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Discussion in 'PC' started by ChippyGaming, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    Hi everyone if you haven't seen me before my name is James or Chippy as I go by on Youtube. Recently I purchased a Elgato HD capture card so I can record Terraria for the xbox in beautiful HD and I was just wondering, when the game actually does come out what videos would you guys like to see?

    Lets plays? New content? Tutorials? Boss fights?

    I'm willing to do them all but I would like to know what the community would like to see?
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  2. Lbphart3 Green Slime

    I think that you should do Tutorials,Then show off the new content,Then some Lets play,And then hit the boss battles :D.
  3. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    Thanks for the ideas, I was planning on doing some speedruns and stuff

  4. Lbphart3 Green Slime

    Your welcome.Speed run sounds like funn to.:)
  5. Loki ISP Moderator

    Focus should be on new content...and a ripe topic moving forward is going to be how the console and PC experiences evolve...perhaps into two different versions of the same core game.

    That seems a fertile topic area....
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  6. mark990 Demon Eye

    well, personally i'd go with a lets play sooner rather than later. that way, when you run into something new, people get to see/hear your reaction to it.
  7. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    What I'm thinking of atm is recording everything I do at least for the first week and then that way I can pick apart when looks good and what looks bad, I was hoping to do a review as well, on the controls then new content but not the base game, we all know what that is

    apart from that I think people will like watching me discover the new enemies but new Armour and items will be in a separate video I believe.

    Would it be possible to have a dedicated console terraria part of he forums alot like how Minecraft has their forums set up because I feel that topics will split when the game comes out
  8. King O' Terraria Snatcher

    I'd like a lets play of terraria to the new "final boss" and maybe a few episodes after?
  9. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    I'l have to learn what he is first ;)
  10. Loki ISP Moderator

    There is already a console section.

    FOR NOW, we do not plan on anything like a full split outside of places where it makes sense (say, the trade board. Trading on console is likely to be a much bigger deal with no invedit). Initially, things specific to console or PC will be required to be tagged by members with to-be-added tags (I.e. bug reports).

    No matter what, we believe this should remain one community with two aspects rather than two communities under one roof.

    If demand dictates a more structural solution, it will be enacted swiftly. I won't say there is universal agreement here, but it seems a reasonable stepwise approach to the situation.

    As always, we will rely on you guys to help keep us abreast of needed changes!

  11. King O' Terraria Snatcher

    Ya,we'll just have to see :p
  12. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    I didn't mean a split community I meant split discussions for example people wanting to talk about the console controls or people looking for advise in the consoles, where as in the pc section people can ask for advise ect
  13. Loki ISP Moderator

    Right - and the approach above is what is planned.

    Some have suggested what would amount to two versions of TO.
  14. ChippyGaming Angry Nimbus

    Now that the release date is confirmed, I'm going to start planning my new schedule for Terraria videos!
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  15. King O' Terraria Snatcher

    Theres a date?
  16. Loki ISP Moderator

    Check the front page and or console sections.

    3/26 PSN
    3/27 XBL
  17. King O' Terraria Snatcher

    WOW thats soon

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