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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. w9jds

    w9jds Green Slime

    *cough* leak *cough*
  2. Ta2punk

    Ta2punk Bunny

    Has anyone noticed that in at least two different scenes in that trailer the character being shown has more than 10 mana stars, in one scene the character has 13 and in another he has 15 stars. Did they up the amount of mana you can have? I wonder if they did the same thing with health? that would be kind of cool
  3. Ta2punk

    Ta2punk Bunny

    So when you are wearing armor that bumps up your mana it actually shows as extra mana stars? i did not know this, never favored magic buffing armor.
  4. FrozenOrange

    FrozenOrange Cursed Man

    Sorry, got question. You will be entering hardmode not hardcore? (wall of flesh).i mean when you die you will be same as you choosed(example: sofcore) only toughter enemys?
    i red about updates and i think it will make maximum mana to 400.( i think)
  5. Ta2punk

    Ta2punk Bunny

    Yes that question was answered just 2 or 3 pages ago. When you kill wall of flesh you will still be in softcore youre world will just enter hardmode or the first level of hardmode and everything gets harder, when you die you wont lose your world.
  6. snake79

    snake79 Green Slime

    hay i figurg out the hard way that its not a midnight reless
  7. Snwspeckle

    Snwspeckle Green Slime

    Sweet, now I can use InvEdit to spawn that "special" item, big suprise...

    OT: Awesome update and I cannot wait.
  8. sonnyen

    sonnyen Green Slime

    what time today you relees it?
  9. Daniel :D

    Daniel :D Green Slime

    my god, i thought the wait wouldnt be worth it.

    I was wrong.

    and for the devs: [​IMG]
  10. FrozenOrange

    FrozenOrange Cursed Man

    Thanks :)
  11. sonnyen

    sonnyen Green Slime

    is it releesed yet?
  12. sonnyen

    sonnyen Green Slime

    has it been updated yet? i want it
  13. keblix

    keblix Green Slime

    Ohhh men 1 of decembre is the update YAAAAAY xD
  14. sonnyen

    sonnyen Green Slime

    when is the release? :D
  15. Crisis

    Crisis Romantically Apocalyptic

    It's being released today at:
    12-3PM - EST.
  16. sonnyen

    sonnyen Green Slime

    thx mate :D
  17. Sob

    Sob Piranha

  18. Gamingdude295

    Gamingdude295 Green Slime

    You gotta be kidding :(.

    It's released between 5-8PM in my time?
    I've been so hyped about this update, and it turns out I can't play it till a hour after I'm home for school, or worse, 4 hours afterwards :(.
    Nevertheless, keep happy, look forward to it :)
  19. FrozenOrange

    FrozenOrange Cursed Man

  20. Gamingdude295

    Gamingdude295 Green Slime

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