Walls and barriers immune to worms.

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Nilzizi, May 1, 2011.

  1. Nilzizi Green Slime

    I think a block and wall should be added which worms cannot penetrate, which would enable homes and bases deep underground, although, this blocks ingredients would be hard to obtain, at least relatively, to prevent players glitching worms or something of the like.
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  2. Maksie99 Squirrel

    Or maybe they just can't go through stone bricks. I'd like that more.
  3. Magno313 Green Slime

    not a bad idea
    and also, worms should die when they travel through lava.
  4. ColonelBrady Green Slime

    Seems like a good idea. Might open up the possibility of pet worms! Also, would the blocks be able to stop Devourers?
  5. chipmonk434 Green Slime

    Ok, i really like this. from what i've seen, worms are a pain in the a**. so making them unable to go through stone would be awesome. just simply make the worms bounce off, like the demon eyes :D
  6. Nilzizi Green Slime

    Not sure about the devourers, perhaps two layers would be necessary for them?
  7. ColonelBrady Green Slime

    If the worms couldn't go through stones, they would lose what makes them "them", so to speak.
  8. Maksie99 Squirrel

    Maybe they could go through natural stone but not through bricks?
  9. Kelp Moderator

    Yeah, some "worm proof" material maybe for the lower level worms.
  10. ColonelBrady Green Slime

    That's a good idea. It could also give people more incentive to refine their stone blocks (besides the fact that bricks look nicer).
  11. Mike Cursed Skull

    Maybe stone bricks would prevent normal worms, demonite bricks would prevent devourers, and some very rare substance brick would prevent bone serpents.
  12. ColonelBrady Green Slime

    That would make building in the Underworld possible. Maybe the "rare substance" could be made out of large amouts of hellstone and ash, or maybe meteorite?
  13. Mike Cursed Skull

    Or maybe all of those put together.
  14. Nilzizi Green Slime

    One batch would be at least 5 imo, if not, you would have to spend 1 million years trying to build one room.
  15. August Dark Caster

    i definitely agree, i want to someday be able to have an underground fortress, but i can't if i'm constantly being eaten by worms.
  16. Halcyon Hazard Green Slime

    Since they seem to have no problem going through stone at the moment, and there's so much stone underground that this would render them rather non-threatening, I think the solution is this:

    Make them unable to burrow through constructed metal walls and floors.
    • Small ones can't burrow through any.
    • Medium and Large ones can burrow through copper, gold and silver, perhaps? Not sure if it should go by hardness or overall density.
  17. Wi§p Cursed Skull

    As long as those substances couldn't block worms, unless they were made into a wall, or refined, like how stone can make grey bricks. That way, they wouldn't stop worms in the wild, but only if you specifically made a house/barrier out of it. Also, I like how worms aren't instantly killed by lava, maybe it should just do small damage to them, so they can't just swim in it.
  18. August Dark Caster

    that makes sense, the larger worms should be harder (but not impossible) to stop. also:
    this i like as well. they should be able to go through natural deposits of anything (besides lava, which hurts them gradually), but refined materials of great enough strength will stop them.
  19. Nilzizi Green Slime

  20. Gez Voodoo Demon

    Reinforced steel block:
    -5 steel ore
    -1 meteorite ore
    -1 obsidian ore
    -1 ebonstone ore
    -1 hellstone ore
    -1 ash ore

    Can only be removed by player who put it. Immune to dynamite and anything else that can destroy blocks. Stops worms and bosses. Require a wide variety of materials to create.
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