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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    We are right on schedule for the 1.1 release on December 1st. The new content is just about finished, and there isn't much left to do now but final bug testing and balancing. We've started our first testing playthrough to make sure everything is fitting together, and it's going great!

    So what's new?

    The teasers we've posted so far are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more coming your way. There are 39 new monsters, including 4 brand new bosses. We've got three new NPCs, all waiting to be rescued. And for the loot obsessed, there are 222 new items, including 4 sets of armor, and 21 accessories.


    Starting hard mode is pretty straight forward. Go to hell, take revenge on the guide for all the times he let the slimes in your house, and destroy a giant creature made out of left over body parts that pukes up worms and shoot lasers out of it's eyes.

    When that simple task is completed, your world will change. There will be new challenges and tougher enemies to face. You will probably die. A lot. And you will have a blast doing it.

    Start a new world, or use my old one?

    You will be fine either way. Obviously, if you want to get the full experience, you'll want to play a new world from scratch. We made a lot of improvements to world gen, and there are quite a few new surprised waiting to be found. Just make sure to watch your step when you go underground, as there is no telling what all those random pressure plates are connected to. ;)

    Random thoughts.

    It took a bit longer than I had hoped, but this update will completely change the game. The new lighting system is a lot easier on the eyes, and it adds a lot of atmosphere to the various biomes in the world. Being able to place items straight out of your inventory makes building so much easier. The new mechanic system allows you to create some interesting devices and traps. We are all very exicted about 1.1, there is something for everyone!


    This will probably be it for teasers until we release the 1.1 trailer, and I think we've saved the best for last.

    There is now a NPC housing interface. It's pretty simple, but allows full control over where your NPCs live, and it will even tell you if their living area is missing some of the requirements.

    One of the most requested features has found it's way into the game: Pumps!
    After we put this in, the first thing we did on the beta server was pump lava from hell into the overworld. Good times! (Those archers in the screenshot are jerks..)

    Weapons and accessories now have random conditions that improve their attributes.

    This can work both ways, however. Don't worry too much, as one of the new NPCs will allow you to reforge an item to change it's condition. (for a price)


    Unreal Megashark. 'Nuff said.

    So what's in store AFTER 1.1?

    Expect to see some a Christmas update around the 15th. We've got some festive content coming your way that will definite put you in the spirit.

    We are also very excited to announce that we have partnered with Head Up Games to release a boxed collectors edition copy of Terraria. There will be some fun goodies found inside, and even a special in-game item! We'll have more details on this later.
  2. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    I among hopefully many will be one to purchase the boxed collectors editions copy of Terraria just for being a die hard fan :D

    Decided to make a video on my speculations and stuff :)
  3. Crisis

    Crisis Romantically Apocalyptic

    Looking good, can't wait until the release!
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  4. Bunny

    Bunny Bunny

    This expansion looks like its going to double the current size of the game, at LEAST.
  5. Istola

    Istola Green Slime

    YES! Finally! :D
    I am so happy!
    This update is awesome, i mean it, 222 more items! THAT'S A LOT!:mad:
  6. Shock Horror

    Shock Horror Fire Imp

    FIRST! Damn slow reading!
    Looks awesome!
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  7. mapledragon89

    mapledragon89 Green Slime

    Awesome! :D
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  8. Darkwater

    Darkwater Eskimo Zombie

  9. Spam

    Spam Green Slime

    Wall of orgasm for me.
    Diablorarriria, anyone?
  10. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    To be honest, I have become bored with Terraria. The last time I played it was in September, but now that 1.1 is coming out, I'm going to start playing again for sure.
  11. Kewlan

    Kewlan Demon Eye

    Oh my..! And there are going to be a christmas update only 15 days after?!
    I really appreciate all the hard work, and I hope everyone else do too!
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  12. QShadow

    QShadow Bunny

    Hah 1st page :p (I just tricked you didnt I?)

    Nevermind..., this update will be awesome... no it will blow my frickin mind.

    Groop 28, be ready to do a "Lets play" when 1.1 is released
  13. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    YES! It was about time for me to get excited for 1.1. Thank you, Redigit. This update is finally looking good to me.
    Pumps should have been here since the start, but, not having it, it'll be twice as great. Thank ye, Red.
  14. MetaHaley

    MetaHaley Squirrel

    OH.. MY.. GOD!!!! This is too much to handle! Theres so many new things coming up! Its sounds like Terraria just got a whole lot harder.. this should be intereating... I got a question though... when 1.1 comes out will it be uploaded to Terraria automatically, or will you have to upload it?
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  15. Priad-luabe

    Priad-luabe Green Slime

    Dear santa, for christmas i would like an Unreal Megashark.
  16. Frappe

    Frappe Cursed Man

    Epic kaxe :D
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  17. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    It's automatically updated by the Steam network. Don't worry. ^^
  18. MetaHaley

    MetaHaley Squirrel

    Thats good to know... my Terraria bugs out sometimes.. I cant even host servers D:
    Thats fine though, cant wait for 1.1!!!! <3
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  19. Sedmun

    Sedmun Demon Eye

    Oh god this is amazing
  20. Purple

    Purple Squirrel

    This... this is so epic. My mind is so blown right now
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