Pre 1.2 [Video + Map] Terraria 1.1 - How to make a Slime factory to support the Flamethrower!

Discussion in 'Guides' started by DreadFear, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Moving to guides section.
  3. Chaoticredux Squirrel

    instead of lining the bottom with plates, use a 1 sec timer?
  4. Tommygunnz Green Slime

  5. DreadFear Green Slime

    How would it loop?
  6. Chaoticredux Squirrel

    lever > one second timer > darts and statues = non stop slime owner , a 1 second timer activates the circuit every one second, kind of like a redstone repeater from minecraft
  7. DreadFear Green Slime

    Oh ok, I thought it was more of a once off delay and you'd have to create the loop yourself.
  8. Tonsixer Green Slime

    Signed up just to put my input on this.

    Instead all you need is one scoop of lava.

    1. Wire a lever outside and all the pressure plates to a bunny or crab statue inside the lower box.

    2. Make 3 2x6 boxes with staues inside.

    3. Make path between the two to stand inside.

    4. Make sure the lava level in each box is perfect depth, deep enough to kill, shallow enough to not burn items.

    5. Hit lever

    6. ???????

    7. Profit

    This is from 1 minute of standing there, each 99 goldfish gives about 2 gold

  9. Chaoticredux Squirrel

    again tho, you can just use 1 timer, instead of 10+ plates (good idea with the fish and lava)
  10. Tonsixer Green Slime

    Found ANOTHER advantage to this setup, during blood moons, goldfish and bunnies are corrupted and drop CASH. The spawn of corrupt bunnies stops the standard blood moon mobs from spawning. Just poke a hole in the looting spot and shoot down. Made over 2 plat in one blood moon. With the multiple pressure plates the spawn for the bunnies just never stops!

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  11. Chaoticredux Squirrel

    instead of shooting down you could wire up dart traps with a switch and a timer, for those bloodmoon occaisions :)
  12. Tonsixer Green Slime

    Done and done, Got the dart traps on it's own 1 sec timer for when it's not needed. Very effecient.
  13. so awesome! btw i don't have the game yet so do you mind telling me how to get wires,wrench and that wire remove thing?
    im downloading tommorow
  14. Tonsixer Green Slime

    Go into the dungeon and sweep the area for her tied up, that's it. She sells you almost everything you need.
  15. Chaoticredux Squirrel

    pick up every dart trap you see , as they are not sold (as i know of)
  16. DreadFear Green Slime

    Would you mind if I used this setup in a video? Its a great way to farm gold
  17. 01Terraria Green Slime

    Hey Dread thanks for the tips on how to build it but can we have a download of the map?please
  18. DreadFear Green Slime

    Check the video description ;)
  19. 01Terraria Green Slime

    thanks i went to youtube and found video thanks but cant get it loaded:(
  20. Tonsixer Green Slime

    Go ahead Dread!
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