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Yay or nay?

  1. Yes. I like the idea

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  2. No this is stupid

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  3. Yes but only certain types (Post expansion on this)

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  1. TrickySampson

    TrickySampson Green Slime

    Alright one of my biggest dreams with this game is free floating in some sort of one man hot-air balloon or other similar flight based vehicle.

    Checked the first 10 pages or so and didn't find a thread suggesting this so here it is:

    Basically I hope vehicles can be added at some point.

    Air based is the most mana costing but is the elegent solution to building a huge line of dirt across the sky when searching for islands.
    Land based would be pretty useless and/or difficult because of the nature of the terrain. Even if implemented you would have to construct your own roads which actually might be cool.
    Water based has obvious advantages once you get into worlds generated with a lot of water (I've seen that a lot of people want water centered dungeons/bosses plus with water physics like this game has it'd be a bit of a shame not to)

    These wouldn't be combat focused but more leisure based and would require many ores/ rare monster drops to craft. It would give people another thing to work towards plus there could be mana restrictions to avoid over use (Hot-air uses mana when ascending/ descends slowly)

    So what do you think? Advantages? Disadvantages? Improvements?

    Also elaborate on your responses please, I want to know how this thought can be made better or why you think it's impossible.

    Current Poll result: Majority in favor

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  2. Sygnus

    Sygnus Green Slime

    I honestly don't think the worlds will be big enough to warrant an inclusion of vehicles. If any, however, air would be the only way to go. It's a tad more realistic than having to..say..stack stone to get to the fabled "Sky Islands" and such. On the other hand, it might make the game a tad more easy. As is, I don't think we'll see it anytime soon.
  3. DMiBY

    DMiBY Green Slime

    Only certain types. I think that airballoons would be great to get to floating islands, but I, nor does anyone else, know how high up they are/easy or hard to get to.

    Boats would be a cool idea for crossing the oceans at one of the sides of the map.

    I am not sure though, vehicles may not fit at all.

    Something was mentioned about lifts, for like mineshafts and possibly to go up to the floating island. I think that a cool idea would be zip wires, fast transport through the air...

    Edit - If airships/boats were added there needs to be enemies for these. Maybe sharks but only in large areas of water. I know there are eye balls but there should be a stronger air enemy, maybe at night large bats come out...
  4. TrickySampson

    TrickySampson Green Slime

    Again these might be purely leisure based.
    But if they include a massive world size (I read this was a possibility somewhere, not sure where) they may be entirely nessessary to prevent day long treks of boredom.

    Let's face it though: Hot-air balloons are awesome.

    Maybe they add layers to the sky and you run into bigger enemies if you get too high
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  5. Sygnus

    Sygnus Green Slime

    If there were bigger worlds than what we've seen, I could definitely understand it. Just as long as they aren't common, of course.
  6. Wi§p

    Wi§p Dark Caster

    I don't think i'll vote yet, but I am leaning towards no.. I guess it would depend on the type of vehicle.. would the water based vehicles include simple rafts/boats? or would it all be high tech subs? I just this will only be a good idea, if there are practical, (and non - OP) vehicles..
  7. TrickySampson

    TrickySampson Green Slime

    I agree with this. I don't want a meteorite motorboat with missles, just a sailboat at best or (Keep in mind this is geared towards the concept of larger worlds) one built for multiple people. The hot air balloon is sort of the most advanced I was thinking which lifted with mana to fuel the fire.
  8. Ideamaster

    Ideamaster Green Slime

    I FULLY support the idea of vehicles and voiced my ideas on the 'Small' (*Cough! Cough! Ha ha!) List of Ideas thread. For the sake of posterity, I will state them again here:

    Each vehicle is made of seperate components that increase its size and abilities. To make a vehicle, first craft those components at the anvil/workbench/whatever, then place them down in the world. To make a vehicle 'complete' and drivable, add a tiller. Once it is 'complete' a vehicle cannot be modified further. Vehicles should be big, like Eye-of-Cthullu-sized for the smallest. They can be anchored wherever the player sees fit, but they airship will only re-charge at a port and there is a chance that a storm will wreck any ship not likewise berthed by being tied to a harbour.

