corrupt Goldfish

    I think that new content, reskinned or not, is still better than none at all. And even if it is reskinned, that doesn't mean that it won't do anything new... Maybe they will have a special power, like the starfury
  17. Pop000100

    Pop000100 Cursed Man

    I agree completely, I will buy the port ASAP
  18. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Would you prefer shitty new contents thrown in yo faces just to say "yo guys I updated" and sell more or just fuck it up and acquire some decent well made mods.
    Just wonderin'

    Also before people come up and say I'm trolling for just pointing this out, go check my review on the first new contents video. Bluh.
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  19. DarkCore1967

    DarkCore1967 Yellow Slime

    their content looks like what a modder would do, its nothing special

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