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  1. Jessica.T

    Jessica.T Green Slime

    May 28, 2011
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    Hello Terrarians, Minecrafters or Terracrafters, here I introduce a server to you that is simpily awesome! Yes, it is vanilla, so what? It is just plain terraria PLUS, it doesn't ruun on hamachi.

    Now, we have some rules of the server that must be obeyed.

    1. No Stealing
    2.No Griefing
    3.Swearing is okay.
    4.Never ask to be co owner or have power.
    5.Be Ethical
    6.No Hacking! Only owners may hack.
    7.Be Respectful!

    Now, the rules are done, I now add some additional info =) I am Co-Owner, though the owner goes by either name PHOENIX_M445 or Link. Please comment and leave feedback about the server. Please build on the server, the server has no protetion, the world is yours. Also, please put your name on YOUR work, we would like to recognise your work. Thats about it =)

    Another thing is the ip: (7777)

    Have fun,

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