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  1. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    This is my Halo mod. When i am done updating it , it will have every weapon featured in the halo franchise. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could sprite me some halo armors.(I tried spriting some and they were awful )
    Credit goes to Smokesjackson for the sounds
    Please tell me if you can help me add a gruntpocalipse
    New 1.3 patch adds the beloved battle rifle and fixes crafting.
    Please vote if you want to see more game related mods!
    If you have a question comment or suggestion and we don't respond here you can also reach us at [email protected] and someone on the WaffleInc team will answer.


    Assault Rifle Halo Assault Rifle.png

    Rail gun Rail Gun.png

    Sniper HALO-SNIPER.png

    Magnum Halo Magnum.png

    ODST Magnum ODST Magnum.png

    Light Rifle Light Rifle.png

    Shotgun SHOTGUN.png

    Battle Rifle Battle Rifle.png

    Brute Plasma Rifle Brute Plasma Rifle.png

    Plasma Rifle Plasma Rifle.png

    Plasma pistol Plasma Pistol.png

    CE fuel rod CE Fuel Rod.png
    Steel Bar Steel Bar.png

    Refined Steel Refined Steel.png

    Iron Spring Iron Spring.png

    Futuristic Alloy Futuristic Alloy.png

    Rail Bolt Rail Bolt.png
    Grunt Grunt.png

    Flood Parasite Flood Parasite.png

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  2. FireballJoe

    FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

    Add Covenant Mobs
    Add Spartan II armour
    Add Covenant Weapons.
  3. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    Did you read "When i am done updating it , it will have every weapon featured in the halo franchise." There are mobs too just not on the page.
  4. smokesjackson

    smokesjackson Snow Flinx

    Me wanna see more guns
  5. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    Covenant update today
  6. FireballJoe

    FireballJoe Eskimo Zombie

  7. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    Better advice: Proper Terraria sprites.
  8. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    Its HALO it will not fit in with terraria and still be authentic to halo
  9. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    I meant 2x2 pixels.
  10. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    I realy dont get the thing about 2x2 pixels they realy dont seem to bulge out to me
  11. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    That's cool, guess you don't mind them then.
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  12. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    There is perhaps a reason your TO account name has the implications of the word "classic" in it, no?

    Do try and keep this mod balanced though, if you ever release it. OP weaponry are just clunky additions that don't bring much new to the game.
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  13. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    I try to keep it balanced i dont like being OP but the fuel rod and sniper are a bit op in normal mode but are both very hard to get
  14. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    2x2 pixel sprites would look better imo, and if not then add more shading to the current sprites :p
  15. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    i will improve the sprite with shading but converting to 2x2 is too much of an ass-pain
  16. Addidas

    Addidas Green Slime

    How do i Install this i used t-config to install this I put the mod file into the modpack folder opened t-config no mods came up
  17. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    you need to put the regular folder from inside the zip into your modpacks folder then use the mod builder
  18. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    It is released check the attached files
  19. Addidas

    Addidas Green Slime

    Thank you now i can enjoy your mod
  20. AWaffleWiffer

    AWaffleWiffer Demon Eye

    I hope you do enjoy.
    Please tell me any suggestions you may have

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