    Sea Ship
    Hull - Made of wood. Increases the ship's size, space for other components and number of passengers (max. 5)
    Mast - Made of cloth and wood. Increases a ship's speed
    Hull plating - Made of copper or iron. Increases the damage a ship can take before breaking
    Cannon - Made of copper, iron, silver or gold. Gives the ship a fixed-angle weapon. Shorter range than ground-mounted cannon (another suggestion I made) and destroys less blocks on impact

    Hull - Made of silver. Increases the ship's size, space for other components and number of passengers (max. 5)
    Power Core - Made of silver or gold and one shooting star. Increases the ship's power reserve.
    Engine - Made of silver and gem. Increases the ship's speed
    Hull plating - Made of gold or meteor. Increases the damage a ship can take before breaking
    Cannon - Made of copper, iron, silver or gold. Gives the ship a dual-angle weapon (straight or down). Shorter range than ground-mounted cannon and destroys less blocks on impact

    What do you think folks?
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  9. Lee Warren

    Lee Warren Green Slime

    I like it. Makes sense to have a hefty crafting requirement for vehicles.

    I was thinking, what about some sort of underground drilling vehicle? It could be something that you could only make once you already had a large amount of hellstone (so that you couldn't make it until late game) and it could make underground mining and travel much easier. Perhaps it would be the only way to get to a layer beneath the underworld? Idk, I just thought of this on the spot so it's not terribly well thought through. But what do you think?
  10. Zomadan

    Zomadan Green Slime

    I was thinking of a boat that can be built upon that sits in the ocean, and the more you build on it, the more it sinks down and if the water, when someone jumps on it bobs a bit, so you would have to build it strategically or else risk it sinking, it would kinda be I guess a stage to just make a town or go out to fight some sorta boss.

    Also was thinking if they ever add a space Biom of some kinda, I was thinking you could make a one use rocket using stuff + rocket boots, but after you launch the rocket you get propelled into a space like area where Meteor heads tend to be plenty, no idea how you would get down, maby a make a drop pod or magic mirror.
  11. SWindbigler

    SWindbigler Green Slime

    I really like the idea of lifts and zip wires but i think that regular vehicles would be too bulky for this type of game.
  12. Poring

    Poring Cursed Skull

    I can only agree on slow flying vehicles or water vehicles. Air balloons and boats, basically.
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  13. White

    White Green Slime

    there should be a vehicle that enables MICHAEL BAY TO EXPLODE U
  14. Disevve

    Disevve Slimed Zombie

    I've suggested Hot air balloons in my thread in Sig. Basically they only move at 1/4 player non boosted run speed, crafted with parts bought from a technician NPC who merely serves as a money sink to make the gold death penalty more worrysome. Parts such as wood frame basket and fuel(Slime Gel) have to be hunted by the player himself. A propeller can also be combined with it to increase speed to 1/2, but would take higher grade materials such as meteorite, and yet more parts from technician.
  15. Wi§p

    Wi§p Dark Caster

    Could you please be more specific... What exactly is that ?
  16. Nekoyasha

    Nekoyasha Green Slime

    I don't really see why the game would need vehicles. Maybe a hot air balloon but that would be about it. There are no giant oceans to warrant the use of boats or anything..
  17. Wi§p

    Wi§p Dark Caster

    What if there will be ocean maps in the future?
  18. SWindbigler

    SWindbigler Green Slime

    Then I would want a craftable boat or some type of submarine. No doubt.
  19. Quote

    Quote Green Slime

    Dah da da Dah da da Dah da-da Daaah Daaah Daaah Daaah...
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  20. Ingway

    Ingway Green Slime


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