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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Sob

    Sob Piranha

    It's not even really "high risk -high gain", all you have to do is to backup your weapon in some way (have another in case you'll get "minus stats", have completely other weapon type, oooor just dont start reforging if you dont have enough gold for ~3 tries).
    The "high risk-high gain" system (imo) would look like "you can get high tier bonuses only if you risk losing your weapon". Right now it's not really all that hardcore, you know... Also with new items/bioms/bosses/hardcore mode/(..) Terraria becomes even more long term game, so I believe you'll beable to get ""some"" gold... Not to mention being able to create actual farms WITH SPAWNERS by yourself. It will be easy, don't worry :p

    @up I really hope it will be completely random.
  2. lukie brown

    lukie brown Hell Bat

    that is a good point, we will have spawners to help us with gold earning. and we will still have an awesome weapon, even if it turns out poorly; it just may have some negative bonuses on it. i mean, the mythril sword in the trailer for 1.1 had 35 base damage with a 7% critical strike. even though it had the -15% damage, that only brings it down to 30 base damage, which is still pretty good. maybe the developers gave the re-forging a limit as to what stats a weapon could have, that makes it so that no weapon can have more than one poor bonus stat. i theorize this, because, upon further review of the pictures and trailer, the weapons that had negative stats only had one [gold pickaxe and mythril sword].
  3. nickkeane

    nickkeane Green Slime

    It's not the difficulty of it I'm concerned about.

    I know how I should put this. The system I'm looking for would do well with some kind of equivalent exchange. For example, you pay for a roll with gold which returns, on average, an equally valued pickaxe. This pick you then use to mine rocks which in exchange results in a damaged and negbuff'd pickaxe. You take your mined valuables, craft, sell them etc., and use some of the money from that to reroll a fresh pick (granted that enough is gathered with the pick alone). With the original system (from what I can tell, don't hold me to this until we know for sure), once you roll a powerful artifact, like a superpick or one that's just "good enough", you'll never have any reason to re-roll a pick again, thereby killing off the gold sink. lukie brown has a good idea with the minor incremental improvements/decrements to boost the number of rolls, but if and when the item gets maxed out, there's no reason to reroll it anymore without producing a detrimental effect. No one is going to take the risk of rerolling a perfect tool unless they're just plain bored.

    Vanilla Terraria probably wouldn't do well with a repair system ala minecraft, where items just disappear into thin air, but it's sensible to believe that a kickass pick would wear down to be far less effective than before with excessive use.

    I think it's going to depend on how the system actually works as it currently does in practice (strength and liklihood of rolled negative effects), but the durability system wouldn't hurt to keep people rerolling.
  4. Ta2punk

    Ta2punk Bunny

    I think the fact that you get just random stats on a pickaxe will cause people to reforge multiple times trying to get that "epic" one that has crazy stats. You know people will start posting the kind of weapons there getting and that will cause certain gamers to start reforging more to try and see how epic of items they can get.
  5. nickkeane

    nickkeane Green Slime

    Yeah, but the problem occurs when they have that weapon. It'll help tons to have multivaried ultimate weapons that serve different purposes to different users for sure tho.

    This whole conversation is starting to turn this thread into a suggestion thread. I'm just going to wait on the 1.1 release and if it doesn't seem to be working out, I'll just put everything in the suggestions subforum.
  6. ValkoFox

    ValkoFox Green Slime

    Is it just me or does the wall of flesh look like it belongs in some creepy japansese anime pr0n?
  7. Sob

    Sob Piranha

    It's just you. Too much "japanese anime pron" I guess.
  8. ValkoFox

    ValkoFox Green Slime

    Meh, i don't watch that stuff... too many girls
  9. Drammoth

    Drammoth Bunny

    awesome. cant wait to fly around with my wings and shoot slimes with my shotgun! :p
  10. MithranArkanere

    MithranArkanere Dark Caster

    Sounds more like some American horror B movie from the 50's.
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  11. Korin

    Korin Possessed Armor

    So says the furry avatar.

    Can't wait to try out the trap mechanisms. Woo.
  12. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    No doubt huh, I'm counting the hours.
  13. SporeH

    SporeH Cursed Man

    Will the angel statue finally have a use?
  14. Illusive Man

    Illusive Man Squirrel

    Perfect... I've been looking for something to distract me from Skyrim.
    This will easily do it.
    (Not that Skyrim is bad or anything I just love terraria <3)
  15. lukie brown

    lukie brown Hell Bat

    i was replaying the trailer in my head (because its just that awesome) and thinking over redigit's screen shots here, and i realized something: only craftable items have had the bonus stats so far. and yet, here we see an 'unreal megashark'. does that mean we can craft our own minishark? or even better, are getting upgrades to weapons??? i am so stoked for new guns!!! though personally im more psyched about the new magic.
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  16. Sob

    Sob Piranha

    I guess you wont be able to craft minishark, but you'll be able to craft megashark using mini.
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  17. Evilguy96

    Evilguy96 Demon Eye

    1 more sleep i cant wait. what r they doing they must relese. ^^
  18. Blue100

    Blue100 Green Slime

    This update will be SOOOOOO awesome 1 day 1 day 1 day 1day 1 day 1 day!
    (also, Terraria is awesome. And pie. Definitely pie.)
    And I want my own pc so i can play Terraria myself. (stuff my parents not getting me one earlier......)
  19. Shadow of Death

    Shadow of Death Squirrel

    I'm a bit annoyed that it seems the physical Collector's Edition will include an exclusive item.

    What about your long time digital edition fans that got you going? >_<

    Though assuming the Collectors Edition includes enough nice stuff (not just the game and existing content as well as that extra one. Stuff like a physical item), I MIGHT get it.
  20. Lucas Oliveira

    Lucas Oliveira Squirrel

    I want Unreal Megashark... *-*
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