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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Ta2punk

    Ta2punk Bunny

    Oh it will still be softcore, as in if you die youre world wont get deleted. But everything in the game gets harder as in enemies and stuff after you kill wall of flesh the first time, i even think it gets harder if he is killed a second time. I think they said there are 2 or 3 levels of hardmode.
  2. Recks

    Recks Yellow Slime

    oh, ok then thats awsome ^-^

    what's odd about that?
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  3. Frozen Flames

    Frozen Flames Green Slime

    Holy ****!!!
  4. Favo

    Favo Yellow Slime

    NPC housing?


    Will you marry me?
  5. Hm. Wait, 222 items, is the next patch going to include the same amount (I wouldn't mind if it did) or 333 new items? And so on and so on?
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  6. lukie brown

    lukie brown Hell Bat

    after watching the hallow unicorn fight a few times at 0:50, it appears as if the flame thrower is a semi-automatic weapon, that uses gel like a gun uses ammo. so, in my analysis of the flames, i would say neither /second or /particle, but rather "one click, one gel, one burst of flame".
    but it has a high rate of fire, and deals a fair amount of damage, so yes: fuel efficient indeed.
  7. Ianman

    Ianman Piranha

    When Terraria first came out I had a blast with it but went back to Minecraft. The tides have turned! This update looks amazing! I am so impressed by how much content the Re-Logic guys are adding at no extra cost. I plan to spend quite a bit of time playing Terraria. Gonna make me a new world, new character....everything! Can't wait.

    Thanks Re-Logic!!
  8. Sob

    Sob Piranha

    Rapid fire +add "on fire" damage. I'd say it won't be as bad as you think ;)
  9. Sob

    Sob Piranha

    Farmin gel now is pointless, when in 1.1 you'll be able to make gel farms ;)
  10. Imatron

    Imatron Zombie

    So, has it been said anywhere how exactly the pumps work? I searched a bit and couldnt find it, other than associating one pump to another with a number, and the liquid kind of telaports from the entry to the exit. Im wondering if thery have to be thethered to one another with the red wire stuff, and if theres a limit to how many pumps can work at a given time. Im aalso wondering, for those who might want to build physical pipes if it's possible to put an entry pump at the bottom of a lava pit, and the pump exit at the base of a "pipe" and force the liquid up the pipe.
  11. nickkeane

    nickkeane Green Slime

    THIS is the megaupgrade.
    THIS is the moment of truth.
    THIS is what it's all been coming down to.

    It was fortold by the prophets of old who killed themselves because they couldn't live with never being able to play it in their lifetimes. And soon it shall be OURS, boys and girls. OURS. 200 Items. NomNomNom!!!

    So, is it some kind of system of decay for items? Like if I use a pickaxe a bunch of times will it "decay" and get negative attributes? Or is it item gen only, and the item gets positive or negative effects upon creation/reroll and it stays that way for life or until re-rerolled? If it's the latter it might be a problem if players are paying tons of gold to reroll a tool or weapon for an even worse one.
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  12. Sob

    Sob Piranha

    So you will finally have a use for money.... OH NOES!
  13. Unholyrath

    Unholyrath Eskimo Zombie

    Argh!! The mega-update is upon us, and I have no internet to connect my Steam to T.T;
  14. master97242

    master97242 Green Slime

    Honestly, who here bets that some hacker is going to release a cracked version of Terraria the VERY NEXT day after it's updated. (anybody who hacks or supports hacking should GO TO HELL):mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Nice Job Redigit, and the whole Terraria developer team for this AWESOME GAME!!!! ;)
  15. DemonicAnahka

    DemonicAnahka Green Slime

    Hey now, you can't call it completely new until you call it something other than terarria.
  16. Blazek

    Blazek Green Slime

    My god, the few days until Thursday got SO much longer...
  17. Chaosmaster225

    Chaosmaster225 Green Slime

    It's beautiful... :D
  18. 4eyes109

    4eyes109 Green Slime

    the thing that makes me most happy about this update MOAR GUNS!!!!!!!!!!
  19. nickkeane

    nickkeane Green Slime

    Not everyone has a metric ton of money on hand, especially during a server world restart. I'm not saying it's a bad idea to have pricey item rolls. It's just a principle of good game design to reward the player for their efforts. It would make sense that the player would likely not get a legendary artifact or even a good artifact on every roll, but I'd suspect a lot of players would be peeved if the item they rolled turned out worse than even their original item with what they spent for it - especially if they don't have a lot of funds to throw at the system. Likewise, why would a master enchanter who just got a crap ton of money thrown at him ever produce a weapon worse than what he started with?

    The positive and negative item attribute system seems to lend itself well to an item duration type-thing. Items decaying from positive buffs to negative buffs instead of breaking entirely, with more positively buffed items lasting far longer. Then you can just spend money at that time to reroll for some positive buffs. idk, the negative rolls just seem weird to me, we'll see how it works in 1.1.
  20. lukie brown

    lukie brown Hell Bat

    yea, i know what you mean. even though i have about 10 platinum all together on all worlds, reforging would not be worth it if the re-forged item has a chance to be worse than the original. i really hope the developers make it so that, if you re-forge something, it gets better by a random amount guaranteed. even if just adding one small bonus stat, small amount better is preferred over maybe worse.
    edit: then again, you could always duplicate it before you reforge it. along with duplicating money, you could then get the best re-forge possible. kinda cheating, but to each their own way of playing.
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