Unopenable Gold Chest? (NOT LOCKED)

Discussion in 'PC' started by Nyaneeja, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Nyaneeja Green Slime

    I'm playing with a friend, he's the host and I've joined.

    I'm in a natural cave formation and got to a gold chest, however, I CANNOT loot the chest in any way, shape or form.

    First I thought it was empty, but I cannot hammer the chest or remove the stone below the chest.

    It looks like an ordinary golden chest.



    What I have tried;
    -Right clicking
    -Placing background wall on the chest
    -Letting my friend (the host) try and open the chest

    The chest does not budge, what can help me open this thing? -.-
  2. Adi_Tetac Green Slime

    Server bug I would assume, its probably actually locked, or not even there and has already been picked up by someone. I have had it where someone broke a chest and only 1/4 of it disappeared, and we could still use it afterword.
  3. DaNerd Hornet

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  4. Nyaneeja Green Slime

    I'm the first person to find this chest, we're with 2 and my friend has been building all this time.

    I have no idea why I can't open it..
  5. DaNerd Hornet

    You need a key to open it. It's one of the new features. No idea how to get it though :confused:
  6. Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    It's not locked. There's no lock on it. =P ♥
  7. Razack Green Slime

    my gold chests haven't been working either... or my piggy bank. Oh well. I'll just use my regular chests from now on.
  8. Kelp Moderator

    Is this map from 1.0.5? I opened gold chests with no problem.
  9. Maunokki Dark Caster

    Try opening a wooden chest, and then try opening the Golden Chest. No guarantee that this will work, but it worked for someone else.
  10. l3vuseusz Green Slime

    You can loot golden keys from dungeon slimes. Guess where they are.
  11. Kelp Moderator

    It is not locked, there is no chain+lock on the chest. It appears to be more of a bug rather than the need of a key.
  12. Nyaneeja Green Slime

    I still haven't been able to open it, got my end-game character with a key, went down, chest still didn't open.

    I tried the wooden chest open then golden chest, didn't work.

    Ah well, I'll just leave that chest there. :rolleyes:
  13. Exper Green Slime

    Floating islands?
  14. l3vuseusz Green Slime

    So, it is probably a bug. Which version is world where you found this chest? If its 1.0.5 your solution is UP. Otherwise it must be a bug(if u have key and cant open it).
  15. Nyaneeja Green Slime

    The world was freshly created with 1.6, the Gold chest has no lock and will not open.

    I thought it might be bug that it's a locked chest but with a normal look, so I went there with a couple of golden keys and a shadow key. The chest still didn't open.

    I've just given up on the chest, not worth the time if it doesn't open.
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